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(FLV) Root Beer

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 252 recipes at an average of 3.758%.


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Seriously this is so weird and you so good. Can't decide if it's a frosted donut dunked in root beer. Or a donut with root beer icing.



Mixer's Block sucks. Thank god for FLV Root Beer for sparking this idea and to my inspirations from Minty Down Under v2 from Rage and Anubis Nectar from Vurve.

FLV Root Beer 2% - I like this here as its not overpowering but adds that great root beer spice. I love this flavoring so much.

HS French Ice Cream/TFA VBIC/FA Merngue - This is the base for most of my ice creams, shout outs to Vurve's Anubis Nectar that inspired this base

HS Chocolate Cream/HS Australian Chocolate - This combo comes from Minty Down Under v2 from Rage. I love how these chocolates work together and they really work well with the ice cream base and the FLV Root Beer.

I get a good flavor of that sip you take after you drop in a scoop of chocolate ice cream into a glass of root beer and it starts to melt just slightly.

I mixed this at 80vg/20pg and let it steep for a week.


This is a really easy, yet complete, root beer recipe with vanilla ice cream. FLV Root Beer is easily all you need, and the vanilla is just accent. I've messed around with FLV Root Beer a lot, and always just go back to something simple and at 5% the flavor pulls through on any kind of device. RDA, Subtank, Ego, w.e. Just a solid and simple recipe that is sure to impress anyone who likes root beer.


Fitz’s is a championed St. Louis root beer. This recipe attempts to mimic it with FLV Root Beer and Holy Vanilla. Root Beer is top heavy with an incredible wintergreen note. Holy Vanilla adds some dark, spicy, and creamy backbone to the profile. Super Sweet is needed here to get that sticky, soda sweetness. 0.25% is my personal preference, but you can bump it up if you really want that sugar lips sensation.

Shake and vape certified. It should become even more cohesive over the course of a week as the root beer relaxes further into the vanilla.

Happy mixing. 👽


Just messing around with some new flv flavors, This is the best root beer float I ever had. All other root beer flavors are too overpowering but this one is really hard to mess up.


FLV Root Beer: This Root Beer nails all the top notes just perfectly. A perfect blend of wintergreen, anise, and hints of sarsaparilla. It's a bit thin tasting, so it needs a little help with depth. We get that much needed help from FLV Vanilla Bean and FLV Caramel.

FLV Vanilla Bean: This has some elements similar to FLV Cream, but a bit more tame and a lot less dairy. Those dairy notes are replaced by a soft vanilla overtone that shows up just enough to keep the root beer authentic.

FLV Caramel: Our dark, syrupy sweetness. We don't need much here, at .5% it barely shows through at all. Lower than .25% it wasn't present enough, and at .5% it's almost too much. Wanting to balance the higher % of caramel, I added a tiny bit of FLV Lime to brighten up the back end and finish the recipe.

FLV Lime: It took just a few drops to turn this around and make a perfect bright soda finish.

FLV Ginger: My first test at .25% this didn't show up quite enough. .75% was too high for my taste and it started to wash out the more delicate notes in the Root Beer. Dialed back to .4% it seems to sit just right. Present, but not overly so.

I may come back and tinker with this, but I'm pretty happy with where it is right now.

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