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I created this for a wedding I am doing the photography for today. Its gonna be a hot one and I wanted something light and refreshing to vape during my down times during my work day today. This recipe came out so much better than I expected. Its a refreshing tropical smoothie with Mango, Pineapple, banana and passionfruit very well balanced in this recipe. The banana custard thickens things up to give it a smoothie like body as well as add to the tropical vibe. The ripe mango also works to thicken this mix with its syrupy goodness. Multivitamin is used to bring out more of the pineapple in the FLV Mango pineapple passionfruit as well as add a bridge between the Mango, banana, pineapple and the passion fruits. I highly suggest this recipe for an amazing summer vape on a hot day outside, you wont be disappointed

Not much to say here as the name pretty much gives away the profile here! MANGOOOOO ! If you love a smooth sweet Mango infused with some energy drink feel this will be for you!! Enjoy off the shake and blends even better with an overnight steep!


Vanilla Ice Cream, to enjoy on its own or use as a base to top with goodies. This is @ID10-T ice cream base with the new FLV Mangos on top!

For whatever reason, some of us suffer from pepper tasting. Where others taste delicious vanilla ice cream, we taste something like a hybrid of black pepper and oxidized nic. If TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream does not taste like pepper to you, ignore this recipe. Go vape TFA VBIC, you lucky ducky.

For some who can't enjoy TFA VBIC, Capella and Flavor West versions of VBIC are often offered as alternatives, but they're inferior, for most profiles, anyway. Perhaps you can enjoy LB Vanilla Ice Cream, though. If LB VIC does not taste like ice cream with some pepper in it to you, ignore this recipe. Go mix The Trinity Vanilla Ice Cream right now. It'll rock your socks!

But for the most unfortunate pepper tasters, even LB VIC has the some of the dreaded off-note. You might even have thoroughly enjoyed it the past, only to find that it's now starting to make you wonder whether your nic base is beginning to head south. Pay attention, pepper people, this one is just for YOU.

WF Vanilla Ice Cream provides the most authentic vanilla ice cream top note you're going to find, I think. TFA Vanilla Swirl tastes like soft serve, the shittiest form of ice cream there is, but it's got volume for days and it perfectly fills in a little dead space in the middle here. SSA Ice Cream Vanilla is literally the finishing touch, as a touch of it here provides a lingering, satisfying vanilla ice cream finish.

I have always felt weird about vaping anything energy drink. Mainly due to bad experiences, but with faitth in Flavorah and actually liking their energy drink, I figured it was time to make my own.

Am I an avid energy drink drinker? Not really, but I have had one with mango that I really liked, so it was obvious that was what I would base my recipe on.

In current state I have been through a few versions of this. All in all, it's a relatively simple profile, so most of the changes I have made has been adjusting the FLV Energy drink and fiddling with different sort of mangos.
One of the first mangos I tried this recipe with was FLV Sweet Mango alone around 2%. It gave the taste of mango, but there was a floral note that I didn't think was fitting. So I added in FLV Ripe Mango later around 2% which got rid of the floral note more or less. Version after this was adjusting these, so not much fun.

I have now replaced FLV Sweet Mango with VT SHisha Mango, due to its aswesome syrup ability. I mean, it is a sort of sweet disgusting beverage I'm making, right? So syrup is a must.
I still like the notes of FLV Ripe Mango, as it sticks around a little with some more natural notes.

The actual beverage itself is pretty simple. FLV Energy Drink is rocking the show. I pulled in FLV Citrus Soda in an earlier version and kept it for the fizz and the citrus. I didn't want to take it too high as I really just needed the fizz while the citrus goes pretty well with mango and doesn't overpower anything.
CAP Lemon Lime is soley there for the sake of the mango.
If you've never had mango with a splash of lemon or lime juice, you haven't really lived. CAP Lemon Lime really accompany the mano in this recipe and helps out the FLV Citrus Soda and FLV Energy Drink too.

CAP Super Sweet is just there for my personal preference, although I'd argue that it should be kept in as it is a disgustring sweet beverage I'm making. You do you though and if you're scared of sweetener, then leave it out. I assume other sweeteners can be used too, but I can't guarantee anything.

I'd suggest 1 day steep at least, to take the edges off of FLV Citrus Soda, as it is pretty heavy right off the bat. But if you wan't to SnV it, then you can do so with no issues.

Mixed live on Fresh03. This is a Mango, Berry, Peach Smoothie with a touch of Ginger.


I wanted to test out two of the new Flavorah Mangos and this came out really tasty after multiple revisions on percentages. This ended up being a great combo. If you prefer your juice less sweet, leave out the Super sweet.

Tastes like a JuMex Mango Nectar drink.
Throw .25% WS-23 in it for a Mango nectar popsicle

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