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This is a Raspberry, orange & hibiscus red tea. I tried this with 0.5% FLV Sweetness but preferred it without it, but feel free to add sweetener if you find that it is not sweet enough. Also WS-23 can be added for an iced tea effect.

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When I saw this picture I envisioned a nice summer poolside drink.
Cranberry juice with Tea and Brandy for an afternoon refreshing mixed drink, infused with strawberry oranges and lemons.

FA Lemon Sicily and FA Bergamot for the realistic citric aspect

FA Black Tea with a touch of FLV Red Tea for the steeped tea leaves aspect

TFA Cramberry Sauce with TFA Strawberry for the juice part of the cocktail.

FA Brandy for the light yet dry boosy aspect.

INW Cactus and FA polar blast for the refreshing effect.

Sweetener to mimic the syrupy taste of concentrated fruit juice.

(Aditional 0.50% 0f WS23 and 0.50% sweetener optional) I added WS23 to mine and my vaping friends wanted it sweeter but I didn’t. It’s up to you if you want it sweeter and cold.

I called this Wutdafo because it changes from a burgundy gummy bear to a dark berry tea and bourbon mix depending on the heat you vape it at. Have you ever used Tea as a chaser to a mixed drink? This is like the bourbon and tea version of a dark berry sangria. I find that black currant and fresh fig are unique because they are both dark yet bright fruits flavors, Monsoon add some extra dark in nature berry notes along with a candy aspect and a slight floral note that accents the red tea very nicely. I added the sweet tangerine to bring in the added note of a sweet orange as to mimic a slight squeez into the drink and a slice of orange on the rim for a garnish, but instead it accented the candy notes from the monsoon. Vanilla swirl is serves more as a backnote and smoothing finish to this mix and adds mouthfeel. Pictures like this allow me to express my artistic mixing abilities without holding back my true mixing style. I like to mix dark intriguing complex juices that are not like your every day all day type mixes. If your into something different give this a shot it’s very good and mystical in its own way kind of like the picture.

I really enjoy Red tea ( also known as a Roobios tea) and with the weather starting to turn cool on the east coast I start making loose leaf tea by the bucket loads. loads. So when I say that FLV does tea really well, I speak from experience, and their red tea is spot on for me. This is a slightly sweet earthy vanilla maple base with some brighter fruit top notes. it makes for a very nice easy all day vape . This was mixed for the All flavorah November contest

Apple filling provides some body to this mix some spice and cider notes that accent this mix at this percent..

Ginger peach Persimmon and Red tea combine to create a natural sweet bright almost creamy peach note with a deep woodsy caramel vanilla back note from the red tea. . Persimmon has some citrus peach notes that provide some bright top note to this mix. The ginger sits on top and is noticeable on the exhale . The deeper notes of the red tea come out after a 3 - 5 day period.

milk and honey adds some darker base sweet caramel notes that anchor this mix and add some creamy body

vanilla bean is an accent used to pull out the vanilla note that is part of the ginger peach and red tea.

** cream** adds some body and blends this mix.

NOTE : I enjoy a sweeter tea hence the additional of sweetness, which I find to be a sweetener that adds the most natural type of sweetness to a mix like this - but use the sweetener of your choice

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Dragonfruit tea with a slight hint of strawberry. The WS-23 is optional I just prefer my tea over ice

Originally i used only TPA dragonfruit @ 4%, but after I acquired INW i tried it in this recipe and liked it even more so i lowered the tpa to 2.50% and but the INW in @ 1.5%

INW Shisha Strawberry: I choose it because its one of the few strawberries I can taste after a few weeks steep. I used it at 1.25% so it would over run the dragonfruit, but still come through enough that you would know its there.

My Tea combo: I went with Black & Red Tea, Red is super earthy but not very leafy to me, and Black is more leaf than earthy teaness. So put them both in at 0.75% to get a balance of both earthy and leafy tea notes.

Like I said above the WS-23 is completely optional I've just been into cooler vapes here as of late and really liked this better with it added.

Doesn't really need a steep around day 3-5 the fruit will be more present but it is super tasty off the shake.

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Working with ell Flevoreh (my "ey" button is broken sorry) flevors here - this is cool end crisp end fun end different.


I built off of FLV Red Tea for this one. The already fruity notes of it blended well with strawberry and kiwi, then finished off with a light floral note. Sweet, Bright, and Refreshing good spring/summertime vape.

And yet again the weather calls for snow this weekend - I am so wanting warm weather and nothing says summer to me like an ice tea blended juice beverages. So this is my take on one of my favorites. A Rooibos, Ginger, fruit and mint Iced Tea. Rooibos is not actually a tea leaf but an herb native to South Africa and when harvested and dried can be brewed into a reddish-brown herbal infusion. Some of the flavors that you can get from it are sweet, woody, grassy, vanilla, floral, geranium, honey, herbal and caramel

I used the Red tea from FLV for the Roobios tea base. That is what I get from the red tea a pretty accurate Roobios tea.

FLV hibiscus, brings the fruit and the tea together and adds a slight citrus note to this mix.

Then I wanted to add some bright fruit top notes to infuse with the tea. - FA white peach and VT shisha peach - which is a pretty solid full ripe yellow peach. . (A dash of lemon/ lemonade is also a nice addition but at a very low percent)
The ginger is a nice spcie / earthy base note .

The golden syrup provides that sweet honey mouth feel.

The dash of artic mint provides that hint of mint with cooling on the exhale barely noticeable.

Sweetner if you want - I like a sweet tea

This benefits from a steep for these flavors to blend together to make a fruit tea infusion beverage 5 - 7 days

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