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Looks weird, but it works. Really well.

I was aiming at perfecting the JF RY4D - which is my favorite RY4 on the market (tied with Hangsen). While it already has a mild woodsy tobacco note, it is too flat and in the background for me.

The black for pipe and the red burley take care of that.

The popcorn and AP add complexity, and that roasted/toasty note, which blends in perfectly with the creamy caramel and vanilla in the RY4. I know the FLV popcorn isn’t a common concentrate, but I couldn’t really get as good results with any other flavor. It has an amazing roasted-caramel-butter accent you just can’t find anywhere else.

The cream fresh is there to add some mouthfeel, and for smoothening out the edges of the black for pipe; it is optional, but I think it really pulls the whole recipe neatly together.

This was designed to be flavorful and saturated in mtl, but it’s just as tasty in dl.

It’s pretty decent off the shake, but give it at least two weeks. A month is where it peaks.

Hope y’all enjoy this as much as I have :)

WF Vanilla Ruyan has become one of my favorite RY4ish tobacco bases.I used Red Burley + Kentucky in pretty low percentages to turn it into a more "dirty and true" tobacco base without overwhelming the mix , but feel free to bump those numbers up if youre a tobacconist.
WF Hazelnuts & Cream + FA Hazel complete this mix and give it a nutty , darkly creamy endnote.
I like to add a touch (.25%) of FLV Sweetness to boost the custardy and creamy part of the mix

Tested on a citadel RDA with SFC 0.5Ohms @ 30Watts

Smooth and silky with an Attitude.
Kinda like a wet dream about Daisy Duke.

Really nice cookie RY4 that tastes great after about a week. The vanilla pudding, Devon cream, cookie and biscuit work in tandem to give a nice dessert base. Then the RY4 Double with a touch of red burley makes a tobacco that really finishes everything off.


So here is the recipe for one of my favourite tobacco juices, sadly Holy Holy Grail RY4 V1 by DIY Flavour Shack has been discontinued. This flavour was actually a one shot and I believe the reason it has been discontinued is due to the one of the ingredients to make this up was also discontinued. So for those with a bit of stock of the OG HHGRY4, please enjoy. It was developed mainly for MTL.

Unfortunately HHGRY4 V2 does not work nearly as well here.

Never underestimate the simplicity in which the flavor is complete with satisfying complexity. Not for the faint of heart. If you be one that reaches for the black in a dish of jelly beans, take heed, this is for you. You may omit the tobacco if not desired.

A nutty baked tobacco with a touch of gooeyness that will leave you screaming for more when it's gone.


This is a mash up of Cardinal by Fear (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/24962#cardinal_by_fear) and Peachonade by Ediblemalfunction (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/99195#peachonade_by_ediblemalfunction).

The tobacco base used in cardinal was genius but OG holy vanilla is unobtainium today so I took this beloved recipe in a new direction. Peachonade is a wonderfully syrupy peach and lemonade. I can't think of anything more southern than smooth tobacco, uber sweet lemonade and fat juicy peaches. Where the air is hot soup and the trees drip with spanish moss, you need something bright, fruity, and, refreshing to relax in the shade with.


A rich velvety blueberry tobacco blend that is sure to please even the most discriminate blueberry vaper. I myself do not typically care for most blueberry recipes, but this one is an ADV for me.

I chose INW 555 Gold to add a nutty layer to the mix while adding a supporting layer to my tobacco layer consisting of FLV Red Burley. These two together are a match made in heaven

Holy Resurrection & Custard premium works to add that rich vanilla layer while adding body and moisture to this recipe.

Lastly, Blueberry MF was the only choice for me here. I tailored this recipe to my own personal flavor preferences and this one hit the spot for me. Its works perfectly at this percentage mixed with these other flavors exactly as they are in this recipe.

Only subs that could be used to to get the same end result is Super sweet. Feel free to use whatever sweetener you prefer at your normal % you use in other recipes. Or you can leave it out also if you prefer your liquids not as sweet.

Holy Vanilla v1 by DIYFS is a 1 to 1 sub in this recipe for Holy Resurrection. In a pinch you can use Holy Vanilla v2, but I'd try to use V1 or Resurrection if you can, to experience this recipe to the fullest

I hope you enjoy this recipe and please feel free to leave any feedback as it is greatly appreciated

*Thumbnail credit to my good friend Dave Romeo. He enjoyed the recipe so much he offered to hook up some artwork. Its greatly appreciated

This was a mix I made with Grey^ on the diy_ejuice discord. He wanted some help making a nutty tobacco with chocolate notes using the flavors he had. This is what we came up with. I tried it alongside him and he alternately liked it and didn't at the same time. It gave him ideas of where he wanted to go next which gave me the idea to share it with the community as a beginner tobacco. RB is generally recommended to new tobacco mixers due to its moist nutty uniqueness with chocolate undertones and general appeal. Cured is a great bacco body booster as well as a star flavor when used alone. Both of these entry baccos can be used in a variety of ways. The rest of the flavors used will either be in a mixer's arsenal already (cap vc & fw hazel) or be a welcome addition to one (hs aus choc).

What you get here is a dessert tobacco. Strong dessert on the inhale with a bacco finish.

Flavor notes
Bacco blend: RB/Cured are used to create the base. RB is pushed up to 2.5 here to compete with the rest of the flavors. I would rarely use it this high in a straight bacco blend. Cured is used to fill out the body. The RB can be lowered to 2 and still show up (more in the finish than the inhale) and cured can be raised to your comfort level (0.75 - 1+) for more bacco forward.

Accents: HS Australian Chocolate is not my favorite chocolate. Used low here it presents minorly and can likely be boosted to 0.75 or greater but I didn't try it. The idea was to make it an undercurrent. It doesn't taste quite right without some sweet. I chose Cap Vanilla Custard for its thick mouthfeel and ubiquity and vanilla note. FW Hazelnut was added to bump up the nuttier notes to poke through and support.

Final thoughts/Ramblings:
- I would say that there is room here for the addition of more bacco flavor if someone wanted to pull it up into the front. I rather enjoyed the bacco finish over the direct inhale. I rather suspect the bacco notes from some Hangsen's would do well here to dry it up some more if that's your thing, or possibly the addition of INW Gold Ducat or FLV Tatanka (or something suitably dark and sryupy) would be a nice addition.
- Adding some nuttiness would help to make the nutty note from the RB more prominent. As it stands, there isn't much in the way of nut really showing up here. I could also see the addition of an ry4 or FA Soho being a welcome accompaniment. The world is your oyster, my diy friends.
- If you choose to eliminate the Cap VC you may need to add a little sweet flavor to match the HS AC.

Steep time
Can be SnV but needs at least 24 hours to settle in in my opinioin. Better after 3 days, but at 7 days it seems to be as mature as I'd need it to be. Didn't last much longer than that for me :)

Flavor Notes