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(FLV) Raspberry

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Used in 151 recipes at an average of 1.279%.


11 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

this is a raspberry and rhubarb cheesecake, it's sweet and tart and super delicious

Yes We Cheesecake is the foundation of this mix, the rhubarb acts as the counterpart of the raspberry and everything melts together as a very tasty recipe.
it's good as a shake n vape, but it's best after a 5 day steep.
I don't like to eat rhubarb, i don't like the smell and the texture. But as a vape, wow.. this flavor combined with the Cheesecake and the raspberry is just addictive.
When i give out a bottle to friends for testing, i don't mention anything about the rhubarb, and everyone just says, this recipe is tart and plays very well with the cheesecake part.
As the recipe steeps, the cheesecake pushes a bit forward and the raspberry & rhubarb combo blend together into a sweet, syrup type fruit jam thing.

Use sweetener at your own taste, i like it even with 1%

A lemonade candy coated in blue raspberry sour dust. The percents are higher than I normally go but the finished product is advapable. I really like lemon and blue razz vapes so i figured I would combine them and this was the outcome. Off the shake it's pretty good but a few days steep definitely brings it together. Hope you like it.
10/22/19 adjustments..added flv raspberry @ 1%/switch flv lemon for flv lemonade 2%..This gave it more depth and a smoother, slightly sweeter finish.
11/23/19 lower LA lemonade to 2.10% and added VT fizzy sherbet 1.35% and upped razzleberry from 1.75-2%


So it might be just me but god dam it I LOVE raspberry ripple ice cream!!! I would go as far to say that it’s my ALL TIME favourite and every time I have a bowl it just takes me back to being a youngster and spooning out a huge hole into the centre of the tub where all that ripple goodness just sat waiting for my fat young ass to scoff it all up! 🤤🤤🤤 so when I saw what @eyemakepizza had magically created for his vanilla trinity,I new exactly what I was going to do with it. Make no mistake about it,this trinity is no fucking joke and so god dam good even on its own however, throw in their my personal raspberry trinity and what you have is a raspberry ripple ice cream so real to life you’ll piss your pants with excitement!! This can also be a S&V if your impatient like me,I would suggest mixing up a 120 (Atleast) and just see how it materialises over the next few days. From start to finish it’s just delicious. Happy mixing fuckerz 💙

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A Simple Berry Smoothie Enjoy!!!

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Check The video of this mix on youtube.. Recipe here mixed Live -----> https://youtu.be/7-gf4z240zA

Are you all ready for the ultimate W M D (watermelon of mass destruction)?!?!?! Modelled from those delicious,mouth watering candied watermelon sweets that have a slight sour sugar coating around them. I know the percentages are low but trust me, you don’t wanna sleep on this one !!!

Looking for a a blue sour straw recipe, I worked on this for a little bit and I'm happy with the result. Delicious all day vape.

PS I added gunk to the name cause its gonna gunk up your coils.

My goal is to create something like SVRF’s satisfying.

I’m going to do my best to describe this the way I was dissecting it in my head.

Tea Base - TFA sweet tea and FE green tea. I like the sweet tea as the main flavor with a small amount of green tea to give it some more body. Koolada is added because , this is after all a cold beverage. I want to keep it as authentic as possible in that realm.

“Tea Syrup” - INW and FLV Raspberry with FA White Peach. I’ve used either of these raspberry’s separately in the past, I wanted something that tasted both real and candy-like. I put in a small amount of FA white peach to give the raspberry something to pop off of. I also like the harshness of white peach and feel like it gives me a nice bit of TH.

Finally, I’m using stevia in this mix for now. I haven’t tried it but will often reach for CAP super sweet when I need sweetener.

This is a summer version of my, Bleeding Berry Cobbler, https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/66359 one of my all day vapes. I wanted to take the profile, and lighten it up for summer.

To achieve this, I lowered the FW Wild Berry Cobbler to remove some of the heavier pastry notes it gives as the flavor is increased. I also removed the FLV Sweet dough, which can give a cinnamon pastry taste. I added LB Vanilla Ice Cream and HS French Ice Ice Cream.

Overall, this is now a nice Wild Berry Ice Cream combination, a flavor profile I love.

Enjoy the bauty of life inside and out.

Please give your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Thank you.
😘Love and peace

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This is mild but flavorful - sweet but not too much. While there's nothing super exciting about it it is a very pleasant vape. It does help to steep it a little while. The passionfruit, Rainier cherry, raspberry and Sugar orchid form the base with milk and honey and cookie to back it up then a touch of vanilla bean and frosting to round it out - and it works well.


It will be 9 years October 16th, that I suffered a brain hemorrhage. Long story short, I almost died, the bleeding in the brain caused a massive stroke, I was only 37. I required brain surgery to save my life, I am a survivor, a fighter, and a warrior. To celebrate my 9 year birthday at life, I have created a recipe representing that day. Perhaps a little morbid? Bizarre? Strange? but what better way to celebrate life in October!

This is a beautiful berry cobbler topped with whipped cream. Imagine it is cut open and the bilberries, blueberries, and tons of red strawberries come oozing out. The beautiful dessert that was cut open to bleed out will never be the same again. It will have another purpose. It's beauty will be felt in taste rather than appearance. That is what I hope to convey in this recepie, the beauty of taste. What once was, still is, only different.
Cobbler/crust:.FW wild berry cobbler, Flv Sweet Dough
The sweet Dough keeps the cobbler from being too crusty. That is not what we are going for here. I want a soft doughy cobbler. With slght crust on top.

Filling:. FLV Boysenberry, OSD Succulent Strawberry and FLV Raspberry
The berries inside are rich and tart and blend very well together. The raspberry helps the strawberry and boysenberry flavors to be a bit brighter.

Sweeten to your preference, I found, 1 drop of Capella Super Sweet per 10ml did the trick perfectly.

This is topped with whipped cream, of course you could use your favorite ice cream.

Enjoy the bauty of life inside and out.

Please give your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Thank you.
😘Love and peace

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