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By: Flavorah (FLV)

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I took a recipe by Mix and Hope on ELR and lowered the pumpkin spice and added vso pumpkin. Besides that. All the creams and whatnot are his recipe. Its tasty either way


FLV Yam is the sweet potato.

I know the FLV Pumpkin Spice seems high, but you need it with everything else going on.

OOO VC Cheesecake and INW Yes, We because they’re my favorite.

FW Graham Cracker for the main crust note with a little CAP Cereal 27 for a little extra pop on it.

I recommend the FW Sweetener. I tried it without sweetener and it is very different.

Rich, spiced cream with yam and some bready, bakery from the Pumpkin Bread. A very autumnal recipe. Nice and warming on a cold day.

I originally made this as a possible submission for the #Developed FLV assignment. But I didn't have time to finish it then. I really liked it, it's kind of addicting, so wanted some time to tweak it. It took a few versions to balance the spice notes.

Tested on Citadel RDA, 0.6 ohms, around 35w.

Ooohhh is this yummy.

I have an awesome all FLV eggnog stone, which is eggnog, cream, m.vanilla and p.spice, makes for a spiced, creamy, dilicious vape, but here we're gonna darken and richen this with flv caramel and butterscotch, and booze it up with some bourbon, like i always do at home ;)

The fun thing about this recipe?? Make it sweeter if you want by adding flv sweetness at .5%, or leave it as is (the caramel adds some already). Want this warmer?? Add .2 flv heat. Want it colder? .2 flv ice.

Boozier? Bump bourbon to .5% (it'll be real boozy there)
Spicier?? Bump Pumpkin Spice to .75%
Creamier? Take cream to 1%

This recipe is so easily tinkered with, making it a big winner in my book.

Tested on a pixie drop with some sort of clapton with a .32ohm at 50w. I did not add sweetener to this because it is delicious without it. However you may feel that a little bit of sweetener helps coat your mouth with flavor. But flv caramel is essentially brown sugar and butterscotch and marsh vanilla are already sweeter flavors so. It isnt necessary here :)

It's that time of the year. The chill in the air has inspired me to create a nice and creamy Pumpkin Pie recipe.

To create the body of the pie (the pumpkin puree) I used FLV Yam. I think it emulates a pumpkin puree perfectly. It's has a deep and rich flavor with hints of brown sugar. I added FLV Pumpkin Spice to give it even more of a prominent pumpkin flavor. It has hints of nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger spice. I absolutely love this flavor! For the crust I'm using TFA Graham Cracker (Clear) and JF Biscuit. To give recipe more creaminess and body I'm using OOO Vanilla Custard Cheesecake. It taste similar to LorAnn Cream Cheese Icing but with less steep time. Of course you can't have a great pumpkin pie without whipped cream. My favorite whipped cream by far is OOO Whipped Cream. Silky and smooth with an amazing thickness.

Please enjoy and share your feedback!

A spicy decadent Carrot Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting....

Soon it will be that time of year. A chill in the air. Along with the chill comes the spiced pumpkin lattes and cakes. I'll be honest. I can't stand carrot cake. Carrots in a cake??? Hmmmm no. VTA Carrot Cake as a vape?? Amazing!!! The sweet spot is at 5%. It is a wonderfully deep-rounded cake. I wanted to give the cake a spicy aspect. I didn't have to look far. FLV Pumpkin Spice compliments VTA Carrot Cake wonderfully. This stuff is strong so I only needed .7%. VTA Vanilla Buttercream Frosting is a deep and delicious cream. It's so buttery and thick. With VTA Carrot Cake there's no need to add that many flavors. I kept it simple and I'm really enjoying it.

Enjoy and share your feedback.

V3 of my eggnog recipes, v1 is applenog v2 is coquito bonito (coconut nog) and now v3 is a pumpkin pie nog

Add sweetener to this to your liking :)

A creamy, coconut, egg nog drink.
Simple and straightfoward.

Delish mmmuah

Sweeten to your taste!!

Check out my other renditions of this, AppleNog and Pumkin Pie Nog.

A delicious apple cider eggnog.

I added .5 supersweet to this.

A glazed pumpkin spice doughnut with cheesecake filling. Perfect for fall season.
Good of the shake, better after a few days
Sweeten to taste.
Tested at 27 watts in a MTL/RTL set up.

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