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(FLV) Pink Guava

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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My recipe from February 2017 Recipe Thread on Reddit.

It is one sweet recipe (both in terms of it cuteness and actual sweetness).

Profile: a creme brulee with a slice of pink guava / grapefruit inside the caramel crust.
The body: the soul of a recipe is INW Creme Brulee - it is nice, fully developed creme brulee flavour with decent caramel / burnt sugar notes. I used FW Butterscotch Ripple to support it and make the body a little bit round and caramel-y.

The slice: FLV Pink Guava is a pretty straightforward guava / grapefruit, and it will fight the brulee-caramel body in your very mouth. Which is good, because this is what I aimed for. A drop of TPA Orange Cream to make it even more sour and flashy.

The accents: Vanilla Custard v1 makes the whole bouquet a little more buttery and creamy, without extending it into even more caramel-y zone. And TPA Peach (Juicy) helps with a tricky aftertaste: I've found that this pairing (flv pink guava + inawera creme brulee) gives some almost-peachy aftertaste, so I used some TPA Peach (Juicy) to make that ghost a real thing. Because it was annoying to almost taste peach but not taste it at the same time.


I love candy but not often in vape form. I have fallen in love with thes sour Hi Chew candies they are so good and I really love the grapefruit flavored one, and like so many of my favorite sweet treats I can't help but think about how and or if I could turn it into a vape juice. This particular grapefruit flavor really makes me want to make it because of flavorah's pink gauva and not because its a particularly good concentrate but because it is a perfect grapefruit. So I used flavorah pink gauva for the main aspect of my profile I did this at a whopping 1.5 % and at that 1.5% it totally takes over the mix with a grapefruit flavor. I then adde strawberry taffy not for the strawberry flavor at all because the pink gauva completely whipes that out the only part of this flavor that survives the pink gauva's extremely strong grapefruit flavor is the candy or taffy part of the strawberry taffy and it may help calm down the grapefruit a little because it can taste a bit alcoholic otherwise. I use strawberry taffy at 4% to get this effect out of the strawberry taffy concentrate. The other aspect to thes absolutely great candies is the creamy center almost a slight vanilla cream taste to it and mixed with the spurt grapefruit flavor Iit is perfect. I achieve this creamy vanilla center by using flavor art meringue and flavor art cream fresh both at 1.5%. I also added 1% shisha vanilla for the slight vanilla flavor to the creamy center. I also added 1 % of TFA Sour for the sour taste and feel.. I let this air out for a couple hours and then give it a couple days just to calm down a little.


This one pairs two flavors that really like to show off in order to create a bright, sweet, tropical vape. The strawberry and watermelon balance and sweeten these floral fruits.

This is a deliciously juicy topical apple mix. The Mix of 3:1 Anton to Fuji apple creates a bright, crisp apple to be paired with tart pink guava and lime. The Candy Roll and Anton Apple does a good job of taking the harsh bite out of the Pink Guava, allowing it to have such a high mixing percentage.

As a shake n vape, the Pink Guava isn't overpowering, but is most prevalent. In 2-3 days, the apple will level out with the pink guava.


Steep Time: 3 Days.
So this recipe is my pride and joy. If you like absinthe mix this up, and if you think you don't like absinthe mix this up. I have had a ton of people try out this recipe for me as I've worked on it and even people who normally dislike absinthe enjoy this recipe. Simply put, DV Absinthe is in a completely different landscape than TPA Absinthe. TPA's version is very heavy on the anise note to the point that it overtakes a recipe, which can be good for an anisehead like myself but leads to most people disliking it. DV Absinthe has that anise note but that's only one part of it. It has a nice herbal blend of flavors that avoids being purfumy or overpowering which adds something special to a mix. While I won't go into too much detail on the other flavors in the recipe, the main goal was to make a citrus fruit and absinthe cocktail. The lemon, lime, and Mandarin combine into a nice citrus base that isn't overpowering or too harsh while also not focusing on one particular citrus flavor. The Kiwi provides a little tang and helps pop the mix a bit. The Pink Guava acts as the most noticeable fruit in the mix even at this low of a percentage. If you are sensitive to it drop it to .25% which one of my friends prefers but I like it at .4% personally. It gives a very solid Grapefruit flavor that helps with that sour/tangy note and also works to balance out the sweetness in the recipe. The Spearmint Koolada combination adds a sweet minty flavor that blends with the herbal notes while not being too overpowering on the fruits. Lastly the stevia really is the best sweetener for this recipe. Stevia has a bit of a bitter/herbal taste in its sweetness that normally is an off note, but in this recipe it really works with the absinthe and the pink guava. Overall this is a recipe I can vape for weeks without getting tired of and I would love to hear what everyone thinks.

No catchy recipe name or extensive notes or meticulous master crafting here. Threw a bunch of tropical flavorings together to see if I could get a tasty shake and vape. And voila, it's pretty damn tasty. Even better after sitting over night. If you have he flavorings and the hankering for a smooth/sweet tropical fruit/mango juice then definitely give this baby a shot. Also could replace TPA meringue with FA Meringue at 0.75%


Sweet Guava with tart grapefruit and hops bitterness. Thick, dense, and juicy.


Juicy, creamy ruby red grapefruit. I mix 75% vg, steep for a week to let the citrus settle and the vanillas show up.


A cool, refreshing vape. Perfect for a hot day and reminiscent of Summer.

Grapefruit, Guava, Kiwi and Lime layered in a juicy melon bowl.

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