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Well over 100 years ago, the German author Karl May wrote interesting and very successful books about the Indians in North America. Although he was never in North America himself, his stories seem very real.

I felt the same way when I developed this recipe. The flavor "FLV Root Beer" really fascinated me, also what great liquids can be mixed from it. But: I have never drunk a root beer.

More by chance I saw that Root Beer offentlich is also popular with vanilla ice cream as Root Beer Float. Since I am also very excited about the flavor "FLV Smooth Vanilla", I set out to develop a special recipe for how I might like Root Beer Float as a drink as well.

"FLV Cream" in combination with "FLV Milk & Honey" supports the vanilla with a special sweet creaminess and a light caramel flavor. The impression of runny ice cream should be created, which is why "FLV Ice" is used only very discreetly.

The result so far has already pleased me quite well, but the very special touch was still missing. Here the idea came to me:
"FLV Pink Guava" had already struck me in the Single Flavor Test as a very special flavor. This gives the mix a very special contrast.

I like it that way. It's something special and particular that I'm sure not everyone will like. I am curious about the reviews.

Created especially for the VAPEDIA Mixers Club 02/2021.
VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zgkx7yT

Vor deutlich über 100 Jahren hat der deutsche Autor Karl May interessante und sehr erfolgreiche Bücher über die Indianer in Nordamerika. Obwohl er niemals selbst in Nordamerika war, wirken seine Geschichten sehr real.

Genauso fühlte ich mich als ich dieses Rezept entwickelt habe. Das Aroma "FLV Root Beer" hat mich richtig fasziniert, auch was für tolle Liquids daraus gemischt werden können. Aber: Ein Root Beer habe ich noch nie getrunken.

Mehr per Zufall sah ich, dass Root Beer offentlich auch mit Vanilleeis als Root Beer Float beliebt ist. Da ich von dem Aroma "FLV Smooth Vanilla" ebenfalls sehr begeistert bin, habe ich mich daran gemacht, ein spezielles Rezept zu entwickeln, wie mir Root Beer Float auch als Getränk gefallen könnte.

"FLV Cream" in Kombination mit "FLV Milk & Honey" unterstützt die Vanille mit einer besonderen süßen Cremigkeit und einem leichten Karamell-Geschmack. Es soll der Eindruck verlaufenen Eises entstehen, weshalb nur sehr dezent "FLV Ice" zum Einsatz kommt.

Das bisherige Ergebnis hat mir schon ganz gut gefallen, aber der ganz besondere Touch hat mir noch gefehlt. Hier kam mir der Einfall:
"FLV Pink Guava" war mir bereits beim Single Flavor Test als ganz besonderes Aroma aufgefallen. Dieses verleiht dem Mix einen ganz besonderen Gegensatz.

Mir gefällt es so. Es ist etwas besonderes und spezielles, das sicher nicht jedem gefällt. Ich bin gespannt auf die Reviews.

Speziell für den VAPEDIA Mixers Club 02/2021 kreiert.
VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zgkx7yT

Fun, fruity, bright yet spiced, cold and funky. Another from my vault of Grapefruit/ Guava experiments.

Lemon lime slush with a sharp grapefruit, sweet and icy and straightforward.

This is the only recipe my girlfriend asks me to make for her again and again.

FLV Lime has that slushy type lime flavour but has a nasty chemical flavour also so i had to cover it with other flavours like pink guava, tahity lime and 2% ws-23.

FW Kiwi adds a little something extra to all the citrusy flavours, it tames them down maintaining the tropical vibe.

Ws-23 and super sweet balance each other so its not a blast of ice covering everything.

Milkshake IPA with Passionfruit.

Born from an idea that @isuamadog had entirely too late one night. I let my mind run wild. This is one of those fancy Milkshake IPAs that your cool cousin drinks. Not because he thinks he’s better than you, but because he KNOWS he’s better than you.

FLV Yakima Hops because.
FLV Lemongrass because that's what a Colorado brewer named Wesley would do.
VT Yellow Passion for a syrupy version of the fruit.
FA Milk because lactose
WF Vanilla Cream Extra because lactose and this recipe doesn't work if it isn't sweet.
WF Passionfruit for the bright and tart version of the fruit.
FLV Pink Guava to support the hops.

Something great is happening for me with this combination of SSA Multivitamin and FLV Pink Guava. The bitterness of the pink guava and sweetness of multivitamin seem to make an almost sour pineapple profile with a citrusy tropical background. Very nice and easy mix.

I typically add ws-23 to everything and will try a small amount of INW Cactus on the next mix.


I have made quite a few versions of this profile and I am finally satisfied.

Tested with Citadel rda , Adgard Mini rda , Blotto Rta and Intake dual RTA

I did use these flavors a bit higher than I usually would and not just one of them I pushed them all a bit higher than normal. Below ill leave a quick reason for each..

Lemonade FLV is my favorite out of all we have available to us so I started with it and backed it up with FLV Lime to give it that extra pucker a lemonade needs. Pink Guava at .5 for me leans more toward a grapefruit and combined with Alpine Strawberry works well for the Pink in this Lemonade . The Alpine is here to sweeten the Pink Guava as well. Give this a try, imo this is sweet enough so no Sweetener is needed so start low if you choose to add any .

This is a recipe from 2020 there are a few reviews over on ELR recipe site if you want other opinions before mixing .

⚠ as a shake and vape it works but can be a bit harsh even an over night steep helps but 3 to 5 days is where this shines and the harsh citrus notes calm down


Milkshake IPA with Kiwi.

Born from an idea that @isuamadog had entirely too late one night. I let my mind run wild. This is one of those fancy Milkshake IPAs that your cool cousin drinks. Not because he thinks he’s better than you, but because he KNOWS he’s better than you.

Most of it is self explanatory.

FLV Yakima Hops for hops.
FLV Pink Guava for hops support and to give the kiwi a tartness.
FW/FA Kiwi to fill the "real and artificial flavors".
FA Milk for the real dairy.
WF Vanilla Cream Extra for a light, sweeter vanilla cream.

A blend of exotic fruits in a tea serve hot or cold to pleasure your tongue with the taste of the Caribbean.... Wepa!


You just got rid of the dreaded virus that shall not be named. You’re obviously looking to get krunk on something delicious tonight, right? After a week of enjoying Everclear straight from the bottle, it’s time to actually enjoy what you’re gulping down your gullet. Sangria is the obvious choice. You decide to go for something different fruit-wise. You put pomegranate, pineapple, and guava in the blender along with a little lime juice. After blending it up, you taste it and fall in love. Why add alcohol to something this delicious?? So you skip the red wine and just pull the remaining Everclear straight from the bottle (for old-time’s sake). You puke all over your girlfriend’s nice new shoes. She send you to bed without fucking you. You cry and drink Sangria Straight from the blender mug.

This is a collab done by me (Qszwax) and isuamadog. What started out as a simple reimagining of my first original mix (Straight Chlorine) turned into something all its own and absolutely wonderful. The profile is a tropical limeade blend that’s almost like a sangria without the wine.

There’s 3 ways to enjoy this mix: as a plug-and-play limeade (take the lemonade and tahiti), as it is, or swap the Pink Guava for Sweet Guava and remove the Pineapple. All are very tasty.

To begin with, we took Puckenade, subtracted the FA Lemon Sicily, and added FA Lime Tahity Cold Pressed for a simple yet effective limeade. This was tasting amazing on its own and instead of adding the peaches from Straight Chlorine, we went a totally different direction: pomegranate. Pink Lemonade time? Yes Rico, pink lemonade time. I had both TFA and FA so naturally we went with FA Pomegranate. At 0.75% dog loved this but I wasn’t satisfied so I went rogue and added an extra 0.5%. We both agreed that it added more fullness. So with the basic pink lemonade in place we opted for a nice guava. The original plan was CAP Sweet Guava but FLV Pink Guava is one of my all-time favorite flavors so we split the mix to try both. I wasn’t a big fan of the Sweet Guava but absolutely loved Pink Guava, whereas dog was a major fan of Sweet Guava. This was probably attributed to the sweetness of the Sweet Guava and the fact that I’d already added sweetener whereas he didnt. At this point we were both extremely satisfied with the mix but dog wanted to take it a step farther. He went rogue, upped FLV Pink Guava to 1.8%, and added 3% INW Pineapple. I played along and was soon rewarded. The new mix was a little muddled, but really good. Good in a way that everything meshed so well together it created a new flavor. That flavor? Non-alcoholic sangria. We were perplexed as obviously there’s no red wine in this. At this point we called it a night and decided to slap it on ATF.

Mix with your favorite amounts of sweetener and coolant. Cheers!

-Posted from my vooping toilet

Another grapefruit vision from a candy I had recently. A grapefruit Hi-Chew. I wanted a distinct mouth feel with a balance between creamy vanilla and grapefruit.

I lack a lot of taffy flavors so I tried to put something together to get that distinct mouthfeel of the Hi-Chew, so I brought together MB American Bubble Gum, OOO Marshmallow (Vanilla), and some WF Sour Gummy Candy.

A little TPA Vanilla Swirt to add a tad more vanilla creaminess and to bring things together.

I went through several grapefruits before landing on SSA Grapefruit as the main note with support from FLV Pink Guava and the hardest working grapefruit in the game VT Honey Pomela, to bring some brightness to the party.

A little SS to sweeten and lift the citrus and we can call it a day. This is decent off the shake, but the bubble gum is a bit much. It starts to back off after a day or so.

I don't know if listing what you tested it with is still a thing, but dual coil RDA at .3 ohm on a stacked 21700 tube.

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