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(FLV) Pineapple

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 267 recipes at an average of 1.401%.


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Here ive tried to keep the origionality of the cake but tried to twist it to a pineapple doughnut base with a cherry centre. The cherry is a little stronger than i guess i wanted but in a good way because there was certain notes i wanted to hit where i comes across bright with a slight baked note to it.

Still testing so far so good

Twister Lolly but sorbet.
Tried to avoid vanilla notes here.
Quite tasty and saturated in flavour
Debating adding some sort of booze such as vodka in the next batch/ order to see how well it goes as a cocktail

A bright a fruity mix that’ll put a smile on your pallet while stuck indoors with your annoying family. Cap double apple really brightens the mix up. Sweetener as always is optional.

In diesem Rezept spielen wir mal mit einigen sehr starken Aromen, sehr gering dosiert.
Ein schöner Sommermix

No worries ... roll away your blues with a trip to the tropics. All the exotic fruits you love layered in one delicious tropical vape that will leave you dreaming of sunshine, waves, and the bliss of island paradise. We'll leave a lounge chair open.

My daughter wanted something similiar to 12 Monkey's Mangabee so this was my rendition.

Sweet and refreshing seltzer type vape. Not boozy but when your homeschooling your brats and you just want to start drinking at 11am this is the type of vape I’d reach for.

Collaboration with DIY Downunder on her channel.

A Pineapple cream and milky smoothie with banana.
Made for FA Pineapple Flavor Book:

First published recipe although I've been mixing for a few years.

Pineapple layer:
Here I used cap golden pineapple as the main with flv pineapple acting as a backup.
Then I used a small amount of flv jackfruit to help the pineapple pop even more.

Cap juicy peach as the main peach, backed up with a small amount of flavorah peach to fill it out.
The peach sits in the back on this recipe.

The supersweet is optional(although I recommend between 0.5 - 1%)

As a shake n Vape you don't really taste the peach but after a few days the peach appears.

Feedback welcome 😊

I have to put in these descriptions so I can show them to people for comment.... boring

This is basically Cottee’s orange and mango cordial. Yeh boi.

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