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(FLV) Pineapple

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 274 recipes at an average of 1.391%.


34 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is a wierd one and i dont think for everyone either but saying that there is something about it i find moreish.

So the base and main flavour is the pineapple - sugar loaf bring the main body, golden pineapple brings the sweetness up and flv pineapple adds some punchy authenticity.

Salsa i purchased on a whim just to try and whilst not quite a complete salsa its workable, at this % i can detect a little tomato with a little spice perhaps some pepper and strangely enough onion but its all quite light - also im not sure if this is ment for vaping or just one of those flavours no one sells other than the manufacturer.

Ive built the salsa up using flv heat for the obvious chilli aspect and fresh mint does a good job at keeping things fresh like a freshly made dish.
Pomegranate is also light but a little syrupy and complements both the pineapple and salsa then a freshly squeezed lime all over.

same profile but all Flavorah, a solid vape if looking to use up some flavorah sample packs etc...

So, had a friend ask me to attempt a juice he'd had a while back (Beetlejuice) and after looking at the profile this is where i landed. I havnt actually tried the origional so kind of made my own take on it with a little twist and have to say its pretty punchy.

Not overly cirtusy and quite mango forward and the berries coming through on the exhale.

FLV mango is dark and sweet without a whole lot of funk. It’s perfect for fruit blends.

FLV pineapple is tart and it brings a whole lot of juicy sweetness to the mix.

FLV black currant is what really sets this one off. It’s authentic dark and very earthly.

Sweeten to taste.

The recipe could benefit from cooling or ice.

Watch the Video here:


A lovely blend of tropical fruits merged with sweet creams

A bright a fruity mix that’ll put a smile on your pallet while stuck indoors with your annoying family. Cap double apple really brightens the mix up. Sweetener as always is optional.

In diesem Rezept spielen wir mal mit einigen sehr starken Aromen, sehr gering dosiert.
Ein schöner Sommermix

No worries ... roll away your blues with a trip to the tropics. All the exotic fruits you love layered in one delicious tropical vape that will leave you dreaming of sunshine, waves, and the bliss of island paradise. We'll leave a lounge chair open.

My daughter wanted something similiar to 12 Monkey's Mangabee so this was my rendition.

Sweet and refreshing seltzer type vape. Not boozy but when your homeschooling your brats and you just want to start drinking at 11am this is the type of vape I’d reach for.

Collaboration with DIY Downunder on her channel.

A Pineapple cream and milky smoothie with banana.
Made for FA Pineapple Flavor Book:

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