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(FLV) Peppermint

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 98 recipes at an average of 0.794%.


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Somebody asked me for a minty vape and so, I asked Fresh--as you do--and he told me: get that Flavorah peppermint, that's all you need.

Get a good sniff of it and it'll clear up your sinuses!

Enjoy, be queer and vape on,

Cécile aka Queer Your Vape

[Photo credits: www.foodal.com ]

I used FLV white chocolate as a placeholder here as Molinberry's White Chocolate has not been added

Pepermint Irish Cream Coffee

Sweet, creamy and fresh peppermint Irish cream with coffee and chocolate notes.

I see a traditional mint chocolate chip ice cream in this picture. I am using Flv Chocolate Deutsche for the chocolate chips because it has a really great chocolate note with some coconut that I think will blend into the creams really well. The mint is a combo of LB White Chocolate Peppermint with some Flv Peppermint just to give the mint more of an edge. The rest of the ice cream is made up of FA Vienna Cream and Flv Cream

This is a simple mint recipe that I like to mix up when I start to get tired of my usual flavor profiles or when I just want something straightforward and satisfying. It's a perfectly good shake and vape recipe, but it does benefit from a one day steep.


Winter is here! A time that is cherished by many.

Quintessential flavors to the season are peppermint and nutmeg, but you don't often see them paired together. In my venture exploring this combination, it is pleasant, satisfying, and a little odd!

The star of the show here is LB White Chocolate Peppermint -- this flavor is just wonderful and so easy to work with. It's a delicious smooth and creamy white chocolate with a very subtle and sweet peppermint. While the peppermint is nice it wasn't quite as forward as I wanted it to be, hence the addition of FLV Peppermint. It's a very strong, forward, thin peppermint, and is quite cool; 2 drops per 30mL is plenty.

When you think nutmeg, you think eggnog (well, at least I do!). FLV Eggnog captures the essence of nutmeg very well while giving it a nice creamy base so it's not too dry. This is almost good enough by itself, but the addition of FLV Peppermint cuts through a lot of the creamy body you'd get from FLV Eggnog, so a little extra eggy boost from CAP Vanilla Custard for unctuous warmth does wonders here.

TFA Graham Cracker clear is here for a little bit of dark sweetness and to play off some of the vanilla notes already in there, as well as giving the recipe some texture to keep your palate entertained.

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