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(FLV) Peanut Butter

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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DIYorDIE Weekend Assignment

This is my take on a cookie dough without using a cookie dough flavoring. I wanted to create a light chocolate chip flavor with a peanut side note.
FW sugar cookie 1%. Used as the cookie base and adds a slight sugary note
FA cookie 1%. Used also as cookie base and to add texture
CAP vanilla whipped cream 2%. Used to balance out the chocolates and adds a creaminess to the profile.
CAP vanilla custard 2%. Used to make the recipe a little denser and to add an eggyness to the profile.
TPA pie crust 1%. This was the first time using this flavoring but hoping it will add to simulating the "cookie dough" .
TPA Brown sugar 0.5%. Used to add a dark sugar for the chocolate.
FLV peanut butter 1%. Just a bit of peanut. It seems to be a little dry but at 1% it seems balanced with the CAP golden butter at 1%.
TPA sweetener 1.5%. Well who don't like sugar.
CAP Golden butter 1%. This seems to give the FLV peanut butter the creaminess it requires.
TPA bittersweet chocolate 0.5%. I like to use this flavoring at a low % to give it a chocolate chip feel.
TPA double chocolate (clear) 1%. This pairs well with the TPA bittersweet chocolate to give the chocolate a more balanced flavor.

I may not have nailed the cookie dough base in this recipe, however, it has a great flavor with hints of chocolate and peanut butter on the exhale. Can be a Shake n Vape but I would suggest a 3 day steep. This is a first version. I normally post my first versions of recipes and keep 2nd or 3rd versions private for commercial purposes. MaxVG ....Enjoy :)

i always wanted a nice torrone liquid, i've tried some, but none of them had the real flavour of an original italian torrone.
the main base of this vape is of course torrone, but enhanced with pistachio, nut and some other fine notes

I really enjoy this as a sweet peanut butter cookie.
To me the Apple Pie, Biscuit, Cookie and Butter bring a delicious buttery cookie flavor combination,
with a slight hint of apple.
The Peanut Butter pairs well with the tiny hints of Apple from the Apple Pie.
With the Vanilla and Caramel from the RY4 Double compliments just about every flavor in here.

Please Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Kame =)

Crunchy honey nut cornflakes with full fat milk. 1 week steep.

If you don't have CCW Devon Cream just up CAP Custard by .5%. Toasted Almond adds to the crunchyness of the cereal but is not crucial.

Feeling Lazy? One shot available here: https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/vaping-home-mixers/4653-ella-s-crunchy-nut-cornflakes.html

Happy New Year.... since we're all squeaking out last minute recipes, here's something that I was working on for the beginner blending competition.

Got rid of the banana because it just didn't fit the profile. Milk and honey and Bavarian cream come together to sweeten and give a little body to the rest of the recipe.

Soho and tobacco come together for a fantastic cigar flavor. The addition of FLV peanut butter gives this recipe and almost cigarette flavor.

That little bit of whiskey finishes off the profile what is New Year's Eve without a little alcohol.

Party hard my friends hope you enjoy.

FLV and TFA Peanut Butter - Tfa is very good PB. It nails the creamy richness, you would expect. But you also get some nice deep undertones of brown sugar that gives a nice mouthfeel. Flv is more of the peanut than the butter and my favorite choice. It's here to add more of a dry, gritty texture ( like the stuff in Reese's ).

INW & FLV Milk Chocolate, Milk & Honey - It seems everyone is on this INW Milk Chocolate band wagon. I personally think it needs a lot of help. FLV did a great job on this. I get more of a Chocolate Milk single flavor testing this but, in this recipe, it worked really well in adding the chocolate I was missing with INW. The downside of FLV Milk Chocolate is, I was getting an off note that was hard to describe, because it's only present for half a second. Adding Milk & Honey worked for masking that note and also seems to meld the chocolates together. It also added the sweetness I was looking for. I've noticed Chocolate almost always needs some sweetener to help it. Known that chocolate itself is usually a coil killer, I didn't want to add sucralose. Milk & Honey was definitely the reason I didn't need to add the sweetener.

TFA Bavarian Cream - This was added just for some additional mouthfeel and creaminess. I plan on trying this with JF BC next time, since that stuff is magical. So feel fre to sub, if you like.

Now for the bad news- This really needs the full 2 weeks( 1 month is even better) to let everything come together and smooth it out.

Well tinkering around with tobacco's for the round two of the mixed beginner blending competition I came up with this recipe banana never really punched through the tobacco and chocolate and so I left it out altogether.

The combination of Soho, cured tobacco, and peanut butter gives you a fantastic cigar flavoring.

Bavarian cream and chocolate glaze makeup the top notes giving you a creamy German chocolate flavor. The chocolate Fades quickly but at 2% is still a standout flavoring in the recipe after 14 days and makes the cigar delicious


Super long steep on this one takes a good two weeks before the peanut butter really balances out. The combination of peanut butter works really well to provide a creamy peanut butter cookies. Make sure you shake your peanut butter very very well before you use it one of those flavorings that likes to separate.


Easy and smooth peanut butter.


Inspired by Skiddlzninja Bangin bourbon bread definitely have to him all the credit.

So why take a classic recipe and try to make it easy. Truth is I drunkenly ordered 4 ounces of TFA banana nut bread and had to figure out a way to use it.

It worked out well this is been in my ADV rotation for a while now and thought I would share.

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