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(FLV) Peanut Butter

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: butter nutty strong thick

Used in 386 recipes at an average of 1.363%.


27 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This what i based this recipe on http://www.jennsblahblahblog.com/no-bake-frosted-flakes-peanut-butter-cereal-bars-recipe/

CAP Cereal 27 make the cornflakes

MB Glamour Chocolate make the chocolate drizzle on top.

FLV Pnut butter and Milk&honey work well in here to make a honey pnut butter.

The OOO Marshmallow Vanilla adds a nice vanilla note as well a marshmallow mouthfeel.

Peanut butter sugar cookie with oatey notes.

The peanut butters play well with the cookie butter which darkens and deepens that note into the cookie base made of the oatmeal cookie and sugar cookie. the A.P. adds some more texture and the whipped marshmallow lends sweetness and pillow to the overall mix.


Well I must have bumped my head because here is yet another simple 4 ingredient mix. Well actually its 3 ingredients and sweetener. A huge difference from my usual layered madness lol. Any way this is a peanut butter pudding with banana chunks cut up in it. Most of my recent recipes I haven't been listing sweetener in the ingredients list due to it not affecting the flavor and it being your choice. Well it's still your choice if you use sweetener but its my opinion that with peanut butter vapes sweetener is necessary to make the peanut butter not so dry. I use Flavorah sweetness always because its my preferred sweetener .25%-.50% is always enough for me but feel free to use whatever your preferred sweetener is at your preferred percentage but if you haven't tried Flavorah sweetness I would suggest trying it. I personally bought a 4oz bottle of sweetness from Flavorah direct because I like it so much.

1 drop saline per 30ml This is an experiment for a Salted Caramel Roll that I've never had but dam I think I have a new ADV here.
After chatting to an American friend he suggested that this would be winner in a vape recipe if I could do it. I have never had one of these rolls before so after a series of questions about flavor and texture and studying a few home made versions of this recipe I came up with following.
This is NUTS! lol
I have been learning the complex art of trying to learn how nut flavorings layer as well as pair together lately as well as seeing how some pair well together. Textual illusion to get that authentic mouthfeel of the profile has also been the main goal of late and hence why I have been doing this testing.
This profile was built on subjective imagination and hope but it has turned out very lovely IMO. The layering of the nuts and the use of a drop of saline as well as giving them a caramel coating seems to have paid off. I find to achieve a good nougat that the nougat concentrates lack body and hence why I have used some lovely sweet TFA Marshmallow as well here. I have to say I think I have another recipe here to enjoy on a daily rotation that is moorish and delectable. Please mix it up if this profile appeals to you, share your thoughts and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do!

Watch out for my next recipe coming very soon called "Golden Nuts" #DIYDownunder

Trying to mimic a butterfinger blizzard. This will probably need work, but we'll see....

Peanut butter may need to come up.

Rice crunchies was the only thing I could think of to "crisp" the recipe up.

A peanut butter and banana cream pie recipe trial as seen on this show : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCs2R6QBNS0

This was a requested formulation for a local friend of mine. She loved it. Hopefully you will to.

This is essentially a stone recipe (base recipe) that is beautiful on it's own or ready for you to add your fruits, chocolates or creams to. At just 5.5% total flavorings, there is plenty of room to layer in a lovely jam note with some cream. The profile is designed as a slightly sugar dusted home baked cookie, I have chosen some unlikely ingredients but for good reason. I wanted to get a mixture of as many of the inconsistent textures that your likely to experience in a home baked cookie, from the little hint of cinnamon to that soft doughy note as well as the hard and soft edges of the cookie. After around a week's steep time the various notes seem to work really well here, from the graininess of the cookie through to the buttery and slightly nutty note, this blend will provide you with a lovely recipe platform! Enjoy!

In the original recipe I mixed up on the show I used 1% of flv sweetness. While in the long run this isn't bad, it does have too much of the stevia backnote for me at this level, but it will steep out after about a month. I dropped it in this recipe to a more reasonable level of 0.35% but that means initially the mix won't be as sweet. If you want it sweeter add some sucralose based sweetener to your liking instead.

Overall the flavor is almost there now that it has had a 10 day steep. It tastes like a mouthful of the new m and m candies. While I'm not a huge fan of the LB chocolate roll taste, as it does kind of taste like cheap chocolate, it is authentic to the type of cheap chocolate flavor that the candies actually have...though I guess I'm a bit of a chocolate snob and have been spoiled on European chocolate which is so much better than ours in America.

I may still adjust this recipe after I let this mix steep for the full month, which I think the chocolates and cream and peanut flavors really need, but the coffee notes are good.

Photo Credit: photo credit: slambo_42 Mega Ms via photopin (license)

Based on the food pairing concept, i came up with the idea to combine the fruity notes of orange, rasperry, lychee with the mellow, strong notes of peanut butter.
Sounds crazy? It is for sure a bit unusual but wow, the peanut does a good job in this recipe.

Flavor Notes

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