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Mucking around, I originally mixed up a half dozen versions of Muddy Boots, two of which came out Amazing 🤩
This mix is my favorite with less Butterscotch and more Peanut Butter and just a bit more pudding 😋
No sweetener needed
V1 is a decent vape also if you want more BS, hehe…
1.00% Butterscotch (FLV)
1.00% Cream (FLV)
0.80% Milk and Honey (FLV)
0.80% Peanut Butter (FLV)
1.20% Vanilla Pudding (FLV)

“Rocky Toony Original”

Was just looking through my flavorings that I had and decided to re-visit the butterscotch flavoring, this is really damn good for only 4.25% flavoring.

FLV butterscotch is the main note.
FLV peanut butter is a back note but man it's good.
INW biscuit adds a bit to the peanut butter, filling it out more.
CAP buttercream adds to the butterscotch.
OOO Vanilla Frosting adds more creaminess to the whole profile.
You can omit the OOO Vanilla Frosting if you don't have it.

Sweetener optional, I personally use 2 drops of cap super sweet per 15ml

a simple but delicious banana cream yogurt with some ice cream notes and a bit of peanut butter, add sweetener to your liking, give it a 3 day steep

Riding off into the sunset as a non-smoker is any woman's fantasy. When you just need tobacco that isn't sweet but fulfills that craving, this one is going to give you all the encouragement you need. Made for my beautiful sister Angela on her journey into quitting. Save your lungs ride a cowboy! (Created for a Pod System)

A “Classic” vanilla custard recipe with a touch of peanut. Not peanut butter, peanut chunks crushed over a bed of velvety smooth vanilla custard.

VANILLA CUSYARD V2 & SWEET CREAM forms the vanilla custard. The sweet cream adds to the mouthfeel and adds a hint of butter, which Is mmmmh!😋

BISCUIT & BROWN SUGAR. I wanted a vanilla custard with a bit more complexity than just vanilla and cream, and with I bit of biscuits and Brown sugar I achieve that. The brown sugar also helps bring the peanut a bit more forward without adding more FLV PEANUT.

FLV PEANUT. It’s not the ⭐️ But kinda is. The peanut is present on the exhale, and without it I would just be a plain vanilla custard like the rest. 0.75 where the sweet spot for me. Higher than that it got dry and to nutty.

SUPER SWEET: Again. The peanut tends to get a bit dry, so super sweets also adds to both mouthfeel and sugary goodness, which I like in a custard. Not overly sweet, but sweetness in any kind, definitely needs to be there, so feel free to sub with your preferred sweetener.

This baby needs 21 days to fully develop, so be patient. She will get there. I PROMISE 🙂👊

No nonsense! No gimmicks! Just straight up peanut butter goodness!

So, this is where my soul crushing and money consuming journey of finding the best peanut butter vape took me.
Every flavor in here that's not PB is to help the profile out and make it the best it could be on it's own, without going into custard/ice cream/etc territory.

TPA DX Peanut Butter | FLV Peanut Butter:
The peanut butter base. Those are arguably the two best PBs on the market. The DX PB is the main flavor, FLV PB is here to boost it up. The only other PB I would even slightly consider is CAP's Peanut Butter V2, since it's miraculously light years ahead of the V1. Maybe a good substitute if you can't get FLV's PB.

FA Peanut:
This is in here to bolster the PB just a little bit more. Any higher percentage would kill the overall flavor, but 0.5% is just right.

TPA DX Marshmallow | TPA Marshmallow:
I know what you're thinking: Both of these in the same recipe? What heresy is this?! But hear me out: TPA's DX Marshmallow tastes nothing like the regular one, and it's great! I think it's another underrated DX flavoring and one of my favorite marshmallows. Both of these in combination are my marshmallow stone. In general, the marshmallow really helps the whole recipe out in giving some sweetness and good mouthfeel, but doesn't take away from the pure PB experience.

FW Butterscotch Ripple | FW Caramel (Salted) | FA Honey:
The salted caramel and butterscotch ripple just go great with PB. FA's Honey is really nice with caramel and creams in general. At those percentages there a not at all overpowering, but still noticeable and give some more dimension to the overall taste.

After 3 days it becomes vapeable, I wouldn't recommend trying to vape this at any earlier point. Best after 2 weeks minimum!

I hope you find as much enjoyment in this recipe as I do, it cost me a lot of tears and money to get it to this point.
Also I'm always open to suggestions on how to improve on it, don't hesitate to shoot me a message.

Have a nice vape!

A dessert tobacco mix,which i really enjoy vaping it in my rda's.Sweetener is optional,but not at all necessary

The taste of the outdoors. A Smokey, peanut butterey, creamy complex vape.

.25 EM and .5 Super Sweet added to this mix.

TFA DX Peanut Butter & FLV Peanut Butter combine for a smooth, roasted peanut flavor that adds a beautiful layer to build off of. The FLV also adds to the smokiness of the overall profile.

WF Banana Puree & HS Banana add a realistic creamy banana flavor that isn’t to pungent as a top note. Soft enough to bend into the body of the vape.

TFA Vanilla Custard 2 adds richness and creaminess for the banana layer to blend into.

TFA RY4 Double & FA Tiramisu add complex accent notes. The RY4 double adds additional richness and mouthfeel and the tiramisu adds subtle dark espresso notes just enough to show themselves amoung the other flavorings.

Overall after a steep; this is a very enjoyable creamy, complex and smooth vape. Enjoy!

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Amazing Strawberry Banana. Don’t believe me mix it up get nasty.

Sweeten to taste.

Pretty solid shake and vape, but man oh man will the 7 day steep help this one come around!

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