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(FLV) Peach Gummy

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct

Used in 210 recipes at an average of 1.856%.


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A complex mango, peach, and papaya mix. Don't forget to donate.

Mixed on Episode 16 Flavor Pro on Youtube mix it up it tastes like candy!!!

This is a very simple easy candy mix. It is an almost exact match of the taste of the peach berry flavor from the Berry Blast style of Mike and ike candy. Its a very self explanatory three flavors. I don't use any sweetener in this mix but feel free to add some if this isn't sweet enough for you. I feel it is plenty sweet as is but sweetness is subjective. This is pretty good as a shake and Vape but after sitting for 12 hours the throat hit which is present directly after mixing settles down and pretty much disappeares.

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