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(FLV) Peach Gummy

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct

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Just created this today, give it a mix and tell me what you think.

Now this turned into something completely different than what you would expect from these 4 ingredients. I was watching mixing vixens on you tube and they were doing all flavorah recipes and i happen to love making all flavorah recipes. SO i set out to use some flavors i either hadnt used ever like flv apricot and flavors i dont use very often. I was aiming for a sour peach gummy and what i got was more of a realistic juicy peach!! I mean it may have a slightly artificial taste but for me its more of a juicy peach in a sugary syrup absolutely delicious if you ask me. I haven't done it yet but i feel like this delicious peach would work great in a peach ice cream or frozen yogurt or just plain yogurt or peaches and cream. I am sharing this because i dislike almost every peach other than a select few but i cant seem to put this peach down. It is a dripping juicy peach with a sugary sweetness. Sweeten to taste with your preferred sweetener or dont sweeten at all your call. Enjoy!!

Its a dam good peach!!!!

This was a surprisingly good combo. This mix is on the realistic side and not on the candy side so if you want candy this is not it. I’ve mixed mango pineapple and peach with good success in the past so that was not the surprise. The surprise was the addition on VTA Green Mango adding to the authenticity of the blend. By itself green Mango is a bit floral and a cross between the peel of the mango and the pit, but as a mango enhancer it worked magic. The cantaloupe is in this mix as a backdrop base, that helps emulsify all the stronger fruits and adds a mouth watering aspect. This recipe needs a few day steep at the very least (around 3 days), but I would recommend at least 2 weeks to allow all the strong notes in these fruits to blend. This mix is very flavorful, has a full body mouthfeel and it's sweet even without sweetener. If you don’t like cooling agents this mix worked well without it. I added WS-23 at a low % for a light freshness. If you prefer a creamy take I do think TFA Vanilla Swirl at around 2% would fit in well.

Delicious strawberry peach gummy candy.

Really good on it's own but
add sweetener of your choosing for that sugary lip coating :)



Do yourself a favor.
All flavorah concentrates mix. Go max vg. With nicotine you can pull off 95% or more depending on your strength. Make big white clouds again like it’s 2017 :)

Needs steep. Very sharp on the tongue for the first couple of days. Takes time for the flavorings to blend with the thick shit. Your mileage may vary with added pg. Still. It’ll be better with a few days on the shelf. If you wanna go even softer, try it with 1% tpa fresh cream or even .25% flavorah sweet cream, but TPA’s is pretty fucking stellar at smoothing out sharp edges.

What you get? Pink Guava with an authentic peach backnote.

Part of my point blank series of single or dual flavor recipes. I don’t consider sweetener a flavor. I consider it a requisite. :) More simple recipes coming.

Keeping the 123 train going here is a tropical and bright gummy bear. This tropical gummy bear has peach, pineapple, melon, guava, and papaya notes. Very simple and tasty. Shake and vape certified.


Following the 3-2-1 movement..... a spiced peach using 3 flavors,, I only had 2 peaches Cap Juicy Peach and FLV Peach Gummy . After deliberating on which flavor to use i chose FLV Peach gummy due to it having a better peachiness IMHO , i know alot of ppl swear by Cap JP, i just didnt feel it or taste what i was looking for.. i then chose FA Cinn Ceyl as my spice and dulled that down with Cap Super sweet ... this is a pleasent vape to me ..enjoy

Black Currant is the star of the fucking show here folks. Flavorahs peach gummy adds body and shisha vanilla smooths out the edges. It’s absolutely perfect.

Sounds weird, but what you’ll make is a really smooth, creamy and full bodied black currant.

It’s very very good, if you’re into black currant lol.


A yummi gummi profile!!! After hearing how good FLV Peach Gummi is on Noted, i got some in and had a little play! This is the result, and its a lovely ADV


You’re 13, you’ve walked to the gas station with your hoodlum friends, and you have a major life decision to make: the gross ass Sno-Caps your friends are all getting or the Peachie O’s you so desire? I trust you made the right choice.

FLV Peach Gummy is the obvious yet perfect place to start out. FA White Peach is wonderfully bright and helps the sugar coated texture. A bit of TPA Vanilla Swirl pumps up the chewiness and provides body. TPA Dragonfruit helps blend everything together into one smooth, chewy candy. CAP Super Sweet candies up the White Peach top notes.

Shake and vape certified.

Happy mixing. 👽

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