(FLV) Pastry Zest

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Nothing to say here.. simple ,easy, delicious apple croissant. If you want caramel, butterscotch, cream cheese icing just add it!

Here we have "Pâte à Choux" or French Cruller. This is a very airy puff subtle pastry with a light Vanilla-Lemon type Frosting. It comes alive after 7-8 days. The icing seems better developed as the Custard adds a touch of that eggy note. Hope you like it as much as I do...Enjoy!!


Wow, Flavorah did it with the Blackberry. Excellent!!!
This is a Blackberry yogurt cake.
Flavorah Pound cake is the cake element, I am using Pastry Zest to add a touch of lemon. The Greek yogurt is adding some creamy texture the cake layer, and the Frosting is going to sweeten this and add a glaze.
The star Blackberry I used at .75, which to me was perfect especially adding a touch of Jammy Berry.
Give about 5 days for nap time.

This is great right off the shake but it improves overnight and keeps improving from there......

If you like bakery flavors and have vaped for longer than a year, chances ae you have come across the Beard line of e-liquid. More specifically Beard 32, Cinnamon Funnel Cake. I have tried to re-create this flavor since I started mixing. One afternoon I got a whiff of Flavor West's Cinnamon Churro. It immediately reminded me of 32. SInce then I have tried many times to recreate the original . After recently discovering the magic of Zeppola, I thought I would give it another try. This is my latest and what I believe to be closest remix of that profile. Comments welcome. ............ ... . Gordo

MIXING NOTES: You can use OOO Powder Sugar in place of the Nic River Sugar Crunch...same percent. Cinnamon Churro is central and essential. BE CAREFUL with the Cinnamon Ceylon, .2 is needed but do not go over,. The flavor has to peek through and not punch through the Cinn Danish Swirl. Also, Pastry Zest, like most Flavorah flavors is very strong so careful or it will change the whole mix.

Mixed, and tested on a Digiflavor Mesh Pro RDA, SS coil @ .15 ohm, atop a Keen Mech Mod.

Greek doughnut are fried Doughnut holes drizzled with sugar syrup and a sprinkle with pistachio.
Doughnut recipes are never easy or simple for me because there are always so many aspects of a doughnut that need to be played into a recipe so it doesn’t end up tasting like cake or like play dough. This is a fried doughnut balls so of course the right choice is Zeppola but the body of the doughnut is full so I combined it with Glazed doughnut and Biscuit to thicken up the body and a pinch of pastry zest adds an interesting zesty note. For the outside part, I used avocado in combination with pistachio and kinako soy for a realistic nutty flavor and then the glazed aspect is made out of golden syrup. I didn’t use sweetener but you should Sweeten to taste

The Muffin/Cake base here uses FLV Blueberry Muffin, FLV Pound Cake, with Boysenberry to bring the blueberry more forward. FLV Pastry Zest was used to boost the bakery notes, along with FLV Frosting for the glaze.
This turned out quite delicious.
I recommend the sweetener to make it more realistic, was not the same without it

Tested with Recurve single coil RDA, 3 MM Fused clapton .20 OHMS around 60 watts

Mixing Vixen Zinger episode. Sweeten your taste. I used 0.50% fw sweetener

I recommend diluting FE Pistachio to 0.10% dilution and mixing at 0.05% as this flavor is super strong. (or use your preferred pistachio)


A soft baked Frosted Lemon Cookie, with a crispy outer layer. Yum!!

A Strawberry Rhubarb Tart with cream and Sprinkles!

Tuney gave us a profile on the SaturDIY'ing show and off we went!

Rin Crust is Rin Crust.

The Combination of Strawberries will take a few days to come together.

Rhubarb Cuddle and Flapper Pie come together as a great dark creamy rhubarb.

Sweet Currant adds a bit of sweet and tart enhancement.

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