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(FLV) Orange Citrus

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
Buy From: bcv gremlin

Used in 45 recipes at an average of 1.28%.


6 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Just trying out JF Lychee, it came out really well. It definitely needs to steep but I honestly don’t know how long. I forgot about it for 2 months and fired up the smoant pasito. RBA 2x30g KA1 core, 40g NICr outer, 7 wraps 1.5 id at 20 watts

No baby aspirin, no throat hit. Mild orange flavor that'll grow after a steep. The sweet candy gives it enough sweetness without any chemical off notes that you may experience with super sweet.

Mixin' Vixen 7/22
Rhubarb Apple turnover attempt. I have only had Rhubarb once and it was a rhubarb strawberry pie that I didn't care for. (not big on pie TBH)

So I have been on a Vapable Alcoholic drink kick here lately, trying to indulge alittle more on the adult side of the house, getting away from the desserts and candied flavs... this Recipe is very simple even a caveman could do it.. lol

Main Profile is Orange, the FLV Blood Orange and Orange citrus played well together on this portion of the recipe.....i wanted the Vodka to be balanced and not to over powering everything to this point worked very well together,,,added FLV sweetener to give that OJ a little pop and topped off with WS23 to cool it down ...this is definitly a shake and vape recipe should be G2G right off the shake

For those cigar heads that want to vape something a little brighter for the warm weather! A blood orange, elderflower cigar for you guys!

Just another fruity cereal but this time its on a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Whats not to love about that best with about a week steep but good after a day.

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