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(FLV) Morning Mimosa

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 69 recipes at an average of 1.248%.


10 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

I never really had my go at FLV Mimosa, i couldn't really get my head around how to use it to my liking.

Here's my first good shot with it.
Mimosa gets surrounded by the fruity sweetness of FLV Persimmon and FA Fuji for a fruity, slightly tart finish.
VT Russian Vodka builds the booze note while the high amount of sweetener kills the sharp notes.
I added some WS23 for a very slight cooling effect.

Sweet and refreshing seltzer type vape. Not boozy but when your homeschooling your brats and you just want to start drinking at 11am this is the type of vape I’d reach for.

Collaboration with DIY Downunder on her channel.

This was mixed Live on Wed 10/16/2019. This has turned out absolutely delicious.

A Berry Mimosa, only 4 ingredients. Enjoy.

Tested and vaping on a Hadeon RDA .24 ohm 50 watts.


Grapefruit Brunch - Grunch

A bright citrus beverage with a smidge of sparkle. Enjoy!

FLV MM, Lemonade, and Passionfruit are the
essentially the cocktail base. You could
layer almost anything on these and get a
reasonable "cocktail" vibe unless you go too

Grapefruit is pretty straightforward, 3 part

I chose FW Sweetener because A: It needed a
smidge and B: It's superior to CAP SS in
every way possible.

Note: I didn't include WS-23 in the original recipe, but I feel that .5% really elevates it a step beyond. But not everyone likes cooling effects so use your judgment here. I think it really adds something special to the finished juice, but not everyone will feel that way likely.

I wanted to play around with FLV Mimosa and found a good pairing with DV Absinth and FM Gin Orange.
It creates a kind of boozy mentholated vape which is fairly pleasing after 3 days of steeping.
It almost gives the impression that there is koolada in the recipe, but that's just the combo of the Absinth and the Gin.
You can vape it DL, but to me it tastes best when used in MTL.


A Poinsettia is a cocktail made with orange liqueur, cranberry juice and champagne. 1-2-3 style.

Loose Goose ... Another Take on a Bar or Casual drink .. it consist of Grey Goose Vodka and Cranberry juice topped with Sprite ( i do not have a sprite like flavor so tried my best to emulate one):

So what we have are the basics Cranberry and Russian vodka, then i added some pomegranate to enhance the cranberry and add some berry sweetness to the mix, next i tried to work on a sprite like soda hence where the Pink Lemonade and Morning Mimosa come into play.. i then added some sweetness to the end to tame the mix .
Then cooled it down with WS-23
Hope yall Enjoy.....


Here's my attempt to do a 1 2 3 mix. I've taken it a step farther and used all FLV flavorings. This is a creamy mimosa drink with hints of coconut. It has a nice spring or summer feel to it. So if you need a break from some of those heavy bakeries, this is it! Steep for 1 week.

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Please comment, mix, and or rate,....it makes us all better mixers. Enjoy :)

FLV Prison Wine finally found its partners in crime.

I love FLV Morning Mimosa, even though it really does taste like pretty much like prison wine. Or maybe because it tastes like prison wine. Brings back memories of my more miscreant youth.

Vape Train has created a ridiculous concentrate in Blood Orange Champagne. It's a remarkably accurate champagne flavor that tastes like it has blood orange flavoring added to it, rather than actual orange juice or blood orange juice. Which means it’s kind of weird, but it’s not unpleasant. It’s sweet and bubbly (which is pretty freakin cool) and actually tastes like champagne more than the other champagne/sparkling wine flavors I've tried. Specifically it's a light and sugary champagne like Spumante rather than Brut or Dry. It's definitely not as boozy as it should be, nobody is getting tipsy at this brunch, but it's fizzy enough for a change. I wish that champagne flavor was sold separately, because why would you add blood orange flavor to that? I don’t know, it’s mind-boggling. It’s specifically blood orange, but it tastes like the same blood orange flavor you get from store brand blood orange flavored zero calorie sparkling water, and not like the San Pellegrino Blood Orange sparkling juice beverage that has real juice and yummy sugary calories.

WF Orange Juice has its own issues. Here's a flavor that pretty much actually tastes and feels like OJ, which is apparently quite a feat for oranges. And then they go and add sucralose to it. Unless you like put splenda packets in your OJ, this is a problem. So much sucralose that it doesn't work by itself as an OJ, it gets offensive before you can use enough to really fill out an orange-forward profile like a mimosa. But just a little bit of it here at 2% helps the fermented orange in Morning Mimosa make up for the silly blood orange flavor in that VT concentrate. Sweetener level seems about like adding 0.25% CAP Super Sweet to your recipe. Detectable, but not obscene by any stretch.

FLV Morning Mimosa's orange zest notes mingle with and nearly overpower that blood orange flavoring, which WF isn't zesty enough to do alone. Down at this 1% the baser orange juice doesn't get too fermented when mixed with a brighter orange, so it doesn't bring it into jailhouse hooch territory. Meanwhile, its somewhat funky but otherwise accurate champagne flavor gives VT's some more boozy character that it needs, but doesn't weigh down its superior effervescence.

If you're in the "cold things should be cold" camp, add some of your favorite cooling agent to this at your preferred strength. 0.5% WS-23 (30% Dilution) works for me.

Though typically a summer drink or brunch alternative, these are especially good for a little hair of the dog the morning after that office Christmas party that gets out of hand.

A cool glass of half hoppy homebrew and half fresh OJ. Like a mimosa, but for men. A man-mosa, if you will.

FLV Morning Mimosa's fermented orange "prison wine" flavor is what inspired this. Yakima Hops is an obvious choice, a one-of-a-kind flavor without which this would not be possible. Thank you, Flavorah, for blessing us with the Hops. FA Royal Orange is one of my favorite orange flavors and it worked better here than FW Blood Orange (too bitter), FE Sweet Orange (too sweet), and FA Blood Orange (too earthy). For the yeasty wheat breadyness of beer, FLV Lemba's Bread worked best to tie it all together. RF Baked Bread combined with Morning Mimosa was nasty hooch. And FLV Wheat turned this into barf-tastic bitter raw orange bread dough. Maybe a dilution-level amount of FLV's Sweet Dough or Fried Dough would have worked, but I didn't want to be stuck hate-vaping failed versions involving either of those, so I never attempted to use them here. From past experiences, I knew better than to even consider FA Joy. TFA Orange Cream is the reason why this thing needs the 10-day steep. That flavor takes its time getting where it's going but once it gets there, hoo boy, totally worth the wait. It rounds out the orange flavors and gives the tiny bit of frothy head on top of this Orange Shandy. WS-23, use to taste, or even leave it out. Personally, I don't care for warm beer or room temp OJ. But I also didn't want the nuances here covered up by cooling FX, so I like it at 0.3%, way down from my usual 0.75% that I'd use for an icy cold vape.

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