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(FLV) Milk & Honey

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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My moms best dessert. Coconut custard dessert sitting on sweet caramel.


JF Yellow Cake, the hype is real. Dare I say it even surpasses the original. Zero scratchy throat sensation from it. It's yellow cake and it's perfect. Not too moist, not too dry. A fresh baked cake.

TFA VBIC. Buttery, creamy, vanilla. It's a great ice cream flavor, the best some would say.

FLV Milk & Honey is the secret Ingredient that bridges the two main components. It's very creamy with a dark sweetness similar to molasses. Not much honey though. I was vaping this as a single flavor when I came up with how to do this recipe. Easily one of Flavorah's best flavors.

CAP Vanilla Cupcake v.2 helps bolster the cake ever so slightly, but he are mainly using it for it's strong buttercream flavor. It was a perfect fit for this recipe.

FA Vienna Cream help to round out the ice cream flavor. Makes the texture much creamier and milky, like the ice cream is melting as you eat your cake.

FA Meringue. As if the milk and honey wasn't enough sweetness, we really load it up here to make it an authentic tasting birthday cake. Gives us a nice powdered sugar cream to round it all off.

HS ice cream at 0.25% is optional because I understand it's not a very common flavoring, and it's not necessary to achieve the complete profile of this recipe. It does add a nice touch of buttery creaminess, similar to slightly over-churned cream, which works really well in this recipe where you want both cream and butter.

Steep time - 5 days, but as usual, this doesn't stop me from digging right in

Made some minor tweaks that turned out real well.


Fairly simple rendition of a fruit loop recipe. Tastes fantastic S&V.

Meringue is fairly optional, meant to be the frosting on the fruit loops adding some sweetness, along with the Vanilla Swirl.

Bavarian Cream with Vanilla Swirl creates a nice milk/cream for the fruit loops to sit in.

Optional: Add .5-1% of FA Fresh Cream for a nice airy mouthfeel. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!


A simple, creamy vape for a tired palate.

Based on some new info gleaned from beginner mixing I decided to omit meringue and marshmallow that I had been specifically using for sweetness and instead went with vanilla cupcake. Also of note I added funnel cake in to slightly up the hint of cinnamon. For those that experience a yeasty or "beer" taste from fa joy you can omit it as I'm betting with the use of the other donut flavors it is likely not needed.

In my quest for that perfect doughnut to suit my wants of greasy doughy frosted sweetness I decided to take a different route. Any flavors I had that matched the dough character I added at around the normally used percentages. What cake out of it was shake and vape goodness that will only get better. To me it tastes like a full bodied old fashioned buttermilk doughnut with that thick sugar glaze coating. Precisely what I wanted it to taste like. I may revisit this and add either cap custard at 2% or fa custard at 2% or maybe even a Bavarian cream at 2% would suit this nicely. If you decide to add some custard to this one I would feel you could safely omit the marshmallow and meringue.


A creamy, sweet, Thai Tea

Chocolate Deutsch - even though it's not as strong as other chocolates. The Choc Deutsch is a great flavour but tends to fade fast in any recipe I've tried (unless it's used solo and even then it mellows) so there's not much point in adding too much. I find it's enough to give the hint of chocolate and let the Milk and Honey do the rest.

Tried some Bav Cream/Malted Milk instead of the FA Cream Fresh/ FA Vienna Cream 1:2 ratio - didn't really work.

What I enjoy about this recipe is that it is a "chocolate" taste without adding anything that is either a cloyingly sweet chocolate or dry that comes from cocoa flavourings. The Bav cream adds a bit more sweetness to the recipe than the Vienna Cream and also adds a good compliment to the "milk" part.

FLV Milk and Honey is the main ingredient. I think the wildly different opinions on this flavour are due to its name. It's not really creamy and it's not really honey. I would call it FLV Choc Malt as that's what my mind goes to when I taste it. It's more of a Choc Malt component rather than a stand alone choc malt.

FLV Coconut isn't a very coconutish flavour when used in mixes and more a cream with a coconut hint so it works really well with chocolate and milk.

Vanilla Shisha helps to boost the maltish flavour without being prominent.

You can shake and vape this but as with anything will settle nicely with time. It's good with a overnight steep. I tend to be of the mind that steeping will smooth the recipe but if it ain't good as a shake and vape it will never get better.

I also like milder juices so I use less % of concentrates as it helps in rotating flavours for me so I don't get remnants of the previous juice on my atty.

** 8/7 - Removed the Bavarian Cream and Malted Milk as they weren't really contributing much to it and added the Vienna Cream back in. Also went back to 70/30 as it works better in this recipe. Also bumped up the Choc Deutsche to a full 1%**


Classic girl scout cookie. Vanilla Custard give some texture and mouth feel. Good after 3 days. Best after 2 weeks.


I felt inspired by Wayne's Pistachio RY4 and wanted to make something along those lines, but a bit more creamy and nutty. The milk and honey is super sweet. Pistachio and marzipan adds a smooth nuttiness. RY4 double is a creamy sweet tobacco

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 90 / 100 Solo: 2.5% Mix: 1.5% Steep: 4 days Difficulty: 25 / 100

Very creamy, nice and sweet, but it's a dark sort of sweetness; think like a dulce de leche, but not quite caramelized if that makes any sense. I don't really get a dairy or butyric acid note from this which is nice. Works very nicely in the base of a recipe as the sweet cream, as long as that dark sweetness plays well with the other elements. One thing I like about this flavoring is its uniqueness and it's fairly forgiving as long it's paired well, so you can come up with some interesting recipes using it.

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