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(FLV) Milk & Honey

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Honey smacks cereal. If you enjoy honey smacks cereal than you will probably enjoy this it is pretty spot on after resting a few hours but really blends together after 3 days. Add milk or cream if you want to its all good!!!


This was my first venture into tobaccos - a custardy, subtly spicy cream that isn't as cloying as straight up custard, with tobacco as a fun element (this is my main theme with most of my liquids, authenticity matters fuck all if you can't vape more than 1ml a day of it because you wanna throw up).

The custard part:
CAP Vanilla custard: @4% its exactly the right balance between heavy vanilla custard without going into wall cement territory. The backbone of this recipe, as expected.
INW Creme Brulee : at 1% it imparts caramely note to the custard, which in turn plays really well with Soho and Catalan Cream. Also contributes to the custardy main note.
FA Catalan Cream: I went to this recipe with Catalan Cream in mind - it's a zingy citrusy cream with subtle spice notes (nutmeg/cinnamon? Can't fucking tell exactly) at this percentage. I try to limit my recipes to 6 ingredients, and catalan cream is a nice all-encompassing flavor for the notes I wanted to hit.
FLV Milk & Honey: I felt the finished product was lacking without this. It provides another caramely hint with some dairy creaminess, and a really nice way to add depth and sweeten up the recipe without muddling up the profile.

INW Biscuit: Good ol' buddy. Butter part plays along with the custard part rather well, while the AP in it further accentuates the Soho.
FA Soho: The soul of this recipe. It's a more amicable version of RY4 double - less sharp caramel, more woody and nutty, almost zero leaf. The very light caramel is boosted by Milk & Honey and Creme Brulee - nuttiness of Soho is builded upon with biscuit.

All in all, I feel like this one is a winner - every ingredients plays along really well with the others. Unfortunately, this isn't really a shake and vape - you can of course shake and vape it, but the least time you should wait before touching it is 3 days, really starts to come together after 7.
Sayonara bitches!


A calming floral tea, perfect for chilly spring evenings.

The tea base starts with FA Black Tea, a straightforward black tea without a lot of sweetness on it's own. FLV Lemon Tea provides the forward tea flavor, accompanied by a warm lemon note that compliments the FA Lavender nicely.

FLV Cream and FLV Milk and Honey provide a slightly creamy background to smooth out some of the dry notes in FA Black Tea and FA Lavender, while adding some body and sweetness. Overall a very simple flavor, with enough quiet complexity to keep me coming back to it.

My take on a coconut vanilla yogurt. I personally use it as a higher nic MTL juice.

I wanted to use my bottle of TFA Holida Spice, because...well it smells delicious, and I had no other uses for it really. It smells just like eggnog to me, with that delicious nutmeg smell, so I figured I would try to make something tasty out of it. Here's the breakdown of everything here. I may change stuff up, but I feel like this version is delicious enough to warrant a post. You can always up the Cin danish to get a little more kick out of it. It needs some time to steep, for everything to mend together but it is well worth it.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl + Holiday Spice = The eggnog spice section, I wanted to give a little spiced edge to the base because what's eggnog without a little bit of cinnamon? The danish swirl also contributes a little bit to the cookie aspect as well.

Madagascar + Milk and Honey + Vanilla Custard = This makes a super delicious creamy filling to it, like an actual eggnog feel, thick in all the right places, and a nice vanilla flavor. it blends really well with the holiday spice and cinnamon danish swirl to create that delicious eggnog taste.

Sugar Cookie = Well it's an Eggnog Sugar cookie, so of course I needed to use this, it's delicious, creamy, sweet, the perfect component.


Straight forward waffles with maple syrup. I must say that I'm loving this one. Goes great with coffee and I've been enjoying this one throughout the day. Simple, rich, delicious. Works as a S&V, but obviously gets better with time.

LB Belgian Waffle: Clearly the star of the show here. This one is absolutely legit. I knew I had to work with this one as soon as I smelled it. Great waffle flavor, certainly the best one that I've tried to date.
FLV Milk & Honey/FA Maple syrup: Work together to create the syrup note. The FA maple syrup gives the authentic maple note. Milk & Honey has a certain dark sweetness that I can only describe as molasses. It lends some body and a dark base that fits perfectly.
JF Bavarian Cream: One of my favorite creams to add a slightly dark sweetness, round out harsh edges and really pull flavors together. This one has become my Swiss Army knife.
Tfa Butter: I mean, c'mon. Who doesn't want butter on their waffle? Are you a communist?


Simple rich creamy vanilla milk shake.

Richness starts to come through after 2 weeks when the vanilla in the TPA VBIC begins to shine. INW Biscuit adds a hint of body and INW Vanilla Shisha adds an authentic luxurious true vanilla hit. I know FLV's Milk & Honey is a love or loathe kinda concentrate but I find it adds depth and an almost boozy creaminess to the mix without overpowering the silkiness of the ice cream.

Subs: Liquid Barn's Vanilla Ice Cream is a great sub for those people who get a pepper note with TPA's VBIC

Crunchy honey nut cornflakes with full fat milk. 1 week steep.

If you don't have CCW Devon Cream just up CAP Custard by .5%. Toasted Almond adds to the crunchyness of the cereal but is not crucial.

Feeling Lazy? One shot available here: https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/vaping-home-mixers/4653-ella-s-crunchy-nut-cornflakes.html

Happy New Year.... since we're all squeaking out last minute recipes, here's something that I was working on for the beginner blending competition.

Got rid of the banana because it just didn't fit the profile. Milk and honey and Bavarian cream come together to sweeten and give a little body to the rest of the recipe.

Soho and tobacco come together for a fantastic cigar flavor. The addition of FLV peanut butter gives this recipe and almost cigarette flavor.

That little bit of whiskey finishes off the profile what is New Year's Eve without a little alcohol.

Party hard my friends hope you enjoy.

The Mocha candy I made on an episode of beginner blending. It works pretty well as a heavily coffee bon bon type candy. The chocolate blends in with the coffee bon bon, and leaving a nice mocha flavor.
It ended up being a pretty solid coffee mocha bon bon like the type in the picture.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 90 / 100 Solo: 2.5% Mix: 1.5% Steep: 4 days Difficulty: 25 / 100

Very creamy, nice and sweet, but it's a dark sort of sweetness; think like a dulce de leche, but not quite caramelized if that makes any sense. I don't really get a dairy or butyric acid note from this which is nice. Works very nicely in the base of a recipe as the sweet cream, as long as that dark sweetness plays well with the other elements. One thing I like about this flavoring is its uniqueness and it's fairly forgiving as long it's paired well, so you can come up with some interesting recipes using it.

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