(FLV) Milk & Honey

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spiced chai latte with a hint of honey.

I find this to be a very nice vape on a cool morning. nice warm and enjoyable provided that you like clove and cardamom.

I like it the way it is but it might be too spice heavy for some, in which case dropping VT chai masala a bit wouldn't be a bad idea.

I'm under the impression that some consider TPA Black Honey a tobacco flavour but I can't taste that. I find it gives this depth and darkness.

Freshly baked cookies and a glass of full fat milk.

First off the milk, using vta fresh milk as the main component to build off. It carries that nice dairy note and doesnt have alot of body much like actual milk but didnt make for a very satiafying vape alone. In comes fa creme fresh, this builds on the dairy notes and brings in a little more thickness to make the milk more noticable and flv milk and honey seems to bend the milk somewhat to sit better with the cookie.

Using mb cookie bite as the main cookie and at 5% carries all thats required from it with the milk masking the floury like mouthfeel i get from. Added jf biscuit to add more cookie punch as couldnt crank up the cookie bite with out that flour note creeping in.
Steeping recommended to allow the milk to shine through


Paw paw is an amazingly fun and exotic fruit that is cultivated down the east coast sea board from OH to my home state RI. Luckily for me a friend of mine at work grows these amazingly creamy fruits and gave me one to try as it was perfectly ripe this past fall (with the intention of making this recipe). So after trying said fruit I got to work on making an authentic paw paw pudding. I feel I got pretty lucky with this one, after a 2 week steep I really hit the nail on the head.

Props to @Wolfwheeler for the pudding base

Flv Mango - Paw Paw is most similar to a creamy mango so this extra .5% boost just helps push it through the pudding base a little bit more

A delicious bowl of honey Graham cereal with lashings of fresh,whole milk. This recipe is a must for all you cereal lovers!!! 💯👌🏻 Minimum 7 days steep, please leave your feedback on my creation. Happy holidays guys 💙


Thought of using INW Biscuit instead of CAP Sugar Cookie. Haven't tried the original but I like the result, so here it is. Smooth, sweet-ish and very simple.

Same pudding base from Alphonse, but with TPA Pistachio for a sweeter, greener nut and FLV Pistachio for more realistic undertones.

This is a gold.

I’ve been working on a pudding stone that give that “homemade” flavor.

FLV Vanilla Pudding for the base, VT Pudding Base for some cooked notes/depth, and FLV Milk & Honey for that flavor that I can’t describe in a vanilla pudding.

FA Butterscotch is the focus of the butterscotch with the SSA Milk & Caramel Cream adding some funk and extra gold goo to this recipe.

I’m getting a dense, dark gold pudding just like someone’s grandpa would love for their wife to learn how to make.

I noticed the flavors Almond Custard and Almond Cookie, so it made me wanna have some almond custard.
Searching pictures on the net I saw "Honey Almond Custard". Hmm, sure, a smidge of honey can absolutely make this pop.
But the flavor did not really want to pop till I introduced the Meringue and the Maple Syrup.
Still dry tho.
Golden butter did the trick.
So i introduce to you.
Lush, moist and flavorful.
Honey Almond Custard.
Goes trough some funkiness.
Let it sit for a week and it is art.

September Mixer’s Club - Candy

This took a lot of trial and error. I was really going for “ew”s and “AHHH”s.

A watermelon lollipop with a scorpion inside.

The lollipop was the easy part. MB Watermelon is my favorite candied watermelon and the FW Candy Watermelon brought the body to it. WF Sour Ball helped sell lollipop instead of just candy.

Late edition of WF Watermelon (Yellow). It brought a little more juiciness and green/rind to this.
Now, FLV Milk & Honey + AP don’t bring as much dirt to this as I wanted, but it definitely feels like there’s a protein in this mix that. They offset the other flavors just enough to make you think you took a bite where the lollipop was thinning and got some scorpion too.

I do suggest adding nic to this. It helps fill out the scorpion body.

A little early i know but here is my take on a festive holiday custard.
Its mildley thick with vanilla brandy back notes and hints of light seasonal spices and honey.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 90 / 100 Solo: 2.5% Mix: 1.5% Steep: 4 days Difficulty: 25 / 100

Very creamy, nice and sweet, but it's a dark sort of sweetness; think like a dulce de leche, but not quite caramelized if that makes any sense. I don't really get a dairy or butyric acid note from this which is nice. Works very nicely in the base of a recipe as the sweet cream, as long as that dark sweetness plays well with the other elements. One thing I like about this flavoring is its uniqueness and it's fairly forgiving as long it's paired well, so you can come up with some interesting recipes using it.

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