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(FLV) Milk Chocolate

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 456 recipes at an average of 0.659%.


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Awesomebox hot toddy recipe with my own percentages. It is now vaping like a junior mint or maybe a York peppermint patty.

I'm not a big mint fan but I'm enjoying this mix.

It was good after 3 days. Possibly best after 1 week. Mixed at 60/40

That's all I have for this lazy description.


For a fun addition to this you can add 0.25% of FLV Cool Mint to make it a mint chocolate pudding.

I would also like to note, that initially it won't be extremely sweet. As it steeps for 1 to 2 weeks the FLV sweetness starts to come out a lot more and it seems to get sweeter as time goes on. If you need blast you in the face sweet, as much as I hate to say it, 0.5% Cap SS will achieve that effect, but it will also kill your coils. FLV sweetness takes a bit longer to come out, but is a very clean sweet that will leave a sweet note in your mouth but won't leave the sugar taste on your lips...it also doesn't kill coils, or cause throat irritation if you are a chemical sensitive like I am.

Also need to note that if you are sensitive to diketones like acetoin, chocolate deutsch contains a pretty high level of Acetoin according to the MSDS sheet. At this level it is pretty low ppm in the recipe, but it is enough to cause me some throat irritation after vaping it for a little while.

I do have a couple other versions of this recipe using different ingredients that I will be releasing as I test them after steeping, so if you're diketone sensitive alternative recipes will be coming.

( Picture credit) photo credit: ginnerobot chocolate pudding via photopin (license)

No Description.

Inspired by April's Awesome Box. My attempt at an Almond Joy


A well balanced Reese's pieces McFlurry just like you get from McDonals. Brought to your home in vape form. The combination of the FW Hazelnut along with INW and TFA Double Chocolate clear create a great chocolate flavor mimicking the outer layer of a Reese's, with the peanut butter as the filling. I replaced the INW milk chocolate with FLV Milk chocolate because INW changed the ingredients and I actually think the FLV works better. FA Cream Fresh and Cap Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is the ice cream base I like to use, and I added the FA caramel to give it a little bit of darkness and richness that you get with a McDonals Reese's McFlurry. And of course a little sweetener to sweeten everything up. Hope you all enjoy!

FLV and TFA Peanut Butter - Tfa is very good PB. It nails the creamy richness, you would expect. But you also get some nice deep undertones of brown sugar that gives a nice mouthfeel. Flv is more of the peanut than the butter and my favorite choice. It's here to add more of a dry, gritty texture ( like the stuff in Reese's ).

INW & FLV Milk Chocolate, Milk & Honey - It seems everyone is on this INW Milk Chocolate band wagon. I personally think it needs a lot of help. FLV did a great job on this. I get more of a Chocolate Milk single flavor testing this but, in this recipe, it worked really well in adding the chocolate I was missing with INW. The downside of FLV Milk Chocolate is, I was getting an off note that was hard to describe, because it's only present for half a second. Adding Milk & Honey worked for masking that note and also seems to meld the chocolates together. It also added the sweetness I was looking for. I've noticed Chocolate almost always needs some sweetener to help it. Known that chocolate itself is usually a coil killer, I didn't want to add sucralose. Milk & Honey was definitely the reason I didn't need to add the sweetener.

TFA Bavarian Cream - This was added just for some additional mouthfeel and creaminess. I plan on trying this with JF BC next time, since that stuff is magical. So feel fre to sub, if you like.

Now for the bad news- This really needs the full 2 weeks( 1 month is even better) to let everything come together and smooth it out.

Modeled after one of my favorite cigarettes when I first started smoking. A nice cigarette tobacco with a medium chocolate, light mint, and hint of coffee.

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