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(FLV) Milk Chocolate

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 456 recipes at an average of 0.659%.


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Since it fall and Halloween is around the corner and I love chocolate. I present my 1st. version of my creation "Count Dreadula"


Blueberry and Acai covered in dark chocolate

FLV Acai is an interesting flavor. The room note on this thing is ridiculous. Standalone vaping it at 1%, bystanders are straight-up walking into a dense cloud made of Brookside Acai and Blueberry chocolates. But it doesn't quite taste that way to the vaper. Everything else here is an attempt to bring the vape more in line with that room note. Half of FLV Acai is a natural tart, dark berry flavor that tastes kind of like a combination of blueberries, cranberries, and pomegranate. FW Blueberry brings it more in line with that sweet candied inside of a Brookside. The other side of FLV Acai is a drier cocoa note. FLV Milk Chocolate tastes like Hershey's chocolate syrup by itself, but that cocoa side of Acai does a pretty good job of turning that into a dark chocolate candy coating. I don't much like to go the lazy "just add CAP Super Sweet and call it a day" route, but I think the way the very condensed sweetness yet still somewhat tart inside of a Brookside actually tastes really makes a strong case for it this time. It doesn't hurt the chocolate, either. Finally, it's a candy recipe. Deal with it. Sub TFA Sweetener at 1% or FW Sweetener at 0.5%. Or increase it up to 0.5% if you're a Splenda fan. Or leave it out if you value your fertility and don't want to vape those scary preservatives. Try FLV Sweetness, if you want. Whatever.

A word about authenticity. I'm going to call this a Brookside Acai and Blueberry-inspired vape. You'll never get a truly authentic Brookside because those tarter berry flavors are going to come at you first, followed by a dark chocolatey finish, instead of getting the chocolate first and then that fruity middle that also lingers longer than the chocolate. So, at best, it's an inside-out Brookside. Maybe a Brookside that's already been chewed up a bit? Finally, I wanted to keep it simple and just highlight this fascinating flavor, FLV Acai. If you wanted to vape an even more authentic already been chewed Brookside for some reason, I'd start with this recipe and introduce a very small amount of a more tart pomegranate, raspberry (but watch out for those florals), or cranberry flavor. If you're brave, lemon might work even better, but good luck not getting a nasty interaction with the chocolate. Don't try to just bring in more tartness by increasing the Acai. At 1.25%, it gets drier and harsher, which of course can be dealt with, but also just a tiny bit soapy, which is harder to fix. I think FLV Acai's palatability tops out at 1%.

Cool and creamy chocolate tobacco!

My spin on an Ande's Mint and tobacco cross. The chocolate is noticeable after you taste the creme de menthe. The chocolate melds with the tobaccos and, which are all slightly darker. The wood spice, I added because I had the odd idea to combine wood spice with chocolate. I was looking for a "smoke" or wood hint to it, instead of a nutty feel. I think it turned out pretty well. I enjoyed this thoroughly.

Banana Nut Bread with Chocolate Deutsche (German chocolate) notes. Suggested by Shyndo!

A chocolate shake with strawberries blended throughout. Much of this recipe was inspired/"stolen" from @ID10-T's "Hear The Girls Come" in which he stole @mlNikon's milkshake cream base (also used for this recipe). I have been loving this from day 1 until I killed the entire sample (about a week) and made a much larger batch. It seems to be best after 2-3 days.

Based off a couple of tests, the rose somehow rounds out the strawberry and really brings this together for me. You can omit the FA rose if it is not in your arsenal and I would bump TFA Strawberry ripe up to 1.5%.

Time to unwrap a delicious blueberry tootsie pop!

All it took was one whiff of my 10% diluted bottle of FLV Milk Chocolate to realize how badly I needed to make a tootsie pop recipe. At first glance HS Blueberry seems to be the star of the show, but it is quickly stolen by the lingering,chocolaty exhale. Maybe you are a tootsie pop fan, or you just have a thing for owls stealing candy from little kids. Who am I to judge?

HS Blueberry: This blueberry is the star of the show. HS Blueberry is just strong blueberry candy to me. Not much floral or realism to mention. Just the blue hard candy you would expect on the outside of the center of a tootsie pop.

FLV Blueberry Muffin: I know. It seems like an odd choice since this is not a bakery. This blueberry lies somewhere in the spectrum between that purple huckleberry pancake syrup and the more realistic ripe blueberries. It lends a bit of juiciness to the main blueberry. Like when you've been holding that sucker in your cheek for awhile and finally slurp down that dissolved candy. It also seems to take a slight edge off of HS Blueberry. It forms that bridge between sucker and chocolate.

FLV Milk Chocolate: This flavoring is amazing. In its full strength it has a somewhat pleasant aroma with an odd note in the background. Once you make a 10% dilution it smells EXACTLY like a Tootsie Roll. This flavoring acts as the back note just as the blueberry candy begins to leave your tongue.

I entered the % value at 2% only so that the calculator would give you the weight of dilution to use. Please DO NOT make this recipe with the non-diluted FLV Milk Chocolate at that percentage. If you want to get close without diluting just use .25%(roughly 1 drop)

Give this one a 3 day steep for the blueberry to mellow out and the milk chocolate to shrine through a bit.



This recipe started out as an attempt to create a baked chocolate chip cookie. At first it seemed like there just wasn't enough chocolate so I added in the milk chocolate. Once I did that the FLV milk chocolate kind of took over, and after a nearly 3 week steep it turned into one of those Chocolate Pirouette cookies.

The Greek Yogurt is used to enhance the bakery flavors in the cookies and not meant to be tasted in the recipe, so I don't recommend using more of this ingredient. The Cream was intended only to smooth also as an enhancing flavor, so it should really stay at this level too.

In fact, I don't recommend increasing the percentages at all on this recipe even if you are a muted taster, as I had my husband (a less than average palate) try it and he identified what it was immediately and found it quite nice. For me, even though I'm a sensitive palate, I enjoy the flavor as it is, it is a little strong for me, but it has steeped long enough to be smooth and sweet.

It doesn't need a lot of sweetness to it, as it seems pretty sweet, so I only added a small amount of FLV sweetness. Since those cookies are sweet, but not like sugar coated, if you go with a sucralose sweetener use a small amount, (under 0.5%.)

As for steep time, I only put that amount of time because this is when I've tested it since my initial first week testing. I tested it shake and vape, it wasn't very good at that time. At one week is when I added the chocolate, so the chocolate had almost 2 weeks steep time in and the cookie notes had almost 3 weeks of steep time. I would definite steep this one at minimum 2 weeks. If it doesn't seem quite right give it a few more days to another week. But once it's done steeping it is a beautiful after dinner or with coffee vape. Though I have been vaping this flavor all day, I don't think this would be an all day every day for a week kind of flavor, but I can easily add this to my flavor rotation to have with my coffee in the morning or as a dessert replacement at night, or a midday snack.

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By Glane23 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3APirouette_cookies.JPG

I stripped out the cake base from mlNikon and Cheeba Steeba's Peaches n' Cream Cake to use as a starting point after I picked up FLV Milk Chocolate and decided that I wanted to make a chocolate cherry cake vape. This was my first attempt but it turned out way better than I anticipated so I decided to share it.

FLV Milk Chocolate & FLV Sweet Coconut - after tasting Hear the Girls Come (ID10-T) I couldn't separate these two. I needed more chocolate so I bumped up the percentages of both.

FW Cherry Crush - I have a ton of cherry flavor concentrates and most of them taste medicinal. I needed a cherry pie filling type flavor like you would use in a real chocolate cherry cake and this one seemed like it would fit.

I plowed through this as a S&V but it tasted even better after a week.

Summer- To me it means time for the annual camping trip with fire and alcohol and food that can be cooked on a stick. All the best stories and ideas start with alcohol involved. This one would be the later. We had all the makings for a traditional smore on my last camping trip as well as the liquid ingenuity on tap. We also had Reese's peanut butter cups and bananas. Get where I'm going with this now? You would think the combo was thought up by someone under some other flammable influence.
Chocolate-peanut butter-banana smore
3% tfa peanut butter I get creamy generic peanut butter from this when the batch is a good one.
1% cap peanut butter brings the creamy peanut butter closer to the jif or Reese's type I know and love.
.25% flv milk chocolate this gives the Hershey's type milk chocolate syrup note to help give the melted milk chocolate taste of a smore.
2% tfa double chocolate clear while flv milk chocolate is good on its own right it can be a bully and we want some of that chocolate bar-not quite melted all the way taste.
3% fw graham cracker used this more than the usual 1% I tend to use it at to keep the crunchy Graham cracker present in this Uber smore.
2% tfa toasted marshmallow tgives you that perfectly even browned ocd compliant toasted campfire marshmallow taste.
3% tfa banana cream if you haven't tried putting sliced banana on a smore I recommend giving it a try. There isn't a plain ripe banana concentrate (that I've had to date) that doesnt get a "runty" note. This a treat and as such I want it to be candyish in terms of sweetness but creamy too to compliment the marshmallow.
1% .9% saline solution optional but I feel if you have any recipe with chocolate in it you'd be doing yourself a disservice without it.
.5% cap super sweet another optional one but the malic acid that it has and maltol tend to be another must have to help chocolate flavors.

Best after 5 days mainly due to the banana cream and peanut butter but surprisingly shake and vapeable.


If you ordered a banana milkshake and someone accidentally added a scoop of mint ice cream to it by mistake you would think you would be pretty pissed, right? I know I would. But you know what they could throw in there that no one could get angry about? Chocolate!

Think vanilla milkshake with chocolate-covered bananas blended into it. Mmmm. Chocolate. A girl's best friend and the most phallic of fruits make an orgasmic combination in this recipe made only from ingredients in the April 2017 Awesome Box.

TFA Banana Cream - This creamy banana is the heart of this banana milkshake, but is also easily substitutable and augmentable. Go bananas with it. Do you prefer LA's version or find that the two of them are better together than either alone? Substitute 4% LA Banana Cream for the 4.5% TFA Banana Cream or use 2.5% TFA and 2% LA. I have reason to believe the DIYFS Banana Cream would also work, but you're on your own for a % on that one. Do you crave a bigger, bolder banana? Add 0.75% HS Banana or 1.25% FA Banana. Want less Runty, more natural-tasting monkey food? Add the HS or FA and drop Banana Cream to 3.5%.

FA Cream Fresh/CAP French Vanilla - Milkshake cream base straight-up stolen from @mlNikon's "Here Come The Boys" for this... homage? Parody? Call it what you like, it works. If you like your shakes like you like your PAWGs, extra thick, supplement this with 2% TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream or for pepper tasters and other weirdoes, the same amount of CAP VBIC, and eat it with a spoon. Want to be able to slurp your shake through a straw without blowing an o-ring? Leave it be. It's good.

FLV Milk Chocolate - What an attention whore this Hershey's syrup flavor turns out to be! It might as well be practicing deep throating on longnecks at the bar. While it tastes fine for what it is up to 1% without getting weird, I had to back it down in version after version all the way down to 0.08% to keep it from steamrolling over everything else. If you're working on a recipe and you want Hershey's chocolate syrup to be a secondary note rather than the main flavor, allow me to suggest making a dilution or seriously stepping up your "half-drop by barely squeezing and then gently rubbing the nipple on the rim of the bottle" game.

FLV Sweet Coconut - There are only a few recipes that can't be improved by adding 0.25% Sweet Coconut. This isn't one of them. Here, it helps FLV Milk Chocolate taste less like Hershey's syrup and more like Magic Shell chocolate. Which, by the way, is something you can make at home by combining chopped milk chocolate and coconut "it's not just for lube anymore" oil and zapping it in the microwave. For real: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes-menus/how-to-make-your-own-chocolate-shell-with-just-two-ingredients-article

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