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(FLV) Milk

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 66 recipes at an average of 0.745%.


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This recipe is based on a popular Brown Sugar Boba Pearl Tea which seems very popular across the world. I had never tried one till recently and was more than satisfied with a divinely balanced sweetness that was a little rich & almost caramel-like but delicious. This isn't a "tea" as such rather it is based on the parts of the flavours that I really enjoyed. It's interesting that I thought this would be a simple recipe when I started working with this, but it was actually quite a challenge to emulate the experience and strike the right balance in a vape eLiquid. I think this is a very close rendition regardless.
"A simple yet delicious combination of flavour that is easily an all day vape!"


IMO this is a very pleasant and enjoyable vape on a single coil RDA at 60W with a SST single coil at 0.2 ohm

Steep Time 5 Days for best results.

I hope you enjoy this just as much as I enjoyed creating this little recipe, but let me know what you thought in the comments below.

Seriously if you like a solid recipe that works give it a go!

Cheers for reading this far, now go and get mixing!

"Together, Let's Discover!!!"

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Teleos' The Milk was one of my all time favorite juices. I had always tried making it with TFA Fruit Circles because that's what I had on hand. The boys over at Developed have sparked my interest again and I popped for some FW Fruity Flakes.

Find the inspiration here:

My original version I used 1.75% of FW Fruity Flakes because it's definitely in there, barely lurking behind the sweet milky goodness. 1.75% is too much though...1% feels much better.

For my tastes this is pretty close to the original. The milk needs a little more work. OOO Cream (milky undertones) might be the trick.



This is my take on a Thai Style Coconut Rice Pudding. I ordered the real life version at an Aussie Based Thai restaurant and it totally took me back to when I was in Sukhumvit where I enjoyed some of the best street food in the world in downtown Bangkok.

But how will I make this into something not only enjoyable but vapable?

The VTA Rice Base here has aromas and mouthfeel that could only be described as planting your face a freshly steamed bowl of rice complete with the starchy tones and has a wonderful mouthfeel but it needs friends.
The pairing up with FE Sweet rice really helped to offer a little base of sweetness and to pull the basic pudding rice mouthfeel together.
To bring home the pudding ice base and cream it up I needed to balance the lovely and authentic Purilum condensed milk along with Flavorah Milk.
This worked well but what bridged the creams and the rice together wonderfully was the FA Oak Milk. The Oak tones helped the mouthfeel of the rice wile the milk worked in to this very well.
Finally the coconut simply had to be Flavorah Sweet Coconut for it's sweetness and 100% beauty. It's not overbearing and it plays a linear role that is gently applied in the middle of this profile.
A gentle squeeze of the amazing VTA Persian Lime simply helps cut through the density oh so subtlety and is barely noticeable yet noticed when it's not in the recipe.

All up with a Minimum of a 5 day steep and vaping this on an RDA such as a Wotofo Recurve or similar at around 50-60w on a decent coil
(I tested on a SST Alien) you should experience a lovely dense mouthfeel and gather the different nuances of flavour as described above.

However, while I enjoy this as is, I have also tested versions of this adding with (separate versions)
1/ 2% FA Juicy Strawberry
2/ 2% WF Banana Puree
3/ 2% FA White Peach

and all of these versions were very pleasant. Maybe you may enjoy a little Mango on top or another fruit of your delight for something extra. Whatever you do I hope you enjoy this recipe just as much as I have creating it and let me know what you thought, just enjoy DIY &
Together Let's Discover !!

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This was supposed to be a chocolate chip cookies in milk. Ended up being Cookie Dough. Lemme know what you think. I think we're on to something here.

Made on "LIVE MIXING: Shake and Bake"

Blue moon ice cream with berries folded in. For MV 9/3/18. Happy Labor Day!

This recipe needs at least 2 week steep because during the first few days there is separation between the Zeppola and the Cupcake but it blends into one solid bakery after around day 5 and then develops the fluffy note around day 10. I don’t find it needs any sweetener but your welcome to sweeten to taste. The tiny bit of almond separates the frosting center from the pastry puff and the small amount of joy plays with the zeppola in airing and fluffing up the cupcake. The milk adds to the lightness of the overall bakery. Enjoy.


So this here was one of my favorites ! I never thought this one would be so easy to remix either! I never really got into buying a lot of commercial E-juice, I did but I didn't if you know what I mean, I bought A lot of my local Vape shops in house juice and a few commercial juices ! Then got right into DIY ! I was introduced by my good hometown friend / mixing buddy now! Barrett AKA (Krucial) , we had been talking about making our on juice for a while and then he started buying flavorings and making it and let me try some, then the rest is history ! Now here I am ! This was one of my go to juices when I felt like spending twenty dollars for a bottle of juice ! Now I can make it myself for maybe two bucks !!!!!!! It's a pretty simple profile, but it was delicious! Trix cereal ! When I smelled FLV Tricks cereal I knew right away I had found the tricks cereal that they were using, its very different than the other tricks cereals and the smell just gave it away ! This is the best tricks cereal imo ! I also knew that they weren't using much flavoring because there cereal line is 90vg , I knew then that I could remix one of my favorite juices !! I mixed this one at first with just FLV Tricks and FLV sweetness and I thought it's pretty close but missing just a little something, then I added the FLV Milk, and I knew then it was spot on !! It's pretty simple and self explanatory! Silly rabbit this juice is not for kids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mix it up rate it and leave your feedback thanks SK !!!!!!! #RemixMonth

This is an example of a creamy glass of milk and a freshly made coconut honey cookie. This is another example of how flavorah flavors seem to work well together because on the third day steeping I feel it is such a good tasting Vape I would be lying if I said it would take longer to steep. I am still amazed at how good this was directly after shaking the bottle. This can definitely be vaped immediately but once the flavors have had 3 days to mesh and mold into one then its really good. Sweetness is just a super strong sweetener you sweeten to your preference.

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