(FLV) Mild Tobacco

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I cannot imagine a better Bacco recipe. This is just crazy good to me. Of course taste is subjective. This creates a nice slightly nutty tobacco with a full body. If you try it, please let me know what you think in the comments.

Happy Vaping and Happy Mixing! CV :)

This combination just tastes delicious.

Flavorah Mild Tobacco is an incredible flavor and the 555 adds some nice nutty undertones. I really like this combination. Just really nice calming vape.



Okay. I know. But i saw cookie and i saw Caramel and i just tested the new FLV Mild Tobacco and it was super caramaly, the RY4 could've worked i guess but it's got nutty notes i didn't really want. Mild Tobacco was, too me, a mild Tobacco with rich brown sugar/ Caramel notes.

So adding in some darker cookies, some extra light airy sweet cream (which to me at .8 is like a Whipped Cream), some extra vanilla+tobacco, and boosting the Tobacco Caramel with some smoked butterscotch, i arrived at this all FLV recipe inspired by the Vixens pic of the week.

Outside of the box for this one. For the vixens pic anyway lol it's a pretty standard dessert RY4. (My pic is not the vixens pic, check out their episode on 6/15)

no sweetener needed its honestly already pretty dang sweet.

Riding off into the sunset as a non-smoker is any woman's fantasy. When you just need tobacco that isn't sweet but fulfills that craving, this one is going to give you all the encouragement you need. Made for my beautiful sister Angela on her journey into quitting. Save your lungs ride a cowboy! (Created for a Pod System)

New, still working on this recipe over next few weeks

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