(FLV) Marshmallow Vanilla

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“Rocky Toony Original”
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Delicious Watermelon / Fruit mix that just tantalizes your tongue!
Overnight steep is all this one needs,
Mix it up, throw on some Stones, kick back and enjoy 😛
“Rocky Toony Original”
Optional: Add 3 to 6 drops Strawberry FLV per 30ml
As always, adjust sweetener to your preference.
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its very nice blue rasberry bubble gum with a nice bright blue raz taste.
live mixing with #Developed

Loads of dark berries in a creamy, sweet base. Yum.


I don't even know how to describe this other than a tropical flavored creamy ice cream. Multivitamin is an awesome fruit flavor though and I am really loving it. I may push the Multivitamin to 3.5% next time I mix this recipe. Any feedback is appreciated. I may also try this with Scandinavian fruit by SSA. Dont let the low flavoring percentage scare you away, its good!

Smooth,buttery and creamy banana pie.Tested for both mtl and dl vaping

Marshmallow cream filled Doughnut coverd with Sugary Frosted Flakes.

Not much to explain but some good combos like Wf Glazed Donut with TPA Vanilla Custard which i like a lot and it makes it heavy, rich and buttery.
Used with Cereal 27, more than giving the cereal flake note (which it adds it anyway) it helps with the donut part quite well.

TPA Marshmallow + TPA Vanilla custard another great combo and mixed with VTA Sweet Cream makes a fluffy, dense rich and sweet cream, the type of artificial cream you get in store bought bakery.

Marshmallow Vanilla helps adding more marshmallow flavour as TPA Marshmallow does not give much marshmallow flavour per se.

I like to think this recipe tastes like a store bought donut so 0.75% super sweet makes it reaaally sweet... to me its OK as its what i intended but 0.5% is enough as its already pretty sweet.


A rich and decadent vanilla custard with swirls of white chocolate.
The custard is thick almost like a pudding type mouth feel with bright & sweet vanilla notes that turn deep on the exhale and creamy white chocolate running threw the vape.


This is a sweet fluffy strawberry cake, using WF Fluffy White Cake as the main base i find its accurate to the profile and packs plenty of puch at this %. SSA Ice Cream Vanilla helps lift the cake by providing some bright vanilla and dairy notes whilst WF Butter Cream Frosting bring in some sweet icing and buttery notes to the cake - Marshmallow vanilla works its magic by some what helping to bind it all together i find, rounds the edges and adds to the fluffy mouthfeel.
The strawberry combo here is pretty awesome - WF Juicy strawberry needs no intro and SSA Strawberry ripe is very bright and lifts the whole profile to a fluffy strawberry cake.

This is a soft cookie because I like those better. Deal with it.

FLV Cookie for the soft cookie/cookie dough flavor and FLV Pound Cake for some density and a little extra “oven baked” flavor.

FLV Cranberry because that’s what I had.

FLV White Chocolate and then FLV Marshmallow Vanilla to soften/“bake” that white chocolate note.

FLV Crunch Cereal for a little texture, baby.

Add a little FLV Sweetness if that’s your thing. I do.

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