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This recipe is an ode to the king of florals.

It's a violet buttercream macaron. I know it's weird but it tastes nice. The violet is a little tart and sweet. The vanilla from the purple rain blends so nicely with the buttercream frosting. The cookie is light and not too buttery.


This recipe is inspired by Talenti Vanilla Blueberry Crumble Gelato. The actually blueberry is very mild while the Tahitian Vanilla is the star of this dessert. The crumble part has a very macaroon-like quality to it. You can definitely get the coconut flakes within this cookie crumble.

The blueberry will stay prominent in the first week. Then creams take over and push the bb to the back. I used TFA Cheesecake (graham crust) to add a bit of texture to the macaroon and a some weight to the overall mix.


Custard cookie coconut what's not to love here. FLV smooth can be left out if you don't have it. But it really does pump up the vanilla so if you're ever Nila lover like myself this is a must-have.


Chick-O-stick taste pretty much like the inside of a butterfinger.
My mother's all time favorite candy. I spent many summers as a kid chillin out on the project benches going to town on these things. They usually come in a long stick but I've found miniatures version recently. I went a while with not eating these and as per my moms request she begged that If I found some to pick her up some. So me being the good son I am I did find them, I bought her a bunch and some extras for the kiddo and myself. Eating them I came to the conclusion that a peanut butter and toasted coconut might make for an interesting vape. PB

HS/TPA- My favorite PB ATM has to be FLV but here it was too creamy and not quite exactly what I wanted. HS PB has a distinct peanut taste. I felt the combo of the 2 make for a very pleasing PB.

Toasted Coconut

FOr this I went with FLV Macaroon it has that "toasted coconut" along with a bit of "Crunch" that comes with eating chicko sticks. Added a bit of FA Cookie for more crunch. My first instinct told me to use some TPA coconut candy to help out the macaroon but I winded up liking a bit of sweet coconut better. Toasted Marshmallow puts the finishing touch on my "toastedness".

Bavarian cream is just a supporting flavor here it adds a bit to tame that Peanut flavor but moreso I just used it here as something for everything to sit on. Kinda blend things together.

Hope you guys enjoy. 2 Week steep needed on this one

This is an example of a creamy glass of milk and a freshly made coconut honey cookie. This is another example of how flavorah flavors seem to work well together because on the third day steeping I feel it is such a good tasting Vape I would be lying if I said it would take longer to steep. I am still amazed at how good this was directly after shaking the bottle. This can definitely be vaped immediately but once the flavors have had 3 days to mesh and mold into one then its really good. Sweetness is just a super strong sweetener you sweeten to your preference.

An Apricot Black Cherry Macaron made for a King! A French style delicate macaron with apricot and black cherry notes.

7 Day Steep Recommended


Delicious buttery coconut cookie macaroon. Im tired of releasing recipes with coconut in it but this is too good not to share. Let it sit for at least 3 days and you are left with a banging coconut cookie type vape.


The base- cinnamon Danish swirl macaron and Ginger Snap come together for a fantastic cook. The inspiration here was cookie I ate on my honeymoon this is a very Dominican thing cinnamon and Ginger macaroon. The cinnamon Danish swirl mostly a cinnamon flavoring with a light Bakery Downey combines flawlessly with the Ginger Snap to give you that slightly dry cookie flavoring I've been added macaroon for the hint of coconut and to make the cookies more complex.

The top notes- you getting a nice bright Apple with the rest of the cookie flavoring Fuji and strawberry ripe come together here as the top notes do you strawberry simply sweetens the Fuji and adds a layer of complexity.

Accents- meringue does so many different things here boosts the cookie by giving it that trademark meringue cereal flavor along with sweetening everything else.

Sleep time- I've been on the fence about this one for some time now I knew it was one of my favorites but wasn't able to discern whether or not to submit it until the two-week steep time had passed I don't think you need the full two weeks but it's not going to hurt. So 2 weeks lol

You get a lot of the coconut and the cookie in this recipe. It's well rounded. Age time 2 weeks. Add 1% CAP super sweet or EM if preferred. Mixed at 80/20.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 70 / 100 Solo: 1.5% Mix: 1.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 75 / 100

Not to be confused with Macaron. I feel like it's FLV's answer to cookie. It's surprisingly light on coconut flavor, but it's nice. It's got a bit of texture, but not as much texture or dryness as you might expect from a macaroon or a cookie. I find it gets weird on me over 1.5% , below that, it does provide a nice sort of nutty, cookie-like dryness to a recipe. It's good as an accent. I single flavor tested this at 2% and am not a big fan (not good, not bad), but I did enjoy how it accented certain aspects of mixes. Certainly not an end-all-be-all cookie, but it's an interesting nutty dry accent to bakeries or cookies. Kind of reminds me of a diluted INW Biscuit + FA Cookie. The coconut just kind of hangs out in the background and is kind of hard to pick up unless you're looking for it.

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