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This is a recipe that will bring you to a hot humid summer in Japan, what do you need when it's hot? A good Melon Soda Float! It's a Fanta Melon which is only sold and served in Japan with a nice and soft ice cream float that will cool you down in no time and make that sweet tooth of yours come forth! This soft drink is only served during summer season in Japan and was one of my favorite drinks to get while I was there, I most certainly hope you guys will enjoy this as much as I do, happy vaping!

I also want to take my time in thanking @duncanyoyo1 that helped me out in picking some specific flavors to make it possible, it's like a vending machine, you tell him what your looking for and he knows what to give you!

Please do leave an honest review of what you think of this recipe if you decide to leave one, regardless if it's a good or bad one, they help me in improving my mixing!

Flavorah's blue raz is absolutely amazing so I input it into my blue raz lemonade that i was a little tired of and after tweaking the recipe a bit I ended up with a vape that i cannot put down, and haven't for a couple weeks now. This one does need a couple days to come together, it's not bad off the shake but really shows up after 2-3 days steep.

This is a sweet mango strawberry lemonade I wanted to make a lemonade that was something different from the pink lemonades and lemonades on the market so I figured this would be a good start

FLV lemonade is the driving flavor in this mix as it has a good body and a nice tart lemonade flavor

FA lemon Sicily is being used to make the lemonade have that tart natural lemon flavor in the lemonade

FA Costarica Special (mango) is the mango note it’s not overpowering it’s mostly helping the lemonades sweetness

CAP Sweet Strawberry is there as the strawberry almost more like a strawberry syrup that most places use in their smoothies and slushees

CAP super sweet is optional I just use it to make it alittle sweet while keeping the tartness

Please tell me what you think if you mix it up

I’ve had HC Lemon sitting on the shelf since shortly after the Noted Lemon episode with Kindground. Unfortunately HC has discontinued Lemon.


A mixed berry and grape lemonade

This ones for all the fruit lovers, a sweet lemonade with the mixed dart berries and grape following thereafter.

I wanted to take the black currant a bit higher but it starts to get floral so I bolstered the mix with boysenberry, the jammy berry is there to give it a syrupy taste.

You can vape this straight away but after a week is what I recommend to get a bit more mouthfeel.

Sweetener is subjective, drop it out of you wish.

Wow that's a bit dark, haven't we passed the era with all these cool names of eLiquid?

I'm not getting any younger so I am pretending to be cool ok, let me have my midlife crisis lol

How did I come up with this del-ic-ious recipe?
whooo ahh arr ahh, is that how a vampire laughs?
I don't know. I'm an old dag lol

Ok so my better half is to blame for this one, yes seriously.
She was one of those "Goths" back in the day & she has been intrigued more lately with my flavour stash since we got the new soda stream.
She wanted a lovely fresh blood orange flavour so I customized this for a vape eLiquid first because I'm still learning the ways of flavouring sodas.

Yes this is an eLiquid recipe though & I think it's worked out really well.
She wanted something cool with a just a lil something slightly deeper than your usual blood orange with also little cooling, hence the FA Blackcurrent & WS-23.

The rest sort of came by instinct, well sort of, but being experienced with the other flavors that I have used before that I hypothesized with here work well here & paid off I think.

So what is the profile?
Ummm, a Bubbly like Blood orange with a gentle vampire depth left with a little cooling that doesn't leave you in the cold.

I think it's a good one, but what do you think?
Let me know!

Regardless have fun mixing & staying off those dam stinkies!
Educate, advocate & be good to a mate!

I enjoy this at 65W on a SST single coil Recurve RDA.

I do a mixing show on YT if you want to take a look:


I have made quite a few versions of this profile and I am finally satisfied.

Tested with Citadel rda , Adgard Mini rda , Blotto Rta and Intake dual RTA

I did use these flavors a bit higher than I usually would and not just one of them I pushed them all a bit higher than normal. Below ill leave a quick reason for each..

Lemonade FLV is my favorite out of all we have available to us so I started with it and backed it up with FLV Lime to give it that extra pucker a lemonade needs. Pink Guava at .5 for me leans more toward a grapefruit and combined with Alpine Strawberry works well for the Pink in this Lemonade . The Alpine is here to sweeten the Pink Guava as well. Give this a try, imo this is sweet enough so no Sweetener is needed so start low if you choose to add any .

This is a recipe from 2020 there are a few reviews over on ELR recipe site if you want other opinions before mixing .

⚠ as a shake and vape it works but can be a bit harsh even an over night steep helps but 3 to 5 days is where this shines and the harsh citrus notes calm down

This is a boozy citrus based recipe, lime basil and orange gin cocktail.
The orange, lime gin cocktail is the main profile with the basil and juniper notes keeping it quite fresh.
The orange juice is just used as a booster for the orange and the cactus is used to lift the fresher notes and keep things juicy as such. Little step out the comfort zone from custards and desserts but so far i quite like it.

Don't let the simplicity of this recipe throw you off. It's packed with lemon/lime flavor. I strongly believe that sometimes K.I.S.S. really works and hope you enjoy this refreshing vape!

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