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(FLV) Lemon Tea

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct

Used in 165 recipes at an average of 2.119%.


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A refreshing sweet tea with lemonade and blueberries. An excellent vape for those hot summer days

Flavor Notes

INW Shisha Bilberry -- Immediately I noticed a eucalyptus note with this one. It was off-putting at first but quite juicy and the blueberry flavor is well pronounced. Props to /u/SkiddlzNinja for suggesting a Tea recipe when reviewing this flavor on Noted

INW Eucalyptus w/ Mint -- The eucalyptus and cooling aspect of this flavor is wonderful. Very potent, realistic, and super chilly.

FLV Lemon Tea -- This is my first time trying this flavoring, but it does provide a very nice tea base (I get green tea?) with a bit of lemon accent. I don't particularly notice any dryness. Fairly weak for FLV, had it at 1.5% initially but the tea note was not coming through enough, though it is trying to overcome strong flavors like eucalyptus.

INW Shisha Lemon -- I like the way this one offers a sweet sort of lemon syrup flavor. It manages to really accent the lemon, reinforce the 'sweet tea' aspect, and is sublte enough to let the other flavors penetrate the lemons.

FA Summer Clouds -- So this is an interesting flavoring. The first thing that comes to mind to describe this one is "Mist." I wouldn't say it's "wet," but it certainly isn't dry. It has a slight floral note to it though it's difficult for me to pick out; if I had to guess I might say lavender. It does something pretty wonderful to this mix here playing off of the floral and earth notes. I get maybe a little bit of grapefruit too from it, but it's hard to say since I only SFT @ 1% and it's a fairly mild flavor.

FLV Sweetness -- Recipe wasn't quite as sweet as I wanted it to be so here you go! This one is certainly less concentrated than CAP Super Sweet, and I feel it's more of a rounded sweetness instead of just sucralose, very nice sweetener.

This recipe yields a cool, wet vape with earth, floral, and citrus notes. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this profile, but after mixing it up it is extremely satisfying. Great during the hot day and very soothing on a tired throat.

LIVE MIXING 5/26 Tropical iced tea with pineapple and hibiscus flowers.


FLV Lemon Tea - This tastes a lot like an Arnold Palmer by itself. I wanted to make a refreshing summer drink with this as the base after I did a single flavor test with it.
CAP Hibiscus - This flavor was from my first DIY order and I have been trying to find a way to use the rest of it and I knew hibiscus and tea work well together in beverages so here it is in my beverage vape. It's pretty sweet and not overly floral in this recipe. I would say it's optional but I mixed this up without it and it's just not the same.
FA Forest Mix + TPA Blackberry - These two flavors together have been my go to for the lemonade recipes I have been playing around with. The lemonade really made these berries pop. The Lemon Tea is no different the lemon brings the berries forward.

CAP Super Sweet - Optional. I live in NC and sweet tea here requires like 1:1 sugar to tea ratio so I added super sweet to make it more authentic.

Add Koolada or your favorite cooling agent if you want it cold. Hope you enjoy it!


A calming floral tea, perfect for chilly spring evenings.

The tea base starts with FA Black Tea, a straightforward black tea without a lot of sweetness on it's own. FLV Lemon Tea provides the forward tea flavor, accompanied by a warm lemon note that compliments the FA Lavender nicely.

FLV Cream and FLV Milk and Honey provide a slightly creamy background to smooth out some of the dry notes in FA Black Tea and FA Lavender, while adding some body and sweetness. Overall a very simple flavor, with enough quiet complexity to keep me coming back to it.

feel the need for a cup of tea?
sweet tea with dark and juicy undertones?

look no further, i've got you covered

maybe you have to lower the percentage of both tea flavours to get a lighter taste

Flavor Notes