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(FLV) Lemon Grass

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct

Used in 123 recipes at an average of 0.358%.


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Another Food Pairing concept here, there is something about this combination i really like.
I have a sweet apple base, topped with the floral notes of hibiscus and counter it with lemon grass and passion fruit and cinnamon.

It's definitely not a usual strawberry cream, but it's made for those vapers who like their juice a bit more special.

as you might noticed, i am creating a lot of crazy stuff lately.
I found good inspiration with food pairings and give opposite flavors a chance to play together.

here, i made a interesting recipe for you which includes tartness, fruits, limes, tea and guava
the tartness of cranberry has distinct floral note that blends well with lemon tea and bergamot.
Guava is used here not only to give a juicy mouthfeel but also adding floral notes to the cranberry.
Key Lime is added to boost the high notes, lime zest adds sharpness.

it needs to sit 3-4 days, but after that it will be a taste you might not expect.

again another food pairing thing
blueberry with chocolate, lemon grass and tea did come out quite good, unusual but delicious.
definitely for those who like their vape a bit more side roaded


Before I got really heavy into DIY Ripe Vape's Coconut Thai was my crack. Shit is expensive so it was a once a month kinda bottle purchase. I had tried to clone it previously but was not successful. Then came FLV Lemon Grass. It was the missing link. Can be a little harsh at first but things start to meld and the bite dies down. Coconut Thai was always harsh to me the first couple puffs then became super smooth, this has the same thing going on.

Here's how I mixed it - CAP Coconut at 2%
1 drop/30ml FA Zen Garden and FLV Lemon Grass
3 drops/30ml FA Lemon Sicily

Iced Volcano Gin is an interesting recipe which breaks a lot of your weekly routines and your all day vapes

I created it to use is in any good rda, rta or even good sub ohm tanks, just make sure that you maybe lower the VG % if using it in subohm tanks.
I crafted this recipe mainly on a dotmod petri and the hadaly.

The flavor profile is strong, floral, sweet and unusual.
Maybe a fresh breeze in all the creams, candys, custards.

FA Marshmallow - you all know what it does, binding the flavors together, balancing sweet and tart
TPA Cotton Candy - sweetens up your life
FLV Lemon Grass - well it does something to this mix, the exotic floral note really gets me here
INW Sparkling Wine - no seen very often but this also gives you a new tasting sensation
FA Gin - the lower, stronger note of my Gin
FM Gin Orange - suprising cool flavor, floral and unexpected
FA Hypnotic Mist - adds that special something to the mix, used it for the first time and i like it

Mix it at 70/30 and steep for 5 days or more
If the recipe is too strong for you, lower both Gin's a bit

Hope you all like something experimental and new


This Thai tea.
I love Thai tea, sweet, rich, light coconut.
Flv Thai Chai has it all.
It's such a powerful flavor, it has all the right notes we want to build on. We use it here at a half a percent and it clearly shines through the rest of the flavors.

We build upon the coconut with 0.25% FA Coconut.

Flv lemon grass.
This flavor is the most powerful flavor I've ever used. Period.
It's literally 1 drop per 120ml bottle.
The lemon grass is a wonderful flavor, light citrus, rich earthyness with out overpowering everything.
If you don't have this, it can be removed. Just don't sub it with anything. It'll ruin the balance.

HS ice cream.
This complements our cream base and gives us a wonderful full mouth feel.
Iced Thai tea is a very rich and thick drink. HS ice cream gives us that feeling and is delicious.

FA Fresh cream.
Our main milk base. It's rich enough to shine though the bully flavors and maintain the creaminess we need for a real Thai tea.

INW vanilla shisha.
A wonderful compliment to this recipe.
It's bold and thick. Light vanilla notes add to the complexity.

Cap super sweet.
Citric acid helps this mix, you can sub any sweetener you want. But SS is the best here in my opinion.
We need it sweet for authenticity.

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A Thai themed dessert - saffron, lemongrass and coconut in a corn pudding base.

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