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(FLV) Lembas Bread

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 61 recipes at an average of 1.691%.


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This is an adaption of Emily's @mlNikon, recipe Cran -Orange Muffin. I did this in October of last year; however, never released it. What better time to release, but the present as we are talking about apples on Daytime Franks Apple show.

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Aimed for a fried donut with a sweet jam filling without icing or creams.
Had to be a simple and tasty vape with few aromas.

FLV's aromas Lembas Bread and Fried Dough for the donut, a perfect light fluffy yeasted and fried combination.
VTA's aromas Jam-It en Shisha Strawberry for the filling.
Littel Super Sweet and you got a perfect jam filled donut.

Steep: recommended to steep 8 to 10 days

Though typically a summer drink or brunch alternative, these are especially good for a little hair of the dog the morning after that office Christmas party that gets out of hand.

A cool glass of half hoppy homebrew and half fresh OJ. Like a mimosa, but for men. A man-mosa, if you will.

FLV Morning Mimosa's fermented orange "prison wine" flavor is what inspired this. Yakima Hops is an obvious choice, a one-of-a-kind flavor without which this would not be possible. Thank you, Flavorah, for blessing us with the Hops. FA Royal Orange is one of my favorite orange flavors and it worked better here than FW Blood Orange (too bitter), FE Sweet Orange (too sweet), and FA Blood Orange (too earthy). For the yeasty wheat breadyness of beer, FLV Lemba's Bread worked best to tie it all together. RF Baked Bread combined with Morning Mimosa was nasty hooch. And FLV Wheat turned this into barf-tastic bitter raw orange bread dough. Maybe a dilution-level amount of FLV's Sweet Dough or Fried Dough would have worked, but I didn't want to be stuck hate-vaping failed versions involving either of those, so I never attempted to use them here. From past experiences, I knew better than to even consider FA Joy. TFA Orange Cream is the reason why this thing needs the 10-day steep. That flavor takes its time getting where it's going but once it gets there, hoo boy, totally worth the wait. It rounds out the orange flavors and gives the tiny bit of frothy head on top of this Orange Shandy. WS-23, use to taste, or even leave it out. Personally, I don't care for warm beer or room temp OJ. But I also didn't want the nuances here covered up by cooling FX, so I like it at 0.3%, way down from my usual 0.75% that I'd use for an icy cold vape.

I usually don't post recipes, mainly because my pallet is shot to shit. My best recipes are usually 3-5 ingredients, 12%-16%. And I can TASTE them, not imagine what they taste like.

This recipe is a simple rhubarb/raspberry muffin crisp. I've been chasing this profile for quite a while, with lackluster results. I took inspiration for this version from a thread somewhere online, and now I'm not sure where. Even though the other recipe used only 2 of the ingredients (Meringue and Rich Cinnamon), I still feel I owe credit where it is due.

The trouble with this recipe was finding a decent muffin base that didn't require 3 ingredients on it's own. Enter FLV Lembas Bread. A great, full muffin that is a great neutral start, if a bit dry. Call in TFA Butter. ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY PERFECT playmate for Lembas Bread. Provides richness, and anchors the base of the recipe. Plus dem 'ketones nukka.

The brown sugar works in 2 seperate aspects in this recipe. Adding moistness and sweetness to the base, as well as working with the Meringue and Rich Cinnamon to create the "crisp". I think people underestimate the textural effects Rich Cinnamon. The flavor is obviously great, but it can add a fresh-baked feel to many bakeries at extremely small percentages.

The fruit portion satisfies two requirements for me. #1, figure out a way to use the may-be-stronger-than-betahydroxymethylfentanyl substance known as INW Rhubarb, and utilize a combination that doesn't rely on sweetness for flavor, and will not fade with time. Trying to find a Raspberry to work with INW Rhubarb was tough-INW's offering is much too similar as it is quite tart to me on it's own. TFA's tastes like grass clippings, CAP's was close, but didn't quite punch through or hold up to a steep well enough.

FA Berryl (Raspberry) ended up the only one besides MF that had the flavor I wanted, and the necessity of a 20 fortnight steep took the MF off the table. From there, it was just trial and error to figure out relative strengths of the 2 fruits after a week steep, knowing the INW Rhubarb HAD to stay @0.3% or lower. I tested the Raspberry @ 1%, 1.5%, 2%, and 2.5% with 2% being the magic number. Any higher and it takes over the muffin base, any lower and the Rhubarb buries it like it was gonna testify.

The FLV Cream helps round the whole thing off with more moisture and mouthfeel and blah blah blah blah. That shit is just excellent, put it in errthang, ya dig? Hopefully if you mix it, you'll like it, and leave some feedback.


It is fall and time for some warm, fresh out of the oven cranberry and orange muffins! I added a touch of soho to warm up the mix and give it a bit of caramel flavor. Don't be scared, it tastes NOTHING like tobacco. If anyone would know its me (I can't stand any hint of tobacco). Fw blood orange is the perfect warm, earthy orange flavor to use in this perfect muffin base of flv lembas bread and flv pound cake. Lembas bread will be available from BCF in a couple of days. Give this a few days to a week to steep. The cranberry comes out a little more and the breads get more, well, bready.

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