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(FLV) Kinako soy

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct

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To create the puff I used Biscotti, white cake and honeycomb. The combination really shines through with even a hint of the candied melted sugar glaze with hints of that burned sugar you get on the edges. The white cake has a creamy aspect as though it’s topped with frosting already so I added a little meringue to create a confection sugar topping that has pistachio on top kinnako soy is in there to bend the fake pistachio note into one that gives the illusion of a few pieces of nuts in the frosting.
I hope you enjoy! 😊

Wild Horses
This is a delicious after dinner tobacco vape.

Tested on Orion DNA pod and Z BIIP . I use 6mg nic salts.

Hope you enjoy. ,
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Made for kindground mixathon. Notes to come after the steep. Standby

This is a raspberry iced tea, with light notes of lemon

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PROFILE - Vanilla cream with a nutty note. Rose vanilla on the exhale(use 1 drop smooth vanilla per 30)



FLV KINAKO SOY - Provides a slight nutty note or a slight darkness and some texture to the cream

FLV ROSE ESSENCE - This recipe would not be possible without this flavor. All the other roses on the market are way too floral. This concentrate is like smelling a rose not eating it. It’s a light rose scent on the exhale not floral at all IMO

This is a delicious tobacco layer. The combination of FLV Turkish Tocacco and FLV Oriental Tobacco create a tobacco flavor with spice and nutty notes.

These pairings go excellent with bourbon and cream. To accentuate the nuttiness in the tobacco blend, I use FLV Kinako Soy.

To build on this layer feel free to add Fig, Dates , or any dark berries.
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Created using the new FLV Sweet and Smokey Tobacco. This is a sweet tobacco with some ashy notes. I paired it with fLV Tatanka which is a dark sweet cheeing tobacco. Butterscotch is used to make it more desserty, and pairs perfectly with Smoked Butterscotch. To enhance a bit of nuttiness from the tobacco i used Kinako Soy, and this needed a fruit to bring in some sweeter notes, so Fig was used as an accent. Of course FLV Cream is perfect to blend together and smooth any off notes. So take a ride with me and try this delicious tobacco. And if it was meant to be, leave your thoughts. 💜💜💜.
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Wild Horses
This is a delicious after dinner tobacco vape. The combination of FLV Turkish Tocacco and FLV Oriental Tobacco create a tobacco flavor with spice and nutty notes.

These pairings go excellent with bourbon. Fig, and cream. To accentuate the nuttiness in the tobacco blend, I useFLV Kinako Soy.

Hope you enjoy. ,
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Having a bit of lemon in the lime for a vape adds to a nice refreshing taste of this smooth creamy vape. Using Lemon Meringue from CAP as the daapy base to this treat, I didn't go super heavy as a base flavor, (if you are a less sensitive taster or use less flavorful equipment - don't be afraid to turn it up to 5%) but wanted it to be there enough to give the base layer of this flavor.

Layering on top of the pie flavor, comes the limes. I wanted this to have an actual no back lime jello kind of taste, so it was completely intention use of FLV Lime, as to me it is straight up lime jello. But I wanted it to have a bit of realistic lime in there too, like you added some lime juice from one of those little plastic limes...so FA Florida key lime for that.

I didn't want to use whipped cream flavors, so I opted for a toasted marshmallow, sweet coconut, kinako soy blend, to make it a little more interesting. The Kinako soy also adds a soft smoothness to the pie innerds giving it more of that no-bake pie feel. I didn't want straight up toasted coconut, so sweet coconut is a lighter version of a coconut, if you want more pronounced coconut, add in 0.5% of FA Coconut to beef up the coconut flavors to more of a shredded coconut topping. This is more like a whipped coconut soy cream topping.

I felt the crust was a little soggy so I added in some extra FA Graham Crust mostly to just test it out in a recipe...so far it's standing up as a good graham crust in this recipe off the shake. I tossed in a little extra meringue more of the crust flavor to support it but also it just ties in the pie and the crust together as a bridging note. If you don't have FA Graham Crust on hand and want to try this recipe, sub TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust at 1% instead. It won't be the exact same and may tone down the lime a bit more, to which you can always add more lime as needed.

The ws-23 is there less to be a "wow this is a cold vape" kind of feeling and more like, this is a chilled pie kind of refreshing effect. At 14 days steep this amount of cooling agent is mellow and barely noticeable so if you want a colder vape, add a little extra to the recipe.

Optional-- add your own sweetener. I didn't feel like it needed it and neither did my testers, but if you like sweeter juice, just the average amount for a bakery will work here fine.

I do believe at full steep - 14 to 30 days - the lime may die off some as it steeps. But it is less of a total loss and more of a serious mellowing. So if you wanted punch you in the face lime, try doubling the amount used and adjust the other flavors to bring balance back to the recipe (but leave them at less than double increase to enhance the lime.) It can be vaped off the shake fresh, but some people may experience the lime as some what harsh and overpowering for the first few days until the lime starts to tone down and the creams start to come out.

This is an interesting recipe that uses an aromatic and fragrant tea as the base, with the Alpine Strawberry as the top note, finished off with a light starchy, and slightly creamy sweet rice. It's really odd, but damn tasty.

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-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNwOG1ijqVQ

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