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A creamy Soursop drink with Pitaya and Coconuts.

FLV Guanabana is a pretty weird tropical fruit with hints of pineapple, coconut, and almost a cherry/strawberry. FLV Sweet Coconut and FA Coco is here to take over and become more prominent. FA Coco also adds to the creaminess. INW Pitaya has it’s own delicious weirdness already and is here to blend it all together smoothie style.

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JULY THEME: Minimalism with a Message

here we have 3 ingredients, each impactful to a mix in their own right.

FLV Guanabana comes damn close to being a one shot on its own

FLV Sweet Coconut is here to really lean into the coconut vibe buried in Guanabana and push the idea of tropical

INW Pitaya bends nearly everything it touches to its will. It is a wholly distinct flavor that almost cannot be ignored once it finds its way into a mix.

Combining these 3 it is my hope that guanabana and pitaya are battling it out for supremacy on the palate while the coconut acts as a base upon which the battle can be waged. The premise is simple, the mix is simple, the flavor is (hopefully) complex.

In summer, a mix of Wheat Beer and Grapefruit is a great refreshment for me.

First, I want to thank @MaxSavage for inspiring me with his "All Day" and "All Day 2.0" recipes!
The basic direction I felt already very suitable, however, I had the feeling, there can be created something that tastes even better.

Meanwhile, I am very happy with it and eager to hear more opinions about my recipe!


  • FLV Citrus Soda: Refreshing with citrus notes
  • INW Grapefruit / FLV Pink Guava: Combined Grapefruit
  • FLV Guanabana: Creaminess and juiciness with tropical fruit and citrus notes.
  • VT Milkshake Base: Malty note
  • FLV Wheat: Wheat note
  • FLV Yakima Hops: Tart hops


  • INW Grapefruit I used is labeled as INW Natural Grapefruit, I think both are the same
  • 0.8 - 1.0% SSA Grapefruit is a good sub for INW Grapefruit, but I like it more with INW Grapefruit
  • Instead using INW Grapefruit you also could up FLV Pink Guava to 1.0%, but the Grapefruit taste changes

Additional Notes

  • If you like it cold, feel free to add some WS-23
  • Already SNV good to vape, best after 3 days


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SnV approved


Thrown together on Fresh03's "Mixing For Mike" show on 6/12. Daniel TheVapeMan aka Noted Time Stamp Guy made a generous donation to the GoFundMe for VapinTrucker's family. He asked for me to make him "something tropical" using only flavors in his stash. Someone says "something tropical" to me with no other guidance, my mind immediately goes to guanabana/soursop because the quickest way to describe those flavors is "something tropical." Scrolling through Daniel's stash, I see he has FLV Guanabana. Perfect, let's build this around that.

I thought about how I'd been itching to try mixing just FLV's Mango Passion Pineapple and FLV Guanabana and see whether it makes the two-flavor banger that it makes in my head, but I couldn't find Mango Passion Pineapple in Daniel's arsenal. Fine, I get my own mango, passion fruit, and pineapple flavors. FLV Mango works, INW Pineapple works. Right about that time, someone else was talking about using FLV Passion Fruit to make Daniel a tropical lemonade and I thought, well, Danny Boy might want a break from passion fruit, so let's do something else instead. It gave me an excuse to bust out the Pink Guava. You want some really bright citrusy stuff with some funky ripe tropical depth? That could describe either passionfruit or guava. Speaking of funky ripe tropical depth, I saw Daniel had VT Paw Paw in his collection and that's an underrated flavor that I knew could give the mango in here a ton of bass, or base, whatever, really hit those low notes instead of just floating up top. For the finishing touch, I'd been wanting to mix FLV Mango Passion Pineapple with rum as well as guanabana, but Por Que No Los Dos, right? So I hit this Mango-Guava-Pineapple-Guanabana with some FA Jamaican for a dark rum finish.

The whole thing just tastes like a Caribbean vacation in a bottle now. Wonderful. I think it might be done. But I might come back later with a very similar, simple 1-2-3 recipe using FLV Mango Passion Pineapple, FLV Guanabana or another guanabana/soursop/cherimoya flavor, and either FA Jamaican Rum or, since summer is here and Texas is hot, WS-23.

Add sweetness to your desire

This is just a tropical overload of tropical stuff. It's not funky. It's deff a tropical juicy kinda vibe. The foundation is cherimoya/guanabana and everything else revolves around it. Either adding to the off notes or bringing a wet vibe to the table. It's really delicious.

Perfect for summer and you can add ws23 to it if you like.

I added .5% stevia and 1 drop per 10ml for this recipe. Hope you enjoy. Dunno why i didn't transfer this over to ATF, deff makes the cut.

I have no words.

Add your sweetness to it. As you please. I added 7 drops stevia.

Just a random creation that i created. I have no in depth details of creating it. I just did it. Came out nice. I might work on it a little bit. It's tasty AF but i'm sure i can lower and cut some pointless ends. I just like it because it's different from your average lemonade

Hope you enjoy

Why do mixers write descriptions the same way chefs write recipe descriptions. Get to the point. Trying to get my sugar fix

Cherimoya tastes like banana and pineapple. Just exploiting flv. I like it. Tropical. Hope u enjoy

Add your sweetness as u wish. I added 10 drops stevia


This treat is known as "Merengón con Fresas" a Colombian dessert. It is made with a native South American fruit known as Guanábana along with Strawberries, Lime and a Meringue-type Whipped Cream. I opted from using lime and decided to use LMT from VTA because it tastes more like Lime/Meringue. After you mix this be patient and put it aside, flavor develops after a week but only gets better. You may substitute the HR Vanilla for INW Shisha Vanilla. Enjoy!!!

This is my favorite recipe I've ever made lol just pure funk and joy.

You can check it out here as well


Fun, fruity, bright yet spiced, cold and funky. Another from my vault of Grapefruit/ Guava experiments.

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