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(FLV) Green tea

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct

Used in 50 recipes at an average of 1.211%.


10 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A sweet, tart and floral green tea.

SWEET TEA AND GREEN: brings a wonderful authentic green tea flavor.

HONEY BEE 🐝: for a touch of honey and sweetness

HONEYSUCKLE: adds some body and a floral fruity flavor.

RHUBARB: is rhubarb.

CHERRY BLOSSOM 🌸: adds to the floral part of the honeysuckle

No need for sweetener here. Honey and sweet tea does it perfectly fine.

Reminds me of Arizona Green Tea.
Basically cold green tea with honey and lemon.
Mostly cold and honey on the inhale with the green tea and lemon coming out over the lingering cold sweetness on the exhale.
Really good off the shake but better after just a few days.
Sweeten to taste. (I didn't find the need to sweeten this at all though)

In the world of Dune, he who controls the spice Melange controls the universe. House Atreides rules Arrakis, the home world of the spice Melange. The spice Melange gives you longer life and expands your consciousness but beware...it's highly addictive and once you start you can never stop.

This recipe is how I imagine Paul Maud'dib and his mother, Lady Jessica might consume Melange. It's a spicy tea with a light fruity back note.


This is my representation of the flavors I envision when I look at this photo. The green tea satisfies both the green headdress as well as the asian vibe. The blueberry and pomegranate flavors make up the purple feeling. I used the tried and true holy trinity discovered by edible malfunction on reddit for the deep blueberry taste and the fa pomegranate is bright and tart and just pulls the flavor up. Add sweetener of your choosing if you so desire.

Very lovely floral green tea and honeysuckle cake with buttercream frosting. I feel personally that this is my greatest accomplishment as a mixer so far


Didn't want to get hit with copywrite infringement, but this stuff is sooo delicious it needed to be in vape form! Yummm! 🤤

Any gamer should see know the reference I chose for the name...🤔

Feel free to sweeten as your feel necessary with your favorite sweetener, I'm pretty sure she uses stevia.

Add your preferred cooler for an ice substitute.

Flavor notes are pretty much self explanatory... Enjoy! 😈

I love how the flavors work with each other in this recipe.

The 2 to 1 ratio between the green and black tea is the perfect combination of warm body and cool green and minty notes.
Ginger and Honey Bee works both sides adding dimension, spice and floral notes to the tea blend and the apple, which sits in the back to brighten up the entire mix

NOTE: TPA Vanilla Bean Gelato is actually FA Gelato Vaniglia

Rice Paper: TPA Rice Crunchies & CAP Cereal 27

Mochi: FA Gelato Vaniglia, TPA Vanbilla Bean Ice Cream, CAP Sweet Cream, TFA Vanilla Swirl, FA Meringue

Green Tea & Raspberry: MB Natural Green Tea, FLV Green Tea, Flavorah Eisai Tea

With summer right around the corner I decided to break out of my comfort zone and hit up a fruity and refreshing green tea! It is a green tea with forward apple and strawberry notes. The hibiscus comes and plays a little, and the lemon grass and rose are subtle notes that linger with the taste of the green tea at the end of the exhale. This is a shake and vape for sure, doesn’t need to sit long at all, maybe a day if you want. It’s fairly sweet as is, but if you are one that likes it a little sweeter, I suggest Super Sweet to your liking as it makes the fruit pop a little better than regular sucralose. You can also add a coolant of your choice. There are so many out there, I used FLV Ice and WS-23 just to try them out and test them. I do not recommend a mint as a coolant as many of them will turn this into a bubble gum type thing, at least to me.


I revisited this after awhile and wow! This is so delicious! This is a must try!!

Simple yet flavorful! The Flv green tea goes well with cream and Milk % honey !!The teas are a great addition to any flavor stash!

tastes like a wonderful tea with some cream and a very tasty creamed honey note. it all marries and blends together at about 1 week and steeps out beautifully!!
The green tea really is great with the milk and honey! It gives the green tea a wonderful flavor and the flv cream which is one of my favorite creams really helps blend the flavors realm well into a delicious creamed honey.. This is wonderful trio and has alot of flavor considering the % is so low. I can't stop vapng it its so delicious!!

Give it a mix if you have the flavors. Its a simple recipe with Low percents but it sure does taste fantastic!! It has to steep at least a few days. I didn't add sweetener, it doesnt need it, it sweet and very bright!

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