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(FLV) Greek Yogurt

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A Scottish Berry Creme Burle, This brûlée is mixed with a yogurt to give it more of a creamy feel, perfect for breakfast. The. Flv Pastry Zest adds a lemon zest that is needed for the authenticity, it also adds a touch of sweetness and cinnamon.
I love the series ‘Outlander’. I wanted to pay tribute to my favorite show by creating a Recipe for the area. As I am definitely considered an Outlander to Scotland, I am sure my recipe may not be quite authentic for The Scottish, but I can say it’s delicious, even if it turns out to be a Outlander

With all of these kilberry recipes floating around now I thought I would put my version up:-

Fa yogurt / cap creamy yogurt / fa meringue:
Two of the best yogurts mixed with meringue to give an amazing yogurt base and is my go to base in any yogurt recipe!

Fa kiwi:
Lets face facts its the king of kiwis! And at a low percent like this it doesnt overpower the whole recipe and lets it just blend in with the strawberrys nicely

Fa red touch / inw shisha strawberry:
I cant taste strawberry ripe or sweet strawberry so these two mixed together helps bring the candy strawberry element that we all love in a strawberry mix

Cap super sweet:
I actually used drip hacks ultra sweet but all the flavors doesnt have it, i wanted this mix to be sweet as i have a sweet tooth for juices but if thats not your thing you can lower this if you want

This recipe is amazing and can easily become an adv with in your first try its smooth and creamy from the yogurt but sweet and candy like from the fruits.

Mix it up and let me know what you think

Strawberry kiwi yogurt. Has a slight butter note initally that should steep out after 3 days leaving a sweet and sour rich yogurt.

Native to the Middle East, they're now grown in many parts of the world. In the US, much of the crop comes from California and late summer to early fall is their peak season.

This lightened up version of a dessert panna cotta uses Greek yogurt for a great tang that pairs well with the milk & honey. The creamy texture is a nice treat with raw figs and it's easy to mix. A perfect light treat for your vaping pleasure.. this was inspired by listening to luis aka Luadr speak on figs.. i just want to be clear that i have never tasted a fig outside of fig newtons (lol)..so i hope it turns out to be as tasty a vape as it looks as a dessert...

My thought process :
I wanted a nice creamy base to place the figs on ,so i chose FLV Milk and Honey along with FLV Greek Yogurt and Paired those with MB epic Vanilla and MB Panna Cotta for what i hope will turn into a nice and delectable Panna Cotta style delight for this recipe and The honey and super sweet will compliment the tangy and slightly sweet fig. As always Vape Happy Folks.... And Enjoy


Jolly Ranchers Apple Watermelon Gummies were the inspiration behind this recipe. Damn tasty as a S&V.

Video Link for Notes:

Lassi - a blend of yogurt, water or milk and spices, with ice. Sometimes with fruit or nuts. A popular drink from the Indian Subcontinent.
Several recipes of the real drink served as inspiration for this recipe.

It is perfect for my taste - fragrant, creamy and sweetish with the Pistachio always there, but not overwhelming. With ice of course.

FLV Greek Yogurt with FA Yogurt combines perfectly for the yogurt base. Any possibly associated off notes are eradicated by OOO Cream Milky Undertone without taking away from the essential yogurt character. I wanted a full cream milk and OOO Cream Milky Undertone fits the bill to a tee. FA Honey imparts just enough sweet without becoming overly discernible as honey on the taste. FA Bergamot, Rose and Saffron are understated and manifest as "pleasantly fragrant". Adjust FA Polar Ice to your own taste preferences in respect of how much or how little cool you want.


Another Flavorah only recipe

This was inspired by LaLa's Guanabana yogurt smoothie drink and https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/14191#batido_de_guanabana_by_deejay_mills . If you haven't tried that recipe, you should. It's fantastic and a recipe I always go back to! This was one of the easiest all FLV recipes for me. Their tropical flavors are some of the best and this recipe just fell into place. The guanabana in this smoothie is rather subtle, but it blends into the creams and yogurt very well. I get more pineapple and coconut than anything else.

Give this at least 7 days. The cream and coconut will blend with the yogurt and soften some of the sharpness. Once that happens, the Guanabana and other fruit pulls to the front, leaving you with a nice creamy exhale

Guanabana - This flavor is and has been one of my favorites for the last year. So much going on. You get a cross between mango and pineapple with an almost banana cream back note. I needed to use this a bit higher to cut through the cream and yogurt.

Soursop - Soursop brings some of the same qualities as guanabana but is a touch darker/ muskier with hints of coconut. There is also some tartness that kind of reminds me of a Granny Smith apple.

Greek Yogurt - This is obviously the yogurt part. I know this isn't everybody's cup of tea. But, when used properly, you can bring out a very deep creaminess with just a touch of that "twang" to know this is a yogurt.

Pineapple - I added this just to give a touch more tropical feel to the overall profile. I get a sweet pineapple juice from this one. But it has very deep and darker feel, that seems to play well with creams.

Cream - This is here to help the Greek Yogurt from becoming too sour and bring this into more of a smoothie. It's a very neutral cream that is adding a lot of the texture.

Coconut - One of the best coconut flavors on the market. This is not only adding a touch of coconut, but also adding to the overall creaminess/ mouthfeel. It's super strong! I used it at about 1 drop per 20ml.

Sweetness - Reading the label of this smoothie drink, it says they use Stevia leafs as the sweetening agent. FLV Sweetness is made with Stevia. So this was an obvious choice. This seems to get sweeter the longer you let it steep. This has been my go-to sweetener lately. Not only do I think it plays better with creamy vapes, it also won't gunk your coils.

Optional - Maybe the idea of a warm yogurt vape doesn't appeal to you. Try adding .5% FLV Ice or the cooling agent of your choice.


Fresh, Creamy, Blueberry Yoghurt.
Utilising Manson/Skiddlz' yogurt base, so credit to them for that!

I was very sceptical about using 4% FLV GY, that stuff smells gank; but oh boy does it taste good! It's thick and luxurious, excellent mouthfeel. Coupled with the FA FC/Yogurt it makes one of the best full bodied yoghurts in vaping.
Added a solid combo of Blueberries, a touch of Sucralose to round any sour edges and boost the blueberries and voila!
I prefer this as a S&V, the Bilberry isn't as strong off the bat in this recipe, but if you find it strong just let it sit for a couple of days.
Enjoy x

I dont like strawberries and cream. I dont even really like strawberry vapes full stop, never have, but this ones good.


This recipe started out as an attempt to create a baked chocolate chip cookie. At first it seemed like there just wasn't enough chocolate so I added in the milk chocolate. Once I did that the FLV milk chocolate kind of took over, and after a nearly 3 week steep it turned into one of those Chocolate Pirouette cookies.

The Greek Yogurt is used to enhance the bakery flavors in the cookies and not meant to be tasted in the recipe, so I don't recommend using more of this ingredient. The Cream was intended only to smooth also as an enhancing flavor, so it should really stay at this level too.

In fact, I don't recommend increasing the percentages at all on this recipe even if you are a muted taster, as I had my husband (a less than average palate) try it and he identified what it was immediately and found it quite nice. For me, even though I'm a sensitive palate, I enjoy the flavor as it is, it is a little strong for me, but it has steeped long enough to be smooth and sweet.

It doesn't need a lot of sweetness to it, as it seems pretty sweet, so I only added a small amount of FLV sweetness. Since those cookies are sweet, but not like sugar coated, if you go with a sucralose sweetener use a small amount, (under 0.5%.)

As for steep time, I only put that amount of time because this is when I've tested it since my initial first week testing. I tested it shake and vape, it wasn't very good at that time. At one week is when I added the chocolate, so the chocolate had almost 2 weeks steep time in and the cookie notes had almost 3 weeks of steep time. I would definite steep this one at minimum 2 weeks. If it doesn't seem quite right give it a few more days to another week. But once it's done steeping it is a beautiful after dinner or with coffee vape. Though I have been vaping this flavor all day, I don't think this would be an all day every day for a week kind of flavor, but I can easily add this to my flavor rotation to have with my coffee in the morning or as a dessert replacement at night, or a midday snack.

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By Glane23 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3APirouette_cookies.JPG

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