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(FLV) Greek Yogurt

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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On the ihnhale you get the cran-raisin that transitions to the a sweet creamy vanilla yougurt that lingers . This is pretty spot on

for the cran raisin - Red dates and cranberry work together and they come through on the inhale , but the cranberry needed to be pushed a bit high to get the slight tart note
White chocolate and love along with the greek yougrt come through on the back and leave that exact creamy coating in your mouth .


This is hands down the best granola I’ve ever made.

The FLV Granola and Crunch Cereals ingredients actually make this granola stand out cause it tastes like granola. Every layer has a different seasoning/spice/texture. This mix is awesome. The Cranberry/Fig flavored granola topped with the thicker texture and tangier flavor from Greek Yogurt. Sweetened with Honey Bee, this granola is so good, I plan on making another batch of it tonight.

Strawberry and lime are great contrasting flavors. That little extra touch of dragonfruit emulsifies and provides a nice little zing to the flavor combo. I chose to use RF Strawberry for it's innate candy vibe alongside INW's, But you could easily swap it out for a strawberry you have on hand. Just keep fading probabilities and the other ratios in mind. FLV Greek Yogurt alongside LA's Bubble gum provides a decent mouthfeel. That extra 5% VG plays to sweeten and thicken the mix to an enjoyable dripper level experience. I like it at 75/25. Try it out and let me know what you think.

PS Forgive me for the sloppy notes, Usually my syntax and notes are much cleaner and in depth, But I'm really short on time today. (Running story of my life)

Mucho amor mi agigos/amigas!

This is a Tangerine Yogurt Cake. A bit odd, but delicious. So why not.
Added a .5 of FLV sweetness to brighten Tangerine.

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Mixin Vixens -- Raspberry Jam squares -

I was not overly pleased with the way the raspberry turned out. I am considering replacing the FW raspberry with something else. I will update this recipe when I get a few new raspberry flavorings in.

mixed fruits and greek yogurt - I added the whipped cream because I figured it would add a more interesting mouthfeel?? idk and then toasted almonds and brown sugar also for interest

This is fine to shake and vape - we'll see how it does later. I used yogurt and vanilla creme for a base then added some fruits. I really like cherry crush - it's not a strong cherry - more like a cherry punch- sweet and a bit candy-ish - although I haven't single-flavor tested it. But I've used it a couple times and it adds a nice flavor imo. Then lucky leprachaun and biscuit for some crunch - off the shake that doesn't come out yet.

is silverline PUR? that's what I put - wasn't sure. Okay so I wanted a floral and fruity yogurt with some crunch - I think I probably got that here or close - suggestions are welcome

Working on a Jaffa Cake based on the description from my live stream on 2/3/18.

Based on these: https://www.thespruce.com/british-jaffa-cakes-recipe-4143259

Never had the real deal so I have no idea how close we got.


A nice blueberry muffin using FLV only. Enjoy!! Give it 24 hours steep to mellow or good off the scale.

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