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I initially created this for for my son who bought a kiwi strawberry yogurt from a local shop. He sent me a sample and it wasn't bad more of a strawberry cream with a hint of kiwi. So I created this and sent it back to him. He now orders (3) 120ml every month guess it must be good. LoL
I started with the kiwi because I wanted that to stand out. I started out using VTA Kiwi because well I love VT. For this version I used FW because they are very similar. I added a touch of FA Kiwi because it has a more candied flavor that really make the kiwi stand out. For my yogurt I bought all of the avail yogurts and decided I liked the punch I got from both TPA and FLV Greek Yogurts. I added WF Buttermilk because it adds a nice sourness that I love in yogurts. I did use FLV Sweetness as my sweetener but switched to Fw Sweetener when I ran out of FLV. Now for my strawberry blend I tried a few different combos but I settled on WF Strawberry Gummy Candy and Cap Ripe Strawberries because it's just a really bright strawberry. Use whatever strawberry combo you like they all work I just loved the flavor I got from this combo.

Well today fate gave us mango indian special.

Now I want to start by saying that I'm not a big mango fan. I've been scarred by some pretty foul and funky mangos in the past. However, FA Mango Indian Special is not that. It's a very natural tasting, ripe, sweet and kind of pulpy mango. It doesn't really have any of that funk and no christmas trees either.

So what I was trying to do here was just make a real simple and realistic mango yogurt. The FW Yogurt and FLV Greek Yogurt together give you that thick kind of sticks to your mouth, creamy dairy note. They're very daapy and have just tons of texture. For the Mango note I wanted to boost that mango a little bit so I added some JF Honey Peach. That may not have been the ideal peach to use for the application but dang it's good.

I would expect this to get even better after a few days steeping.

Sweeten to taste.

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Not another DLLT
Lemon Cheesecake, BOOM OMG!
Dinner Lady take a back seat with your Tart, I’m riding shotgun here!

Plug in the Motörhead cassette, let’s roll!
As always adjust sweetener to preference
“Rocky Toony Original”
Mixed 6/14/2020 (Flag Day 🇺🇸)
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Wow, Flavorah did it with the Blackberry. Excellent!!!
This is a Blackberry yogurt cake.
Flavorah Pound cake is the cake element, I am using Pastry Zest to add a touch of lemon. The Greek yogurt is adding some creamy texture the cake layer, and the Frosting is going to sweeten this and add a glaze.
The star Blackberry I used at .75, which to me was perfect especially adding a touch of Jammy Berry.
Give about 5 days for nap time.

Delicious, full-bodied cheesecake using Yes we Cheesecake, Vanilla pudding, and Greek Yogurt. Red Raspberry and Raspberry syrup for the delectable razz glaze. Shortbread cookies to push the crust in Yes we cheesecake (because where I'm from you don't have a cheesecake without crust).

Kind of tastes like a Key Lime Pie was blended with Froot Loops and Yogurt.

WHAT WE HAVE HERE, is A HYUCKIN HYOGURT lol or, as someone who isn't Goofy would say....A ..huckleberry yogurt.

I've turned Huckleberry up to 5 here to really play along with the creams, BC adds some depth and darkness to the berry. Huckleberry is like a mix between blackberry and blueberry.

For the yogurt base we take WF frozen yogurt which is creamy and just slightly tangy enough, and pair it with FW yogurt which isnt tangy at all but so DAAPy and delicious, so to get some more of that tang out we add in a smidge of FLV greek yogurt. Some shisha vanilla to smooth it all together into something i would imagine would be sold on shelves.

A vanilla yogurt infused with dark huckleberrys.

Enjoy! Probably my favorite yogurt recipe so far.

I used tpa v custard II in version 1 at 1.5% and felt that detracted from the profile too much. Inw shisha vanilla is a great supportive creamy vanilla without the intensity of the profile of tpa vcII lol


tested this on a pixie rda fused clapton idk what core .35ohm at 48w

For all those sitting outside on one of those hot summer nights and craving a more natural and refreshing vape, dont look any further.
This is a delicious blueberry frozen yoghurt recipe, which for me hits this spot exactly.
I wanted to really nail a more natural taste experience instead of a candied overly sweet one and this recipe truely did this for me.

Also my first recipe release so if you try this please consider leaving a review on how you liked it or what you might change.
Road to perfection is a hard one as you know.

Flavor description

I used the blueberry trinity (FW, TPA & FA) as a base here because it brought a lot of the blueberry aspects i wanted already. The billberry is upped a bit in percentage to pull the blueberry a bit more to the natural side.
FW blackberry is added here for a bit more depth and help the blueberry flavor not to get lost in the yoghurt and the WS-23.

FW yoghurt is great as a base cream here for the thicker mouthfeel and creamyness. FLV greek yoghurt adds that little zingy slightly sour undertone of a natural yoghurt, which i wanted in this recipe. At last the little bit of VTA milkshake base added really well to that natural yoghurt taste to make the cream consistent even when adding WS-23 (Ran into muting issues with cooling agents and creams in the past a lot)

FE Lemon is not really noticable as a lemon flavor in the recipe more there to boost and help seperate the blueberry from the yoghurt to make it taste like whole blueberrys in a yoghurt more than blueberries blended into a yoghurt.
WS-23 for cooling obviously can also be taken higher or left out completely. Tweak to your likings ;)
Super Sweet, "only" 0.25% because i dont like my recipes overly sweet and the prominent blueberry already brings a good bit of natural sweetness by itself


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This is a dream for me. A beautiful authentic Apricot Creamy Vape.

Not any subs for this, unless you want a different profile all together.
Molinberry Apricot is my favorite Apricot to date. Sasami Apricot is a great Apricot, it is a beast to work with, but in this % and this combination, it adds a ripeness to this that is just amazing, and TFA Nectarine adds that extra bit of juiciness.
Just wow!
If you have the flavors, do yourself a favor and mix this.

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