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I love grape. I've tried to make a good grape countless times and it just never worked. I wanted a jolly rancher kind of grape and nothing quite matched that level of purple... This, however... This is purple. The WF Grape Candy (Sour) is the magical flavor here. This is why my other attempts didn't work... If you like a good grape vape that's nowhere near natural, try this. Also - smell it. It's childhood. đź’ś

Sweetener is at your discretion. I added 0.5 SS

Developed Assignment, 2 flavour banger.

I enjoy the Developed show on Youtube so I though let’s partake.

This is my 2 flavour representation of the Bubbaloo (grape) bubble gum we use to get as a kid in South Africa. The Grape by Flavorah and Bubble Gum by Capella is the closest two flavours I have tried, which is not a lot, to get to the grape Bubbaloo flavour.

Work is required to get the grape more saturated but the Capella Bubble Gum for me is the only bubble gum which has worked to simulate this Babbaloo gum flavour and can be pushed higher if required.
I used 4% for each flavour to simplify this two flavour recipe even more thus making it easy to remember.

This is a simple, very flavorful Grape vape with light notes of candied raspberry that I can vape all day without tiring of the flavor. It's super easy to make and just as easy to vape.
FLV Grape and WF Grape Juice mesh really nicely to create a very juicy, flavorful grape. FLV Red Raspberry gives it some extra body while imparting a slight sweetness. A light touch of FLV Sweetness makes it pop but if you go too heavy on this it can easily become too sweet, you can emit it all together and it's still a great vape; I actually have trouble deciding if I like it more or less with the sweetness. It has a slight throat hit right off the shake that goes away after a few vapes but it really starts to pop after a day or two.


A mixed berry and grape lemonade

This ones for all the fruit lovers, a sweet lemonade with the mixed dart berries and grape following thereafter.

I wanted to take the black currant a bit higher but it starts to get floral so I bolstered the mix with boysenberry, the jammy berry is there to give it a syrupy taste.

You can vape this straight away but after a week is what I recommend to get a bit more mouthfeel.

Sweetener is subjective, drop it out of you wish.

First atempt to clone Roybot Sauce's Flare

Check it out and leave me a comment how close you think i am

This is the best grape juice you’ve ever had. You won’t mix it and I don’t care. Straight up though, it seriously doesn’t get any better than this. Straight up purple grape juice box. Say Welch’s. It’s against the law. Get lost why don’t you.

A peanut butter and Caramel infused cheesecake, with a spread of grape jelly to end things.

Dulce and Caramel butter to back up the already awesome ssa peanut butter. Sweet yogurt for that cheesecake tang. Graham cracker to really boost that crust note to play with the pb. And a light combo of candied grapes for a light jelly finish.

Here SS plays into the jelly.

This is a simple grape candy. Grape is one of my white whales. For a single flavor, it's not all that easy to get right. FLV Grape is very bright and punchy and would make it into a grape candy, all flavorah challenge or not. I might adjust the candy roll, but I'm not sure yet. Please feel free to leave any feedback :)


I have been playing around with the original recipe and landed on this. It’s more blended where before it felt like grape flavoring added to sprite.

A gummy mosh pit.. Grape, peach, raspberry, watermelon,and strawberry gummified. This is a different take on the og skull candy which is one of my favorite adv's..The flv peach gummy really compliments flv grape and tfa grape juice. cap strawberry taffy/wf strawberry gummy/ wf sour ball candy/ fw razzleberry create a slightly tart chewy gummy base while tfa raspberry sweet and la watermelon help round it out and add some complexity. I like the original but the redux is easily my favorite of the two. This one could use a 7-8 day steep for everything to show up but it is pretty good off the shake.

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By: CheebaSteeba Score: 70 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 3.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 70 / 100

This flavor is a fairly straight-forward Grape Drink or Purple Drink flavor. Flavor is nice but very mellow. It's also a little dry so taking the concentration higher yields more dryness.

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