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(FLV) Ginger Peach

By: Flavorah (FLV)

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Another tropical vape with a citrus bite to it! Took some ingredients and just slapped them together and it worked. It seems to be my go to move to create a good juice. Hope you enjoy!

So my dog is named Kiki and this made me think of the black culture inspired Kiki balls that started a vogue magazine styled trend of events with dancing, kicking back and gossiping. If you are curious, check-out the trailer of the documentary called Kiki:

FLV Persimmon/FA Apricot/MB Peach Nectar= derived from the @Leilani maneuver for a good peach juice.

FLV Ginger Peach/FA Jamaica Special= Here for the spice and the darkness and also to make this a cocktail.

FLV Lemon Tea= does a good job at ice tea.

Enjoy, be queer & vape on !

[Photo credit= Kiki movie poster http://www.kikimovie.com/synopsis ]

So once I tasted the Bubble Bruit wine I had to do something with it and a Bellini immediately came to mind. On the inhale I get light peach dry white wine that transitions to a sweet syrup ginger note . This is a well balanced mix I am really enjoying , there is a bit of throat hit for the first 3 days or so..
Tested n the relaod RDA S at 55 - 60 watts

Blood orange champagne and Bubble winecreate the wine base for this mix. Bubble wine has a light booze note if used above 1.5% that is support by the blood orange that has a booze note. The bruit wine is dry but does have a light sweetness from an apple grape note that I am picking up

ginger peach has a creamy body to it that helps fill in the middle of this mix and adds body. it also helps support that ginger on the back end along with the gingerbread, The ginger bread is more of a ginger syrup in this mix then a bread note at this percent ( note I wanted a prominent ginger note - this may not be for every one , if so drop the cap gingerbread to .75% - 1.00%)

Golden syrup is to add that syrup note and adds some body as well

Lemon and lemon sour help to have the peach pop front and adds some tartness to contrast to sweeter flavors, also helps to add that drying effect of a dry wine

I enjoyed this on a single coil SST 0.25ohm at 60w on a Recurve RDA.

Welcome to possibly my most left of field type of profile I have ever created.
Thanks to the numerous mentions of many flavours found in this recipe to Concrete river. He has created enough intrigue for me to at least try these flavours. However as usual I like challenging myself to take things up a level and see how I can use these in a recipe effectively. I am really glad I did because I think I have found a really pleasant fruity IPA beer like stone with the combination of FA Liquid Amber, FLV GInger Peach, VT Bitters & Yakima Hops. I wanted to add something a little refreshing to this so hence I added some Apple Cider, Cherimoya, Persian Lime & Mixed Mint. These additions bring some depth of fruity contrast to this as the lime cuts through with the fresh notes from the mint. There was NO layering going on here! This was purely a blend and learning what and how each flavour played together till I came up with something intriguing yet enjoyable. However I don't wish to understate this recipe or be pretentious, IMO its enjoyable!!
Tell me what you think & regardless just enjoy mixing something you enjoy!!!

Let me know your thoughts and most of all just enjoy mixing ? DIY because it's the best creative artform in the world!!
"Together, Let's Discover!!!"

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I really enjoy Red tea ( also known as a Roobios tea) and with the weather starting to turn cool on the east coast I start making loose leaf tea by the bucket loads. loads. So when I say that FLV does tea really well, I speak from experience, and their red tea is spot on for me. This is a slightly sweet earthy vanilla maple base with some brighter fruit top notes. it makes for a very nice easy all day vape . This was mixed for the All flavorah November contest

Apple filling provides some body to this mix some spice and cider notes that accent this mix at this percent..

Ginger peach Persimmon and Red tea combine to create a natural sweet bright almost creamy peach note with a deep woodsy caramel vanilla back note from the red tea. . Persimmon has some citrus peach notes that provide some bright top note to this mix. The ginger sits on top and is noticeable on the exhale . The deeper notes of the red tea come out after a 3 - 5 day period.

milk and honey adds some darker base sweet caramel notes that anchor this mix and add some creamy body

vanilla bean is an accent used to pull out the vanilla note that is part of the ginger peach and red tea.

** cream** adds some body and blends this mix.

NOTE : I enjoy a sweeter tea hence the additional of sweetness, which I find to be a sweetener that adds the most natural type of sweetness to a mix like this - but use the sweetener of your choice

. "Learn more about mixing here:

"Shared recipes require a description of at least 10 words." is exactly ten words.

That's crazy ironic.

I'll be your Honey Bee.
Well Flavorah is my Honey Bee in this awesome Honey, Ginger Green Tea.

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A sweet, fruity relish of Gingered peaches, cranberries, and persimmons.

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