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(FLV) Ginger

By: Flavorah (FLV)

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This is an idea that I had to make something that I used to really like, crown/Makers Mark and gingerale. Then I got to thinking about a Shirley temple so I wanted to get a cherry flavor in there without the medicine. Really not a ton going on here. The FLV Ginger is a pretty strong ginger and paired with citrus soda/fizzy sherb lemon/lime soda base gets me a pretty solid gingerale taste.

this one is another patchwork recipe
it's fruity, tart, and has a certain "zing" to it
it takes some courage to mix it, but give it a try to give your allday vapes a u-turn

i personally never really liked honeydew, but the absinthe cuts it in the right way
ginger and sparkling wine fills out the middle notes with some tartness and an interesting finish

Well, I took a pokemon quiz and got Fire Type. So I figured I would do a spicy juice drink. The chocolate, grape and heat pair well. The orange adds a slight pop of citrus that breaks the sweetness up as well.

I love how the flavors work with each other in this recipe.

The 2 to 1 ratio between the green and black tea is the perfect combination of warm body and cool green and minty notes.
Ginger and Honey Bee works both sides adding dimension, spice and floral notes to the tea blend and the apple, which sits in the back to brighten up the entire mix

This is one of two entries I did for Mixer's Club in March 2018. Will add more detailed notes later.

Description: Warm cooked pears infused with spicy fresh ginger and covered in a sweet bourbon sauce.

Okay another entry for the flavor-pro year in mixing week 19 - this one has a serano chili in it but of course I don't have that so I am switching in hibiscus and ginger - then it is rum, lemon, cherries (this is why I picked this one - I love cherry crush), mint, soda and sugar. My Jamaican rum is from vape wild which I don't see here so put FW. Maybe I won't get flavors from them again?


This is a creme brulée with a lemongrass and ginger infused twist.
INW Creme Brulée is delicious but not enough on its own for what I wanted, so I lobbed in some FLV Custard to add a little richness without extra weight,. and Sweet Coconut for a hint of sweet slightly toasted fluffiness. These three work well together to mimic the kind of creme brulée I dig.
The Ginger and Lemongrass combo works as well in sweet and savory concoctions, so pairing them here wasn't too much of a risk. Lemongrass is low because that ish is expensive, and it still comes through well enough at .25 to be noticeable without giving off any lemon pledge or woody notes.
You may want to add a few drops of INW cactus to it too, because it can feel a little dry - but don't overdo it.
Give it a week to settle down, and enjoy!
Massive thanks to @SlashaLO for the review and the suggestion to up the ginger a smidge. You were bang on the money and I've updated the recipe.


A delicate nectar made from honeysuckle flowers and infused with sweet ginger syrup, pureed mango and honey. That was the intention anyway! Based on Mixers Club feedback I think I need to change my description. This is a ginger-mango candy. I will eventually tweak it a bit to bring it more in line with that profile, but it's tasty enough to be shared and mixed by other ginger fans out there as is.

I first combined ginger and mango together for an entry in the Mixer's Club sub-Reddit when our theme was "non-representational mixing". I loved the combination but felt the recipe lacked a solid foundation. The syrupy sweet combo wanted to be a nectar. I probably could have fine tuned the recipe a little and called it a nectar in the way extra sweet fruit juices are sometimes called nectars. But the very next month our theme was to improve a recipe from the past year. This provided me an opportunity to combine these flavors into a true nectar, as in the yummy sweet liquid that hummingbirds get from flowers.

Honeysuckle was the obvious choice for the heart of our nectar. It's light and sweet and not perfumey. Plus it does magical things when combined with FLV Ginger. It does an excellent job of carrying our top notes and sitting quietly in the mix while whispering, "I'm here."

HS Ginger is where the syrupy sweet ginger note is coming from. If there is a star in this recipe, this is it. The FLV Ginger gives it some support. It is more floral than spice though. When combined with honeysuckle it creates a flavor that is very much like a gourmet honey such as wildflower or orange blossom honey. I can almost see using this concentrate as a sweetener for more exotic flavors.

The mango was the most difficult part of this to get just right. I tried about 15 different combinations of mangoes with varying percentages during the two months I worked on this. Honestly I am still not convinced it's perfect. The Sweet Mango was in every version I tried. By itself it sits too far in the back though, and the mango is more of an afterthought than a main note. Other mangos were too "clean" or brought a peel note with them that wasn't working with the ginger. FLV Mango is very creamy. It would make an excellent smoothie flavor. I didn't like it at first and almost went back to HS. But I kept vaping it and tweaking percentages and it grew on me. I was tempted to push the overall percentage of mangoes a little higher but, surprisingly, ginger is easily bullied if you are not careful. I wanted the ginger as a main note rather than an accent but I also wanted that for the mango. So it was a delicate balancing act and the current recipe is what I finally decided on.

The FA Honey is there for extra sweetness and to push the honey note created by the Honeysuckle/FLV Ginger combo. I was tempted to go a little higher with it, but I have heard the honey horror stories so I never even attempted a version with a higher percentage.

INW Cactus adds juiciness. It is actually sweeter without the Cactus, which is weird because I know it usually sweetens too. But apparently when you are working with a more syrupy profile this is not the case. I think it brings a touch of a green note with it. At 0.5% it doesn't interfere with the rest of the profile though. Feel free to leave it out if you are not a fan.

Give this about 3 days for the cactus to settle down and the ginger to come up.


I hesitate to check the original recipe box because all I did was add ginger! Reddit's self-appointed village idiot did all the work. The idea to add ginger to Longing was because @ID10-T's description of it (honeysuckle infused ice cream rather than his ex's, um, juices) made me think of ginger ice cream, a discontinued Haggen Daas 5 flavor. One of my goals as a mixer is to replicate that ice cream in an e juice someday. With that said, this recipe does NOT do that.
Anyway, I hadn't done any single flavor tests on my two gingers (FW & FLV). I went by smell. The FLV smells nothing like ginger root. It smells very floral, hence my selection of a ginger flower for the pic. I will eventually try adding FW and HS (on the way from BCF this week) to Longing and go from there to create my ginger ice cream. But Id10-T's Longing recipe piqued my interest in floral vapes so I went with FLV. It turned out so amazingly good that I posted on Reddit for the first time so other's could enjoy the awesomeness of it.
It reminds me a bit of orange blossom honey and ID10-T got the same thing when he tried it. If you love, or are curious if you might like, floral vapes, please give this a try. It is amazing. One vape and I gave it 5 stars in the program I use which is really rare for me. I usually have to vape a full tank or more before I will give a recipe 5 stars.


FLV Root Beer: This Root Beer nails all the top notes just perfectly. A perfect blend of wintergreen, anise, and hints of sarsaparilla. It's a bit thin tasting, so it needs a little help with depth. We get that much needed help from FLV Vanilla Bean and FLV Caramel.

FLV Vanilla Bean: This has some elements similar to FLV Cream, but a bit more tame and a lot less dairy. Those dairy notes are replaced by a soft vanilla overtone that shows up just enough to keep the root beer authentic.

FLV Caramel: Our dark, syrupy sweetness. We don't need much here, at .5% it barely shows through at all. Lower than .25% it wasn't present enough, and at .5% it's almost too much. Wanting to balance the higher % of caramel, I added a tiny bit of FLV Lime to brighten up the back end and finish the recipe.

FLV Lime: It took just a few drops to turn this around and make a perfect bright soda finish.

FLV Ginger: My first test at .25% this didn't show up quite enough. .75% was too high for my taste and it started to wash out the more delicate notes in the Root Beer. Dialed back to .4% it seems to sit just right. Present, but not overly so.

I may come back and tinker with this, but I'm pretty happy with where it is right now.

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