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(FLV) Fried Dough

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 52 recipes at an average of 0.416%.


7 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Warm, ooey-gooey, deep fried donut goodness! You can actually taste the grease saturated fried batter in this. If it's just too many calories for you go ahead and reduce FLV donut + FLV fried dough by .05-.1. This one makes me want to lick my fingers though it's realistic as all..😁🔵

An All Flavorah Apple pie From none other than Big Daddykane 91, i have been mulling over this one for some time now and figured i would give it the old DMC go ... So hope its good enough to make someone happy out there in Vapeville... so drip up and vape out... know what im talking bout ...

FLV Apple filling is taking center stage in this profile along with alittle help from FLV red apple , to accentuate that apple alittle bit, next up is that crust i figured Graham cracker, fried dough and granola got me what i was trying to achieve was lacking that buttery not e i had hoped to hit but was still pretty good

Mixed for Mixin’ in the Kitchen #44? This is a cheap fried pie with hints of unemployment and despair. Like you used the change from panhandling at the off ramp to buy a snack. CAP strawberries and cream is as artificial as they come and mixes well with the fried pie crust. FLV frosting adds a layer of sweetness like that sugary crap you find baked into their cheap ass pies.

I build the doughnut base from Zeppola and Vanilla cupcake added a touch of Funnel cake to thicken the recipe up a bit and give it some mouth feel but kept it low to avoid the play dough taste. I love the way FLV apple pie filling, FW apple pie and and FA Fuji apple taste when combined and I cooked the apples a little further and created the cider part of the recipe by adding Liquid amber. finally the Meringue and caramel make up the outer sugary layer of the doughnut. I think it is sweet enough but if you want it sweeter 0.75% FW sweetener is optional. FYI mlNikon rocks!

Aimed for a fried donut with a sweet jam filling without icing or creams.
Had to be a simple and tasty vape with few aromas.

FLV's aromas Lembas Bread and Fried Dough for the donut, a perfect light fluffy yeasted and fried combination.
VTA's aromas Jam-It en Shisha Strawberry for the filling.
Littel Super Sweet and you got a perfect jam filled donut.

Steep: recommended to steep 8 to 10 days

The blueberry ugly. A fried blueberry fritter covered in sugar and condensed milk icing. I loved these as a kid and this flavor brings back a lot of memories.

This is a bit of a weird one for sure.
For me 9 times out of 10 I get off to chase a profile based on things I crave to eat but can't eat at least on a regular basis, so this one came about do to the fact my family is ALWAYS cooking buttered biscuits and serving them with honey butter. One day I walked into the house after getting off work and right as I opened the door the smell just knocked me over, the entire house smelled like homestyle buttery biscuits fresh out of the oven and that's when I decided I wanted to try in recreate that as a vape.
This tows the line of savory and sweet, and it's not an ADV for sure, at least not for me. But something about it makes it nice when you want something different that your normal fruits and creams or such.

JF Biscuit/TFA Pie crust/FLV Sweet dough/FLV fried dough/CAP cereal 27
Unsurpringly these make up the biscuit. JF Biscuit is a great flavor, very buttery but seems more like a cracker style "biscuit" than a homestyle biscuit, but the combo of the TFA Pie crust and FLV sweet dough add body and layers to it, turning it more to a soft, raised, doughy biscuit, the FLV Fried dough and CAP cereal 27 add the crisped, browned top and bottom of the biscuit taking it to a fully baked biscuit instead raw/semi cooked dough. Keep in mind the FLV Fried dough is stupid strong and you're looking at around 1 drop per 10 ml's.

FLV Milk & honey/FA honey/TFA butter
These three make the honey butter, TFA butter and FA honey is pretty obvious, but they don't work without the Milk & Honey. M&H works as a emulsifier of the to, toning down some of the floral notes of FA honey and softing the in you face buttery taste of TFA butter, melding them together into a compound honey butter that's melted over top of the biscuits.

This one is a steeper for sure. Don't even try it till for at least 7 days please, the FA honey still stands out way to much and get's weird, plus the yeast flavor from FLV fried dough won't fully sit down and those two together aren't pleasant. But at the 2 week mark it really starts to simmer down and come together. 3 weeks is it's best, but 2 weeks is doable if you really want.

I know the the FLV dough's aren't going to be super popular flavors, so if anyone is curious to try them out I would suggest www.diyvaporsupply.com for them, they sell 10ml bottles for a bit less than the typical 15ml FLV bottle price. Sweet dough can be used higher so 10ml won't last as long but Fried dough is super potent and I'd suggest making a 10% dilution of it to make it easier to work with so that one will last forever.

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