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This is my take on this weeks photo. VT Banana Custard is by far the best banana cream flavor I have tried. Flv Cream and WF Vanilla Cream Extra make the perfect cream that is spiced with Flv Egg Nog. I added Flv Butterscotch and FW Butterscotch Ripple because I like butterscotch with banana flavors and I stole this butterscotch combo from Cheeba Steeba's butterscotch banana frozen custard. Its delicious, give it a mix.

This is like plate of homemade French Toast topped with butter and syrup in all of its fried glory.

The base was the RF-French Toast but I felt like it needed something more so I dug into my stash and came up with this recipe. A lot of people are switching to the Real Flavors SC line but the flavors that I used are from the original VG line. I caught them on sale and they tend to need higher percentages so if you try this with the SC line you will need to adjust. The steep time is really needed to pull the ingredients together.

I used the RF-Cinnamon Custard, FLV-Eggnog and CAP-Vanilla Custard to add more spices, egg and mouthfeel to the mix.

The FLV-Maple Bar and FA-Maple Syrup were to bring out the syrup flavor. The FA-Zeppola was used for the fried aspect.

I made this without any sweetener and although it was good it could use a little bit of sweetener. I prefer Sugar Daddy Vanilla or Cinnamon for this recipe but PUR-Super Sweet would work as well. IMO I don't think CAP-Super Sweet would work well for this recipe.

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Profile: An spicy cooked and warm mango sauce.

FLV Mango / CAP Sweet Mango - Both create an pulpy riped mango. The FLV Mango really helps on this task and CAP Sweet Mango brings authenticity.
FLV Eggnog / FLV Rich Cinnamon (1 drop) - FLV Eggnog brings warmness without getting the nutmeg note, which sometimes ruins recipes, and 1 drop of Rich Cinnamon just complements and sweetens a little the overall profile.
FA Apricot / TPA Dragonfruit - FA Apricot is a key ingredient on this profile. It balances the mango out and gives another vibe to the Mango itself.
TPA Kentucky Bourbon - Helps to cook the mango without bringing booziness to the profile.

I can't get where I live but FLV Heat it's probably great here. Just a couple drops is enough.

It's recommended to vape this in an hot temperature to get the full experience.

Give this recipe 1 week steep or you'll just get the FLV Mango.


This recipe is a 7.1% recipe and does require steep. I am a very picky cream person and I have a hard time with Straight cream, but If I add a little pizzazz it works well for me. Eggnog was that perfect spice i was looking for in this mix because i wanted a little nutmeg. I used TFA Vanilla Custard and I'll go ahead and apologize upfront to those that get pepper from TFA custard I am not one of those people. I enjoy TFA Vanilla custard because it doesn't have a lot of that fake vanilla note like other custards and I find it has a very nice eggy note that steeps in nicely. I used FLV cream to add a heavy cream without adding extra sweetness to my milk tart. For the outer layer of the tart I used a combination of FA cookie and FA breakfast cereal. FA cookie is my favorite cookie to build a crust and FA breakfast cereal has a very nice granny crunchy note that pairs well with the cookie when making a crunchy crust. FA caramel is there to accent the crust more than the cream but I find it to be what binds both of the layers. I hope you enjoy and please leave me some comments if you mix it. :)

This recipe does require steep for all the flavors to meld together if your patient you wont be sorry that you waited.

Mixin Vixens -- New Recipe Milk Tart. A blend of delicious creams and crust.


This is essentially a spiced-cookie butter custard . . . it's involved . . . there's a lot going on here. This is the closest that I've been able to get to the flavor of cookie butter. I'm not at all ashamed that it uses 900 (some relatively hard to come by) concentrates. For real . . . just order them from the UK.


well at the end of this crazy ass week of work I need alil bourbon in my life and get it right with alil apple pie shots enjoy guys


Just a simple recipe a lot of my friends love. I've been meaning to throw this up for a while. Feel free to go all the way up to 10 or so percent on the wf peach pie and cream and as low as .75 on the eggnog. Have fun toying with it and seeing how you prefer the balance.

Just wanted something similar to the profile. This seemed to work. If anyone mixed something similar I'd like to hear their tips


Winter is here! A time that is cherished by many.

Quintessential flavors to the season are peppermint and nutmeg, but you don't often see them paired together. In my venture exploring this combination, it is pleasant, satisfying, and a little odd!

The star of the show here is LB White Chocolate Peppermint -- this flavor is just wonderful and so easy to work with. It's a delicious smooth and creamy white chocolate with a very subtle and sweet peppermint. While the peppermint is nice it wasn't quite as forward as I wanted it to be, hence the addition of FLV Peppermint. It's a very strong, forward, thin peppermint, and is quite cool; 2 drops per 30mL is plenty.

When you think nutmeg, you think eggnog (well, at least I do!). FLV Eggnog captures the essence of nutmeg very well while giving it a nice creamy base so it's not too dry. This is almost good enough by itself, but the addition of FLV Peppermint cuts through a lot of the creamy body you'd get from FLV Eggnog, so a little extra eggy boost from CAP Vanilla Custard for unctuous warmth does wonders here.

TFA Graham Cracker clear is here for a little bit of dark sweetness and to play off some of the vanilla notes already in there, as well as giving the recipe some texture to keep your palate entertained.

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