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Hello everyone.

My name is Rafael and I am from Portugal. I smoked two packs a day for six years and I have been vaping for almost seven years now, three of them mixing my own liquid and buying mixed liquid only now and then. I consider my vaping journey to be quite long. I have vaped on CE2, CE4, Genesis, tanks, rta's, rda's, pods, low end, high end, you name it... I have accompanied the industry almost from the beginning once it has become a massive industry.

A while back I was looking to my shelved gear and liquid and I noticed how "off track" I was. I had forgotten the reason why I started to vape and, to be honest, I think most of us experienced vapers have. Vaping has made a lot of enthusiasts, either for the gear or the mixing, but we all started for one thing. To stop smoking. From super expensive gear to extremely sweet juice, the market is over-satured.

A while ago, DIYorDIE has interviewed Tom Klark (https://youtu.be/IS8Twv5ODk0) and if you are into mixing, I highly advise you to watch it. Tom Klark's point of view about the industry and mixing made me realize even more how off track I was. With this feeling and strongly inspired on Klark's work, I have decided to create my own DIY line, SLIM. A DIY line bringing me back to the roots, when there were no super saturated liquids but yet incredibly satisfying, satisfying enough to make me stop smoking two packs a day at a time I thought I would never stop smoking. SLIM was not only a challenge but also a goal. Having 1% total flavoring target with no added sweetener on the recipes and still achieve a balanced and saturated flavor.

SLIM is a line of DIY liquids with the core idea of being starter liquids. With all recipes with 1% total flavoring, SLIM promises to deliver you an authentic and genuine cig-alike/shisha experience. All SLIM recipes have been designed to be vaped on MTL devices. SLIM recipes are simple and shake and vape ready, allowing you to quickly get your fix and/or quickly mix it for a friendly smoker in need.

SLIM is a different point of view from the current state of the industry but looking to please every ex or current smoker.

Important note: Since all the total flavouring percentage is 1%, VG and PG play an important role on the mix. All recipes were created with Chemnovatic's VG-0 and PG-0, topped with our dear NicShots (18mg/ml) also from Chemnovatic.

SLIM Yellow is a heavier tobacco mix. SLIM Yellow is best fit for someone who smokes/smoked pipe/cigars.

This is a true cigar experience, with its dark and ashy smoke, and a dry brown leaf taste, not your commercial vanilla Cigar E-juice, but its sweet (without sweetener) and savoury.

Fa Black Fire + INW Dirty neutral base Give the perfect black ashy smoke, they are used high as they lose a bit of strength as it steeps.

FLV Connecticut Shade+ Flavorah Cured make our Cigar wrapper, body and filling with brown leafy notes and a light smoke ring.

FA Oak Wood adds woody notes and some dry mouthfeel and aftertaste finished by INW TA Cuban Cigar Which adds more smoky dryness and some actual cigar flavour.

VTA Cigar Leaf Serves as the base and background notes, wrapping everything together, adding light caramel sweetness and subtle cigar leafy notes.

The more you let it steep the smoother it gets.
It needs around 7 days to smooth out and let dnb and Black fire to settle down.
60/40 is the highest ratio of VG i recomend or it feels strange, 50/50 is best.

A flavorful cinnamon desert but oaky tobacco mix.

Steep to taste, as I rarely do. Steep increases the oakiness more.

Sweetly vanilla, a strong true cigar flavor and the always mind blowing mango.

I am a tobacco boy now. I know, I know. This guy can't do tobaccos too. How are the rest of us going to compete? You can't.

I am on brand.

I bought a few tobacco and then talked with @nowar about them. A few weeks later, I was sent a handful more and this is one of the love children spawned from it.
This is the warmer weather dessert tobacco that I really really fell in love with.

FLV Native for a mild and straight-forward tobacco.
FLV Turkish to add some spice.
FLV Cured because Duncan said so and he was right.
FLV Sweet Coconut to cream this up.
VT Dessicated for a more authentic coconut.
FLV Pumpkin Spice to make you all regret those preconceived notions about it.
WF Cookie Butter for a hint of bakery and some richness.

I love tobacco and apple, so pairing those two is always a win for me. Am4a, to me, is a little bit spicy and bright with a nondiscript fruity accent.Cured is for a little bit of generic tobacco behind the mix. Caramel and vanilla just to add sweetness and vanilla I guess🤔🙂. Pear to support the apple. Enjoy! 7 to 10 days steep is the way to go but it's good right away.

This was a mix I made with Grey^ on the diy_ejuice discord. He wanted some help making a nutty tobacco with chocolate notes using the flavors he had. This is what we came up with. I tried it alongside him and he alternately liked it and didn't at the same time. It gave him ideas of where he wanted to go next which gave me the idea to share it with the community as a beginner tobacco. RB is generally recommended to new tobacco mixers due to its moist nutty uniqueness with chocolate undertones and general appeal. Cured is a great bacco body booster as well as a star flavor when used alone. Both of these entry baccos can be used in a variety of ways. The rest of the flavors used will either be in a mixer's arsenal already (cap vc & fw hazel) or be a welcome addition to one (hs aus choc).

What you get here is a dessert tobacco. Strong dessert on the inhale with a bacco finish.

Flavor notes
Bacco blend: RB/Cured are used to create the base. RB is pushed up to 2.5 here to compete with the rest of the flavors. I would rarely use it this high in a straight bacco blend. Cured is used to fill out the body. The RB can be lowered to 2 and still show up (more in the finish than the inhale) and cured can be raised to your comfort level (0.75 - 1+) for more bacco forward.

Accents: HS Australian Chocolate is not my favorite chocolate. Used low here it presents minorly and can likely be boosted to 0.75 or greater but I didn't try it. The idea was to make it an undercurrent. It doesn't taste quite right without some sweet. I chose Cap Vanilla Custard for its thick mouthfeel and ubiquity and vanilla note. FW Hazelnut was added to bump up the nuttier notes to poke through and support.

Final thoughts/Ramblings:
- I would say that there is room here for the addition of more bacco flavor if someone wanted to pull it up into the front. I rather enjoyed the bacco finish over the direct inhale. I rather suspect the bacco notes from some Hangsen's would do well here to dry it up some more if that's your thing, or possibly the addition of INW Gold Ducat or FLV Tatanka (or something suitably dark and sryupy) would be a nice addition.
- Adding some nuttiness would help to make the nutty note from the RB more prominent. As it stands, there isn't much in the way of nut really showing up here. I could also see the addition of an ry4 or FA Soho being a welcome accompaniment. The world is your oyster, my diy friends.
- If you choose to eliminate the Cap VC you may need to add a little sweet flavor to match the HS AC.

Steep time
Can be SnV but needs at least 24 hours to settle in in my opinioin. Better after 3 days, but at 7 days it seems to be as mature as I'd need it to be. Didn't last much longer than that for me :)

All Flavorah recipe of Obsidian by Wayne Walker of Diyordie.


This is my twist on Cubanamel by The Fog Vlog.
I liked the original but I wanted more caramel/vanilla out of it when I was vaping on my Kayfun. So I upped them all by 0.5%

Now it's a thick dark sweet dessert tobacco.

Goes great with coffee in the morning.

You can use the original TPA Bavarian Cream or the DX. I've tried both and I actually like the DX a little better in this mix.

You should add sweetener to preference.
The original has 0.15% Cap SS, I normally use 0.5% FW Sweetener myself in MTL mixes I want to be very sweet.


Tested out of a Kayfun Lite 2019, 26g SS316L 3mm ID 8 wraps, TC at 215°C 18.5w

Original Notes Below ---

After the word hit the street that FLV Created a shake and vape tobacco, I was quick to add it to my cart and start playing around. I'm enjoying my MTL setup during the day, I get through the day with less vape breaks - and extremely satisfying vape sessions.

We did a review show on Vurve, and RudeRudi spoke about Sweet Leaf. Following that I got in my concentrates, and mixed it up - I found the recipe to be really authentic, with a touch of dryness - like any cigar would. But because I have been vaping sweet fruits and desserts, my palate wasn't ready for it. So I smashed in some of my favorite dark cream, and caramel - to help add more body to this delicious cigar flavor. TFA Bavarian cream has a way for filling in all the dead spots in the mix, giving you a all round fuller body experience.

This is a Creamy Caramel Cuban, made for the squad that is tobacco curious, the perfect gateway to tobacco's. I would recommend this in a MTL setup - as this is how I tested this specific recipe.

Only add the super sweet if you want serious dessert style sweetness - because the TFA Bavarian Cream & FA Caramel is inherently sweet. This is not everyone's cup of tea, because it actually goes really well with a strong cup of coffee in the morning. Absolute bliss.

If you like sweet stuff, and also hit some tobacco recipes from time to time. Give this one a Smasheroo!

A cigar-tobacco recipe,boosted with amaretto and coffee liquer.Added a little cream to fill in the blanks and add some layers to the whole vape,which makes it suitable for mtl and rdl devices.

Flavor Notes