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(FLV) Cupcake batter

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct

Used in 491 recipes at an average of 2.187%.


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Decent..not terrible, but needs work. Rhubarb is a little high. Definitely an interesting starting profile to work with.


Yes this has lots of flavors! Yes this has expensive flavors! But guess what it is damn good. If you want a delicious blueberry pie then look no further.

Fresh Baked Blueberry pie filling:
Blueberry muffin by Flavorah is the main link its a perfect cooked blueberry but it is a weaker of Flavorah flavors. That's why I had to go up to 3.5% with it and it still needed some extra blueberry love. So I used 2.5% of flavor west blueberry and 1% capella blueberry. I know it seems like a lot but its really not. Then I added 1.5% of lemon Sicily to brighten up the blueberries.

The Pie Crust:
Apple pie by flavor art at 2% adds a good pie crust without adding any apple flavor. I then used .75% of Flavorah cookie which is one of there more expensive flavors but for this pie crust it was the best match I tried flavor art cookie and it was good but not as good the Flavorah cookie gave it more of a cooked pie crust with a crispy edge if that makes any sense. I added .50% brown sugar and butter by tfa and .10% of Flavorah rich cinnamon to add that buttery cinnamon sugary goodness!! Rich cinnamon is expensive but if you don't have it you should have it because its the best cinnamon flavor and a 15ml bottle may last you 10 years if you keep it in a refrigerator lol. The cupcake batter is more of an additive it helps the pie crust out and I think it also helps bind all the parts of this recipe together. I used 1% shisha vanilla because it works great in bakery flavor's and it just works.

I used .25% Flavorah sweetness because in my opinion its just a really good clean strong sweetener!!! But you can use whatever your favorite sweetener is and or no sweetener at all. The use of sweetener is a personal choice through and through.

Steep Time:
This may vary person to person for me its perfect after an overnight rest but it definitely will get better and better with time. It seems like a lot of flavors but its really two parts the crust and the filling. The number of flavors just helps layer these two main parts into a delicious Blueberry Pie!!!! Mix up a bigger batch you won't be disappointed!!! Or at least I hope not lol....


Thanks to /u/ID10-T for the suggestions from the Weekly Suggest a Recipe thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/6kfi1h/weekly_suggest_a_recipe_for_my_flavors_thread/

This is great after a 3-4 day steep but gets even better after about a week. I was looking for a solid cakey blueberry vape but wasn't having any luck. Thanks to the DiY-Ejuice community and /u/ID10-T for this suggestion because it hits the spot. The blueberry is perfectly balanced and the cakey flavor balances with it perfectly.


Thanks to /u/ID10-T for the suggestions from the Weekly Suggest a Recipe thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/6lt7mm/weekly_suggest_a_recipe_for_my_flavors_thread/

I was looking for some good bakery recipes but found the banana mixes I was trying tasted too much like candy. Luckily /u/ID10-T suggested this one, and it's a spot on banana nut bread. It's great after 3 days but gets even better after a week. The only thing I may add in the future is some meringue for a light sugar icing on the top but otherwise it's amazing!


A delicious white cake with a thick layer of creamy vanilla icing, with a hint of cinnamon.
Sweet and tasty mix.

No need for sweetener, it is decadant as is.

This is an example of a creamy glass of milk and a freshly made coconut honey cookie. This is another example of how flavorah flavors seem to work well together because on the third day steeping I feel it is such a good tasting Vape I would be lying if I said it would take longer to steep. I am still amazed at how good this was directly after shaking the bottle. This can definitely be vaped immediately but once the flavors have had 3 days to mesh and mold into one then its really good. Sweetness is just a super strong sweetener you sweeten to your preference.

What started as a coffee cake steeped into a well-balanced, full, novelty coffee.

Consider it a graham cracker, or perhaps sugar cookie latte.

My clone of french dude (Blueberry french toast) This to me is a better version with a slightly more authentic flavor profile. And honestly french dude doesn't taste like french toast anyways lol.

The FLV cupcake batter is the key to everything. I was single flavor testing it and after acouple weeks it started tasting just like waffles with a hint a maple already in it

The butter is pretty obvious, I initially had this at 1% and you couldn't notice it was there, at 2% its a perfect hint of butter.

I added the yellow cake in a second version to give it a little more of the sugary dough flavor that I felt was missing

FA Maple syrup again is pretty obvious, be warned it is extremely strong. I had it at .25% and accidentally put an extra drop bring it up to .4 and I actually liked it better there so I kept that odd number. You can play with this one for your taste of sweetness

FLV blueberry muffin - I added to try killing 2 birds with one stone to get more of a cake flavor and add the blueberry, however the blueberry was only a slight hint hence adding the few drops of bilberry really sent it over the top.

Bilberry - like I mentioned above I wasn't getting enough blueberry and added this in the 4th batch to up it just a nudge and this put the blueberry flavor right where it needed to be.

Believe it or not, this is actually damn good right away as a shake and vape however if it sits 2-3 weeks it becomes much more complex. I usually make 2 bottles, one to sit and one to vape on.

Blueberry cupcake batter. Inspired by NotCharlesManson's Batter Up. By inspired, I mean I used RF Blueberry instead. Give it at least a week to age and let the blueberry really come out. Or vape it right away, idgaf. It just won't be as good.

It's banana puddin'. Keep up.

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