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(FLV) Cucumber

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 74 recipes at an average of 1.013%.


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A fresh honeydew forward melon soda for y'alls!

FLV Citrus Soda the only flavor that gives me that "fizzy" feeling. I usually think it needs some help from another tangy lemon lime flavor, but here I opted to use FLV Lemonade instead, to kind of sweeten it, rather than making it pop. I think it works great together with the melons, as they are so sweet, so the sweeter citruses blends great.
FLV Wild Melon is just an incredible flavor by itself, a blend of many different melons all mashed together. I opted to make the honeydew part even more prominent by adding FLV Honeydew, which can be a bit thick if you use it too high, but at 1% I think it does just what it should here, add even more of that great honeydew flavor.
FLV Cucumber was just some experiment I did, but I think it turned out great, as this flavor in particular has a quite distinct almost salty cucumber note to it, and cucumber/melons are a well known pairing. It's used relatively low here, so you have to look for it to taste it, but I think it adds a great juicyness and complexity to the whole mix.
WS-23 for cooling, as a soda should be cold! This is optional though, and use at your own prefered percentage, but I highly recommend it.

A tasty little vape but please share any changes you think it may benefit from.

CAP Cucumber as a sub at 2% is ok, could then probably omit the cactus. I prefer FLV as it's more earthy - as it should be for a G&T but it's a tad too earthy at 1% which is the right amount for the flavour I want so a drop of sweetner sorts that out, I use two or three drops of SS per 50ml. Was hoping the blood orange would provide all the sweetness needed but it just doesn't.
For that slice of lemon Lemon Mix is what you're after.
A touch of WS-23 if you wish. I like it without.
May try a tiny amount of mint too but not sure about it working with the blood orange.

This is a champagne cocktail with cantaloupe and honeydew, decorated with a cucumber ribbon. Since the fruit is not blended in the picture, I tried to make enphasis in the champagne flavor and have the sweetness and fresh green aspects of the fruit.

It took me a couple of tries to nail the champagne but it is freaking delicious! The 2 - 1 ratio between WF and FLV brings toghether the sweet fake sparkling champagne flavor of the first one with the incredibly well represented white wine of flavorah.

FLV Cantaloupe and CAP Honeydew were chossen , not only for the flavor but also because how they complement each other. CAP Double Apple works both ways, helping to the authenticity of the champagne and adding texture to the fruit. WS-23 is there just to help the bubbling effect.

Sorry for my bad english and enjoy! Salud!

Light and tasty mix for a hot day. The cream smoothes out the edges.

This is a cucumber yogurt recipe
Made on "Live Mixing: Cucumber Vapes"

This recipe has a blood orange sorbet top note, nice bright sweet citrus flavor, followed by an interesting cucumber finish.
Made on "Live Mixing: Cucumber Vapes"


Cantaloupe, cucumber, mint. I've been working on this profile for a while now and I finally feel like it's finally at a point where I can release it. Something nice to close out the warm season, but with enough freshness and crisp bite to fit in with the cooler mornings and evenings. This recipe works as a nice palate cleanser, but also comes through with a nice amount of flavour.

FLV Cantaloupe / FLV Wild Melon - a match made in heaven. FLV Cantaloupe is a wonderful concentrate that is both accurate to the name, while avoiding any sort of off notes that come from cantaloupes in real life. With FLV Cantaloupe around 3%, we get a really bold, sweet cantaloupe note similar to biting right into the middle of a perfectly ripe slice. The addition of FLV Wild Melon adds some extra back end notes of general melon flavour. Nothing too distinct, but it just pushes the cantaloupe note into a more unique territory. Almost like if you got a cup of chopped cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew, but only ate the cantaloupe pieces. Delicious, and the higher percentages here allow it to stand up to the somewhat unusual power of the cucumbers.

FLV Cucumber / CAP Cucumber - These two work together to give us a fairly accurate cucumber note, but one that is sweet enough to avoid any sort of off-putting vegetable notes. FLV Cucumber brings the authenticity, likened to some fresh garden cucumbers, sliced up and immediately eaten. There are some slight notes of the cucumber rind/skin which add to the accuracy. Keep this one under 2% in your mixes, for around there, we start to get some strange bitterness and "dirty" accents. Not entirely pleasant at all. CAP Cucumber feels more like the flavour you get in a cucumber water type beverage. More on the sweet side, like eating just that part of the cucumber with the seeds. That fleshy interior that has a strange inherent sweetness to it, but not in the realm of candy or sugar sweetness, just only noticeable when you think about it. These two pair together to give us a great, slightly sweet cucumber that compliments and boosts the cantaloupe notes.

INW Natural Mint - This was actually the note I was struggling with the most for this recipe. Most of the time, it was far too overpowering. It was a matter of testing each new mix by drops until it got where I wanted it. There are obviously other mints that could be used here, but the subtle creaminess and vanilla notes found in INW Natural Mint made it the best choice in my opinion. As you probably know, this shit is incredibly potent, and will quickly destroy a mix in as little as one drop. I've found that two drops per 15ml is perfect for me, but play around with it to your liking. I wouldn't go over 4 drops per 15ml however, because that's where I found the mint to completely decimate any other flavours in this mix. The addition of the slight creaminess of INW Natural Mint brings a perfect mouthfeel to the cantaloupe, while the subtle notes of vanilla also pair nicely with the melons. That mint is here to add an extra layer of complexity and depth to the cucumber, while pushing this mix to be as refreshing and crisp as possible.

Steep time - This works as a shake and vape, for sure. After an overnight steep, whatever slight off notes from cucumber fade away, and after about 2 full days, everyone gets to know each other and we're left with a nicely balanced mix of cantaloupe, sweet cucumber, and vanilla mint.


This is a refreshing Cucumber Cooler, infused with lime and mint. Perfect for a hot day or as a palette cleanser.

Capella's Cucumber is semi sweet and has the taste the inner portion of a ripe cucumber. It has some nice weight/mouthfeel, and is a delicious flavor.

Flavorah's Cucumber is very refreshing and less ripe than Capellas offering. This flavor tastes more like the outer half of a less ripened cucumber. It to has a little sweetness, and helps round out Capella's Cucumber.

Flavour Art's Lime Cold Pressed is crisp and refreshing.

Capella's Lemon Lime helps round out the citrus note of this recipe.
*This flavor was added after the initial posting.

Inawera Cactus adds extra succulence.
*This flavor was added after the initial posting.

To finish off the recipe, I added Inawera's Natural Mint. It's a clean refreshing mint that works nicely in this recipe. 1 drop per 15ml, or 1 drop per 10ml, if you prefer more mint.

*Optional - If you want to add some juiciness along with some extra sweetness without using a sweetner, add Flavour Art Pear @ 1-1.25%

Feedback is welcomed. If you mix this and review it, in return, I will mix a recipe of yours and give you an honest review. Enjoy!

This recipe is designed with menthol flavor in mind. It can be vaped without it but i don't think it is as good. I didn't test it with just mint (i don't have any), that could work too.
It is meant to be refreshing for the hot summertime.
If you like it, please leave a rating.

CAP Cucumber has a nice fresh cucumber salad flavor which is refreshing on it's own. same goes for
TPA Watermelon. it's not a candy like watermelon but a more authentic and fresh one
Golden Pineapple is meant to enhance the freshness and juicyness. I tried different things here but liked this the most. you can switch it for FA Fuji @ 0.5% which works well also (but of course a little different).

Edit New Version: I added a little Flavorahs Cucumber and Wild melon to boost the flavors without making it much drier. To make up for it i raised Golden Pineapple.

Old Recipe:
CAP Cucumber 5%
TPA Watermelon 2.5%
CAP Golden Pineapple 0.75%
Menthol: 0.33%

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