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This is a soft cookie because I like those better. Deal with it.

FLV Cookie for the soft cookie/cookie dough flavor and FLV Pound Cake for some density and a little extra “oven baked” flavor.

FLV Cranberry because that’s what I had.

FLV White Chocolate and then FLV Marshmallow Vanilla to soften/“bake” that white chocolate note.

FLV Crunch Cereal for a little texture, baby.

Add a little FLV Sweetness if that’s your thing. I do.

supposed to be blueberry cereal (boo berry cereal ) So far so good . Give it a mix and review . keep mixing , Much Love .

Wanted to use RF French Toast. Decided to make a captain crunch covered french toast. Sweeten to taste

Laugh all you want at the ingredients and percentages, but this tastes like Captain Crunch. If that is what you want to vape, this is what will deliver that to you. Nothing out there delivers an authentic Captain Crunch base than FLV Crunch Cereal, and believe me, I have a whole shelf of cereal and corn flavorings to prove it. It's the sharp corn bite that is essential to the profile, that I cannot seem to get anywhere else.

Crunch Cereal has been panned heavily in the DIY Reddit, ranging from "it tastes like mushrooms" to "it's pure jizz." Like sure, by itself at 5% I get that. But blend it and it takes on a life of it's own. And I'll take your word for it on the jizz part.

This is essentially a mish mash of various ceral base receipes I have seen, with the FLV Crunch Cereal on top. The AP adds another sharp bite to mix. If you like to shove your mouth full of cereal to the point of causing trauma to your soft palate, this may be what you are looking for.

If you don't want vape juice that tastes like somone who ate a bowl of cereal burped on it, enjoy.

Bolinho Ana Maria is a Brazillian dessert that is just like a twinkie but less sweet and less butterry, basically a Vanilla Cake.

Inspiration taken from Wayne at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFoe3PEb1_7sAY1ZgehNP3A

Hope you guys enjoy, really take into account the temperature of the vape do not exceed 420F synce it may change the flavours a bit.
There is nothing much to talk about this recipe, it is pretty straight foward and simple, nothing is used in an unsual way and for me overall it is a solid recipe that works well together, if you have any sugestions or questions please leave a question or review.


This is hands down the best granola I’ve ever made.

The FLV Granola and Crunch Cereals ingredients actually make this granola stand out cause it tastes like granola. Every layer has a different seasoning/spice/texture. This mix is awesome. The Cranberry/Fig flavored granola topped with the thicker texture and tangier flavor from Greek Yogurt. Sweetened with Honey Bee, this granola is so good, I plan on making another batch of it tonight.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just wanted to take a box of cereal to the couch and dig in?! Here is your chance! This is a simple Trix cereal vape that tastes amazing! What’s also nice, is this acts as a base, or stone. Take the sweetener out, unless you don’t want to of course. If you want cereal and milk, add this to your favorite milk base. If you are looking for a breakfast yogurt, just add this to your favorite yogurt base and you are good to go. The choices are endless, including cheesecakes, cannolis, ice creams/milkshakes, cakes, anything you want.

This is certified shake and vape as well. The FLV Sweetness will get sweeter over time, capping out around a week, so if you would like to wait that long, go ahead. I doubt it lasts that long.

Please, if you make anything using this, link it! I would love to see what others use this with.


Unlucky; Marshmallow front, Sweetened Oat Cereal, Milk exhale.
Inspired by: Lucky Bird
So this was primarily supposed to be a marshmallow cereal but it's not that. However there is something unique that some have enjoyed. Personally I get a creamy greasy dough flavor which is oddly enjoyable. I did a bunch of new versions that ended up being a bit further than what I was going for so I've decided to leave this as it's original and post a new one as it's completed.

This one was made for my girlfriend but it turned out amazing and super addicting. Based off Special K Cinnamon pecan cereal.

CAP Cereal 27/FLV Cinnamon crunch/FLV Crunch cereal
These 3 create the cereal base. A lot of people dislike FLV crunch cereal, and I understand why. If you use it high it taste funky as hell, but at .75% WITH the cereal 27 it bends the flavor away from the standard corn cereal taking it more into a wheat grain cereal, and the cinnamon crunch brings some cinnamon sugar coated grain flavor to it to bring the base.

FW Butter pecan/FA Nut mix
Being a pecan flavored cereal FW butter pecan was a pretty obvious choice, but I didn't want it to go to far into a candied nut flavor, so using FA nut mix in a small % adds a vague nut flavor without being to obviously any single nut in order to bolster the pecan flavor.

FA cream fresh/TFA Van swirl/FA meringue/TPA toasted Marshmallow/FW Hazelnut
A very basic creamy milk base. Adding the TPA toasted marshmallow to it brings some brown sugar type sweetness to the mix emulating the sugar mixing with the milk in the bottom of the bowl.

If you want a slightly drier texture to it .25-.5% of AP will help with that. It's good without and depending on how you prefer the cereal would decided if and how much you'd use.


Cannoli sprinkled with chocolate chips. Please wait at least 24 hours, to try, the chocolate will be very faint until around a week or more steep.

Biscuit/Crunch Cereal/Joy - adds the crunchy shell.

Vanilla Custard/cheesecake - make up the rich filling.

Milk chocolate and Australian chocolate adds the sweet milk chocolate morsels.

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 3.0% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 75 / 100

Grainy and slightly sweet great representation of cereal.

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