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(FLV) Creme De Menthe

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Used in 367 recipes at an average of 1.19%.


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Just a Simple Chocolate chip mint ice cream Cookie. The biscuit adds to the crunch of the chocolate chips from FLV Cookie dough and JF Chocolate Steep 1 week. For perfect winter time ice cream Vape. Mixed at 70/30

Cool and creamy chocolate tobacco!

My spin on an Ande's Mint and tobacco cross. The chocolate is noticeable after you taste the creme de menthe. The chocolate melds with the tobaccos and, which are all slightly darker. The wood spice, I added because I had the odd idea to combine wood spice with chocolate. I was looking for a "smoke" or wood hint to it, instead of a nutty feel. I think it turned out pretty well. I enjoyed this thoroughly.


This is what I vape when I have vapors tongue and have trouble tasting things.
Make sure to drink plenty of water.

So I absolutely love Cuprian, but I can only ever vape it on RTAs/RDAs because it clogs up coils so badly. Here is my coil friendly alternative.

TPA VBIC + HS FVIC is a match made in heaven. Really rounds out the VBIC giving it a more authentic, dense icecream flavour with a hint more dairy.

The chocolate could possibly be upped to 1.25% or 1.5% I reckon. If anyone tries it at 1.5% let me know. Oh and also MF flavours tend to get stronger and better after steeping, so if you find the chocolate a bit weak after a shake and vape just give it some time. Pretty good shake and vape anyhow.

The FLV creme de menthe is a bit icier than the FW and TPA versions, and has an inherantly chocolatey flavour so subbing it with FW creme de menthe is possible but not recommended. I much prefer Cuprian with FLV creme de menthe, and if you havnt tried the original with FLV creme de menthe then I highly recommend it. I probably prefer my version to the original, although im not sure if I prefer it to the original +FLV creme de menthe, il have to try them side by side.

FA meringue can be subbed for TPA, it doesnt really matter too much which one you use. And im sure the cap marshmallow could be subbed for FA or TPA versions. The CAP marshmallow I used in this was the OG version. If you only have the newest cap marshmallow, then sub for FA/TPA.

As the original called for sweetener I used 2% erythritol, as it doesnt gunk up coils. Im sure it would be dandy without it though, so dont stop yourself from trying this if youre missing the Erythritol.

CLUB Mint - milk chocolate with a cool mint cream and biscuit filling'

Inw Biscuit/ Cap sugar cookie: It seems extreme for a biscuit base but it needed to be this way to break through the Minty cream.

JF Chocolate/TPA VBIC/ RF cotton candy: This is the chocolate at the perfect amount giving a subtle layer to the entire vape.

FLV creme de menthe/ CC Devon Cream : this is the strong sweet minty cream that sits between the Chocolate coating and biscuit center. Just enough to give the Authentic illusion of a Club Mint bar that we loved to pack into our Lunch boxes

A very morish and refreshing take on Jacob's Club Mint.

I hope you all enjoy!

I know there are 100 different recipes out there for this particular Girl Scout cookie. But none of them have the king of chocolate Baker's flavors chocolate truffle.

The chocolate truffle is the perfect chocolate for this recipe it blends perfectly with FLV creme de menthe.

The rest is self-explanatory fa cookie gives you a nice buttery cookie with a Crips snap add in a touch of JF biscuit and a splash of vanilla and you have the perfect thin mint cookie.

Modeled after one of my favorite cigarettes when I first started smoking. A nice cigarette tobacco with a medium chocolate, light mint, and hint of coffee.


Classic girl scout cookie. Vanilla Custard give some texture and mouth feel. Good after 3 days. Best after 2 weeks.

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