(FLV) Creme De Menthe

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A Choc Mint Cheesecake Mix for Addy Tuney’s 61st Birthday

All Chocolate Mint off the Shake, espresso vso should grow 🤞🏼

Tested on a Hadaly with a 0.25 single coil (dual core alien) @ 39 - 44 watts.

1 Day, creamy minty chocolate, no presence of the espresso yet, the chocolate is present but is subtle in flavour

3 Days, things are starting to change as the mix has gotten a little “muddy” but has a creamy mint chocolate with excellent mouth feel.
(I am looking forward to how this finishes after it has had a 5 to 10 day steep)

7 Days, The mix in now clearly a cup of Choc mint, with a slight cinnamon spice on the tail, mouthfeel is delightful, Espresso still not present, think it needs to be bumped up to .75 or 1%

10 Days, I would consider this to be fully steeped & is clearly a creamy thick choc mint beverage, it has a brilliant mouthfeel. Espresso at 0.4% is not present in the mix after 10 days, so if you want the mocha then espresso would need to be doubled to 0.80%. The cinnamon from the moose milk is no longer present and it is just adding a little something to the finish.

Another lightly boozy drink vape using Irish cream
smooth and creamy with a minty bite to it. Good off the shake but best after about a week or so

An homage to my favorite baker. I don't have any notes or anything I just have a fat ass bottle of this I made months ago and it turned out really well. I'll honestly vape anything with creme de menthe and chocolate in it to be honest.

Since I started mixing, I have been in search of a spot on York Peppermint Patty. I tried what I thought was everything, but over a year later, I managed to get my hands on Australian Chocolate, and FLV Peppermint, and I think that with the help of ID10-T, and a few others, I have made what may be a perfect Peppermint Patty.

Start very low with WS-23, I mixed the first batch with 1% and while the flavor was great, I replicated the experience of first eating a peppermint patty as a kid and it freezing your mouth off, as opposed to making a peppermint patty.

Currently a SnV, Will update with steeping recommendations.


Experience the extra creamy goodness this Is actually one of my Personal ADV minty and chocolate,vanilla 😋 sharing this recipe with pride...If you love SADBOY Shamrock cookie give this a try...

Mixer's Club December 2020 - life is like a box of chocolates...

ID10-T has too much faith in my mixing abilities. But i have faith in him. So, we tried out his ideas for FM TB Mint. I liked this one the best.

TB Mint / FLV Turkish - He called it. Great combo. I feel like you get the mint up front and then a pocket of spiced bacco before the minty chocolate finish.

CDM / Choc Deutch - Two great flavors that go great together. CD is lower here to keep coconut note from showing up unwanted and the CDM keeps the mint up on the back end.

Milk Chocolate - Felt it needed just a wee bit more chocolate in the finish. This did tamp down some of the bacco mint flavor upfront, but I felt the sacrifice was well worth it to wrap the whole thing in a more convincing choc rather than just be a hint.

I'd give it ten days to settle yet can be great right after a few days.


This is a super smooth chocolate and mint tobacco. An after dinner vape that is just right and hits all of the notes.


Allright boys, this is my legacy recipe. The previous version of this has been improved a lot so I appreciate people giving this one a shot. Since I started mixing I came in wishing there was more clones of popular juices. There were 4 specifically I wanted to see: pink punch lemonade by twist, shamrock cookie by sadboy, beard #32 by beard vape co, and the one strawberry by beard vape co. None of these existed before I started mixing almost a year ago. I took it as my personal mission to get good enough where I could clone these juices and I set out on a journey. This is the profile that I worked the hardest to achieve, so much time and effort. It was by far the hardest clone I worked on and took about 4 months of trial and error to get to this version. It is good after 7 days, great after 2 weeks and continues to get better afterwards. This is gonna be the last recipe I publish for a while, possibly ever unless I try to go after the one strawberry. If anyone has tried the original, I would love to hear your thoughts on how I did.

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