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(FLV) Cream

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery cereal fruit

Used in 3343 recipes at an average of 1.108%.


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So it is that season again of all things pumpkin and gingerbread - all day - er day. Nothing fuels the american spending spree during the holidays like a pumpkin latte. I am sure that the shoppers on Rodeo drive will be holding their supper skinny, no calorie, quadruple pumpkin latte as they stroll down the avenue.
This was made for the Flavorah November contest

pur Caramel coffee with sweet milk is a spot on sweet caramel coffee beverage, it needs just a touch of help to move it into a latte

VT coffee milk froth and FLv cream combine to create that thick steamed cream and froth. VT coffee milks froth is light airy and has a just a touch of a coffee note.. FLv cream helps to blend this mix and add body

INW shisha vanilla and FLV milk and Honey Milk and honey creates a darker sweetness that compliments the caramel and coffee profile for this mix. vanilla shisha is more of a lighter top note vanilla that will pop out a bit rather then get blended in with the darker caramel and coffee notes. They also help to add some body and volume to the vape.

FLV pumpkin is the perfect holiday spice blend with really pleasant warm spices - that settles in to the mix as they steep.

This is a pretty sweet mix but feel free to add FLV sweetness for that authentic coffee shop syrup sweetness

"Learn more about mixing here:

I really enjoy Red tea ( also known as a Roobios tea) and with the weather starting to turn cool on the east coast I start making loose leaf tea by the bucket loads. loads. So when I say that FLV does tea really well, I speak from experience, and their red tea is spot on for me. This is a slightly sweet earthy vanilla maple base with some brighter fruit top notes. it makes for a very nice easy all day vape . This was mixed for the All flavorah November contest

Apple filling provides some body to this mix some spice and cider notes that accent this mix at this percent..

Ginger peach Persimmon and Red tea combine to create a natural sweet bright almost creamy peach note with a deep woodsy caramel vanilla back note from the red tea. . Persimmon has some citrus peach notes that provide some bright top note to this mix. The ginger sits on top and is noticeable on the exhale . The deeper notes of the red tea come out after a 3 - 5 day period.

milk and honey adds some darker base sweet caramel notes that anchor this mix and add some creamy body

vanilla bean is an accent used to pull out the vanilla note that is part of the ginger peach and red tea.

** cream** adds some body and blends this mix.

NOTE : I enjoy a sweeter tea hence the additional of sweetness, which I find to be a sweetener that adds the most natural type of sweetness to a mix like this - but use the sweetener of your choice

. "Learn more about mixing here:

A delicious fresh creamy vape. Enjoy

In progress til its done steeping, but as a shake n vape is done!😉

Week 38 of The Year of Mixing -- This week was French Macarons and I went soft and light in terms of flavors. The honey blends into the base cookie flavors, and the lavender cream layers in right between it. It works okay shake and vape, but it really all comes together after at least a 3 day steep, and really blends fully out after about 10 days. Once the creams smooth out into the lavender that is when it feels like it's steeped out.

In my home city we have a very eclectic group of people. It's legitimately a melting pot of all cultures. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to all sorts of different foods growing up, and one of my favorite things to do was to go to different ethnic grocery stores with my mother. There was one store in particular that always had me very excited, and it wasn't really a store. It was basically a giant warehouse, with tons of different little shops smashed into it. This place was called Mitsuwa. A Japaense Marketplace.
Particulary, my favorite place in the market was the candy aisle. I could not read japanese but the packaging was brilliant. It was a surprise every time I chose something new. My absolute, hands down, favorite candy of all time from Mitsuwa, was a Honeydew Shake Candy called Milkita. It was almost like a Honeydew Taffy, emphasis on the milk. Here is my rendition of it, which I am happy to say has exceeded my expectations in wanting to re-create that nostalgic taste.

JF Honeydew Melon - Pretty much the standard when it comes to delicious Honeydew Melon flavors. They knocked it out of the park with this one. It's a sweet and fresh melon flavor thats pretty potent too. It does mellow out over time, so thats why I accented it with the even more potent TFA Honeydew. In conjunction with eachother these two really drive home that sweet, green, melon flavor that so reminds me of those little chewy Milkita candies. I also get a creaminess out of these two, as I do with most melon flavors, which plays nicely with our other ingredients and overall goal for the recipe.
FLV Cantaloupe - This stuff tastes fairly authentic to me. Its a natural, ripe, sweet cantaloupe that plays right into the melon profile and helps accentuate the body of that fruity creaminess.
FA Coconut - This was what I was missing from my earliest versions. Just a touch here helps bring some more milkiness, pumps up the sweetness level, and acts as a bridge between the fruits and creams. I was super excited when I started using this and it worked so well.
FLV Cream - Bring on the creaminess. This has a dairy taste, but not as agressive as FA Fresh Cream or ooo Cream - Milky Undertones. I was originally using TFA Marshmallow to bring some body and sweetness, but it seemed overbearing. FLV Cream brought some great body, mouthfeel, a reasonable amount of dairy, and also helped the richness of the recipe. Its thick. More like a heavy whipping cream than a milk that plays well with the fruits.
ooo Cream - Milky Undertones - This is flavoring has been a godsend. It's milk with a touch of sweetness. No-nonsense here. Its fluffy, which helps emulate the candy aspect of the source material and worked exactly as intended.
FA Meringue - Sugary sprinkled sweetness. Helps in the cream department making things milkier, helps in the sweetness department delivering that accurate candy profile.
Thats about it.

This is just a cookie dough with nothing else in it. It is really good alone but it could also be used to add too. You could add a chocolate to make chocolate cookie dough. I was aiming for “Dat Cookie Doe” but it is nothing like it. There is a strong cookie dough and a vanilla cream undertone. This is my first recipe ever. I would really like some feedback.

A store-bought bubblegum milkshake. Sweet and smooth and blue milk.

HC Bubble Gum is CLY Bubble Gum. (Also branded as TFM Bubble Gum)

I found that this needs a steep of about 1 week... But It needs to be vaped between week 1 and 3.

Minty cucumber-infused green tea with cream and honey.

I know this looks unnecessarily complicated at first, but I will discuss the reasoning behind all of the flavors and why they're essential to the recipe. FLV Cream adds the cream note I was searching for to the recipe, it softens the tea and thickens it up perfectly. CAP Cucumber is the reason I started down this path, and at 3% it blends perfectly into the profile. FLV Eisai Tea, while still causing a bit of powdery quality, cuts down the floral part of the green tea and brightens up the entirety of the recipe. FLV Green Tea is a very accurate green tea flavor, it still has a floral side to it but I wouldn't choose any other green tea for this mission.
FA Honey is the best honey flavor I have tried out of six for an authentic honey taste without any major off notes or floral qualities. Yes, I am aware that there is only .25% FLV Lemon Tea in this recipe, but it does wonders even sitting that low. I tried it higher at first, and it has a tendency to bend things into hot tea with lemon territory. I decided to add it because it cuts through the dryness of the tea and cream flavors with some wetness and a citrus note. The last thing I added to this recipe was the natural mint. I was considering sharing it with everyone earlier, but I still felt like the recipe was lacking something to make me really love it. I ordered the natural mint to try Black Blossom Tea by Kindground, and after testing it I knew it was the missing touch

Episode 28 - Soup -- A mix of spiced eggnog with a dash of pumpkin spice thrown in. See the episode on you tube for more details on it's creation.

This is my take on this weeks photo. VT Banana Custard is by far the best banana cream flavor I have tried. Flv Cream and WF Vanilla Cream Extra make the perfect cream that is spiced with Flv Egg Nog. I added Flv Butterscotch and FW Butterscotch Ripple because I like butterscotch with banana flavors and I stole this butterscotch combo from Cheeba Steeba's butterscotch banana frozen custard. Its delicious, give it a mix.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 95 / 100 Solo: 2.0% Mix: 1.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 10 / 100

This is my favorite cream right now. I've started using it in mixes in place of FA Fresh Cream. It brings a good body to a cream base without being too heavy or overwhelmingly "dairy" while still giving a pleasant creamy smoothness. It does offer a very slight sweetness, and really helps harmonize flavors.
A lot of people claimed they sensed a sort of "spice" to it, which I didn't detect in any of my mixes. After trying it as a standalone though, there is definitely a bit of spice to it. IDK Why but I went for it at 3.5%, and I get almost like an horchata flavor from it, which I find very interesting. In mixes at .5-1% I don't detect the spice.

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