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(FLV) Cream

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery cereal fruit

Used in 2516 recipes at an average of 1.124%.


168 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

All I can say here is this is my 1st all Flavorah recipe and it's very delicious!! I absolutely love the custard and biscotti together!! Add a touch of cream and cinnamon crunch n milk & honey and oooh la la it's fabulous!!!
It's a snv and is great right away if u like and up front biscotti and calms down more on day 2-7 as the custard starts to blend with the biscotti

Smooth homemade pudding with papaya chunks

They say TFA Papaya is too dank. They say it has too much butyric acid (which I hate.) They say use a different papaya! I like it.

FLV Vanilla Pudding and FLV Cream are just delicious and to the point. Cream is one of the most interesting flavors I've tried. It's not exactly a realistic tasting cream to me, like FA Cream Fresh, but it tastes like a cream made specifically for vaping.

This is my first original mix, though I use the term "original" loosely. It is heavily inspired by The Best Damn Loveless Orange Milk by matthewkocanda. His recipe has been one of my ADVs since I started mixing a few months ago. This week, though, I have a head cold complete with sinus congestion and a sore throat. That means it's time for me to be vaping menthol. It didn't take me long to run out of what I had on hand, but I remembered I had picked up some 10% menthol with my first batch of flavors. This would work just as well, and very possibly better, with koolada, but menthol was what I had.

I decided to try my hand at one of my favorite things from childhood that I can no longer enjoy because I got the diabeetus: Orange Julius. I altered the ratios of matthewkocanda's Orange Milk, added in some Vanilla Whipped Cream and menthol, and completely forgot to use the Vienna Cream that was in the original recipe.

An Orange Julius is much more of a frozen orange juice rather than a proper orange cream flavor, so I have the total orange flavoring at a higher ratio than the total cream flavoring. The honeysuckle and hazelnut are holdovers from the original recipe. I tried to have the orange at the front with the other flavors holding it up rather than blending into a secondary note in and of themselves. The menthol adds a touch of coolness. I could probably go higher with that, but I don't really want a minty note, so I think when/if I get around to mixing v.2.0 I try to have some koolada for that instead.

At the time I'm writing this, it's only been one day since I mixed this up, so I haven't tried it after a steep yet. So far it's good as a shake 'n' vape. Good, but I wouldn't say great. I mixed it at max VG. I would love feedback on this.

Simple yet flavorful! The Flv green tea goes well with many flavors such as citrus, fruits and creams. The teas are a great addition to any flavor stash!

tastes like a wonderful tea with some cream and a very tasty honey, back note. it all marries and blends together at about 3 weeks.
The green tea really is great with the milk and honey! It gives the green tea a warm flavor and the flv cream which is one of my favorite creams really helps blend the flavors realm well.. This is wonderful trio and has alot of flavor considering the % is so low. I can't stop vapng it its so delicious!!

Give it a mix if you have the flavors. Its a simple recipe with Low percents but it sure does taste fantastic!! It has to steep about 3 full weeks to come together. I dont add sweetener to many of my recipes. They seem to taste sweet enough for me but if u feel u like it sweeter then add 0.25 to 1% of your favorite sweetener.

Sweet and creamy brie (picked from Sasquatch's toes), served with sliced fig, and topped with fresh honey and cracked black pepper.

Created for April 2018 Mixer's Club. This month's theme is "April Fools":


Total flavoring 17.50%. Steep 2 weeks. It begins to come together after 4 days. After that magic happens and is complete at two weeks, and holds it flavor for at least 10 weeks. That is as long as a bottle has lasted so far, before being emptied.

Why just chocolate as a name for a recipe that is obviously intended to be a Nutella attempt? Well, it just didn't get close enough to claim the name. What is does do though is present to you a chocolate vape that does not blind your taste buds after three hits or thirty hits. For some reason the other ingredients help hold the flavor intact for each hit. I suspect that the FLV Milk Chocolate is largely responsible for that.

TFA Double Chocolate (Clear) is a very tasty chocolate for the first few hits, then your tongue gives up. I first noticed this in early 2015 in a Butterfinger recipe I found in a ECF thread. The same thing happened with other chocolates I tried. I gave up, rightly figuring that I just don't know enough about mixing. Then, a year ago while reading this forum I found a lot of excited discussion about a couple of Flavorah chocolates; Milk Chocolate and Chocolate Deutsch. I picked up a bottle of each and that changed everything. I chose Milk Chocolate over Chocolate Deutsch simply because I don't like Chocolate Deutsch. It tastes harsh and peppery to me, which is probably just me.

Flavorah Cream. At the same time I purchased the FLV chocolates I purchased FLV Cream. I have always been a proponent for FA Fresh Cream, and I still am for it's immediate cream flavor that requires little to no steep time. I began switching out Fresh Cream for FLV Cream in some recipes just to see what would happen, and have found that it, after a week or so, delivers a full bodied cream with a richness that FA Fresh Cream lacks.

FW Hazelnut. This again is a personal choice between FW and TFA Hazelnut. I tried both and found that the TFA variety is harsh and peppery. I see a pattern here and am sure it is my problem and not TFA's

TFA Vanillin. I read the label on Nutella and right there under ingredients it says "Vanillin, an artificial flavor." Good enough for me.

TFA White Chocolate. I felt the recipe needed a bit of smoothing out, and this is what I used. It seems to have worked.

TFA Cotton Candy and CAP Supersweet. Both Chocolate and Nutella are very sweet and I used these two to achieve that.

Blackberry Honeysuckle Tobacco all tied to together with a touch of cream and vanilla. Off a shake, this is pretty great, in my opinion (especially given the fact that FLV Cured seems to suffer from fading). It's a slightly floral, creamy, berry-tinged tobacco . . . an excellent way to unwind at the end of long day.

Remix of Bermuda by 13th Floor Elevapors

Profile of the original juice is "mixed berries, green apple & champagne with cream". I add plum for fun. Sweetener is optional. I usually mix it without, but it's up to you.

A macaron flavored with fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

The theme for Mixers' Club was "duets" - taking two existing recipes and making them sing together. I wanted to try to marry my macaron base from my Mango Blossom Macaron to the best recipe to come out of last year's DIYorDIE world mixing competition, the heavenly three-ingredient "In a Godda Da Vida" by the incomparable @mlNikon. The earliest versions were disastrous. TFA Papaya and FA Pomegranate and not to be trifled with. It took turning them down further and further and even adjusting the ratio a bit to get Godda to fit into a light and airy meringue and almond flour cookie with an ingratiating touch of forbidden fruit flavor.

A Notoriously delicious papaya macaron with honey cream filling

The theme for Mixers' Club was "duets" - taking two existing recipes and making them sing together. I wanted to try using the macaron base from my Mango Blossom Macaron with a different tropical fruit, and the first thing that came to mind was swiping the top off of the last public recipe by the late, great @NotCharlesManson (May Peace Be Upon Him). That funky papaya, backed up by apricot and presented with a bit of honey, was just so yummy situated in a rich cream. Would it work here too? Yes, I think it does, deliciously, but only after being dialed way, way back to fit subtly into a delicate pastry.

Mix some up, and don't forget to pour a little out for the dearly departed.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 95 / 100 Solo: 2.0% Mix: 1.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 10 / 100

This is my favorite cream right now. I've started using it in mixes in place of FA Fresh Cream. It brings a good body to a cream base without being too heavy or overwhelmingly "dairy" while still giving a pleasant creamy smoothness. It does offer a very slight sweetness, and really helps harmonize flavors.
A lot of people claimed they sensed a sort of "spice" to it, which I didn't detect in any of my mixes. After trying it as a standalone though, there is definitely a bit of spice to it. IDK Why but I went for it at 3.5%, and I get almost like an horchata flavor from it, which I find very interesting. In mixes at .5-1% I don't detect the spice.

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