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pretty authentic rice pudding, adjust rich cinnamon to your liking, 1 drop per 30ml is mild but plenty noticeable.

Mellow creamy ginger/cinammon mix with light almond notes on the backend , perfect for the cold winter nights.

Needs a 3day steep for the ginger to calm down and blend with the cream base

Tested on skyfall fralien 0.25 @ 65Watts

This recipe was originally created for the Developed Flavorah challenge but I submitted another recipe Cookie dough RY4 .Smooth and creamy cocktail like vibe going on in this mix papaya, Mango and some hints of Melon and coconut definitely a change of pace for my daily life of dark and rich RY4's give it a mix and sit back and enjoy the tropical vibe...

Not much to it. I feel as the v1 has great flavor but v2 has more of the smoothie texture I was aiming for. This came out good

All I'm trying to do is use my Pur Strawnana smoothie which is going to be discontinued. I love it so I've been exploring with it. I just like to take it and add strawberry and banana to it. Shocker. I do have other ideas and work on them when my palate doesnt beg for another 60ml of this.

Banana puree is perfect for what I want. Nice chunky monkey in there. All authentic. Yes. Strawberry jam because it's my favorite. Meruca. Add some cheesecake even there. Why? It's a little....cheesy to me and gives this thick kinda texture I wanted, pair that with the smoothie tfa and flv cream and it created the smoothie texture i wanted. Meanwhile, flv cream and banana puree pair together perfectly.

It comes out to be....what it is.

Why did I name it after a singing fish on the wall? Idfk. I'm running outta names and honestly dgaf to think of a logical one. This reminds me of a nice hot day. So take me to the river, throw me down the water.

Maybe I shoulda called this "Van down by the river" but that will be in the future. Spoiler?

Rainbow Sherbet is a delightful frozen citrus cream. For the citrus note I’m pairing FE Lemon with FW Blood Orange and VT Persian Lime. All 3 make a full citrus flavor with all the juicy brightness.

For the cream just 3% FLV Cream for a nice thick cream note. I’ve added a little bit of VT Butter Base to give it some rich velvety texture and make it more like and ice cream.

Sweeten to Taste.

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This is a base recipe. It’s made to be added to, changed and adapted so please do!

LB Vanilla Ice Cream is rich in egg and butter but the vanilla flavor is a bit light so I add 2% Vanilla Swirl which also softens it up a bit, 1% FLV Cream is here for texture.

Sweeten to Taste.

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FA Fuji Apple and INW Biscuit are going to give us a really solid apple pie vibe. The Fuji is super crispy, natural, sweet apple flavor and that buttery biscuit is doing a nice crunchy crust. Cheesecake graham crust is making its best brown sugar struesel impression here and doing it nicely.

Last that cream note, something that’s extremely important for an Apple Brown Betty is a generous scoop of thick thick whipped cream right on top and FLV Cream is just that, a thick, rich creamy note.

Sweeten to Taste.

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This is the 4th variation of one of my first ever recipes i've made years ago

Not much too it. Just wanted to utilize Sb jam with toast and I think I did pretty well. This is very addicting after a steep

Its a sunday afternoon and you just want to enjoy a nice Mochaccino Milkshake sitting outside.Vaping this you get the roasted coffee note upfront and on the exhale you get the mocha the cream and the froth layered one after the other

The Brazilian Coffee and the Coffee Milk Froth are used for a capuccino base and the Roasted Pecans and Cream gives the mocha note.
(FA)Meringue , (FLV)Cream and (LB)Vanilla Ice Cream are used for the milkshake base.

I enjoy this after a 3days steep , but it has some miniscule harshness on the exhale.It gets velvety smooth after 7 days

Sweetener/coolant to taste.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 95 / 100 Solo: 2.0% Mix: 1.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 10 / 100

This is my favorite cream right now. I've started using it in mixes in place of FA Fresh Cream. It brings a good body to a cream base without being too heavy or overwhelmingly "dairy" while still giving a pleasant creamy smoothness. It does offer a very slight sweetness, and really helps harmonize flavors.
A lot of people claimed they sensed a sort of "spice" to it, which I didn't detect in any of my mixes. After trying it as a standalone though, there is definitely a bit of spice to it. IDK Why but I went for it at 3.5%, and I get almost like an horchata flavor from it, which I find very interesting. In mixes at .5-1% I don't detect the spice.

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