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(FLV) Cream

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery cereal fruit

Used in 2090 recipes at an average of 1.134%.


146 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A recipe I wanted to make based on Harambe, may that gentle giant rest in peace. It started out with banana's, and blood orange. I then had to figure out a way to tie those together, as they really don't mesh very well. I added the banana cream/cream to help emulsify everything together, and the hazelnut to be the tie in ingredient between the two. Enjoy!

So have you ever poured a shot of bourbon over vanilla ice cream and forgot about it then when you remember it has all melted? Me neither this Fatboy don’t forget ice cream but if I did I imagine it would taste like this.

This is a vanilla caramel bourbon cream. I don’t do all day vapes til now. I seem to get bored easily but four months now and still vaping this one.

RF AGED BOURBON CREAM...no subs for this one

VBIC....LB is my preference here it is more vanilla and sweeter than CAP or TFA
feel free to sub CAP or TFA AT THE SAME %

If you want a little more bourbon up front use TFA KENTUCKY BOURBON AT .25%

Was aiming for a lemon sherbert w/ basil but the lemon (to me) isn't super prominent. (probably due to the rainbow sherbert) I've tried altering it to make it more lemon forward but so far I prefer this mix.
This won't be for everyone because it's definitely got a "green" note that some people hate... but I like it. It's different. It's good right away but gets richer/creamier with a steep.


After finally getting in some Rose milk and giving it a try couldn't help but throw this together. I think I'm pretty close to his base here what do you guys think?

Inspired by a recent trip to the Yucatan Peninsula and visit to the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza.

On the trip, I took several dessert-type juices with me and drank more boat drinks than I care to remember . . . I began craving something less sweet. On one excursion we learned all about the Mayans use of chocolate. Xocolatl (actually, this is the Nahuatl word for the ancient chocolate drink . . . the Mayan word is chacau haa, but I went with the more common derivation, xocolatl, as it is more recognizable) means literally "bitter water" and was the unsweetened application of the cacao beans used across the Yucatan Peninsula. Ground cacao beans were often mixed with chili peppers, corn meal, and water to create the traditional chacau haa, or xocolatl.

I went with HS Australian Chocolate (1%) because it was the most versatile chocolate I had in my selection of flavors. Wanting to stay semi-traditional, I chose to eschew the chilis for the more palatable heat of cinnamon (FLV Rich Cinnamon at 0.25%) and include FLV Vanilla Bean at 1% (as vanilla was widely available to the Mayan people). Most chocolates I've had that are branded Mexican/Mayan chocolate include brown sugar (in addition to cinnamon, vanilla, and chili powder of some type), so I included a touch of TFA Brown Sugar at 0.8% in this recipe.

I didn't want this to be a strictly chocolate vape, and the obvious choice was to mix it with tobacco, in order to really get closer to that savory vape I was craving. I went with FLV Red Burley at 2% (which also carries some cocoa notes), FLV Cured at 1.5 and FLV Native for the woodsy and slightly spiced tobacco aspect. I included FLV Cream (1%) to act as a bridge between the spiced chocolate and tobaccos.

The picture with the recipe is one I took at Chichen Itza . . . I thought it looked like a skull breathing out smoke.

Mixed at 60vg/40pg and tried it. It was decent as SNV, but the flavors have come together much better 3 days later.

Possible additions I might try after I vape this 10mL: FA Oba Oba (as it works amazingly in Kopel's Fireside) . . . maybe a little Acetyl Pyrazine to add a touch of nutty graininess.

Updated: Added a touch of Black Mile Plus, which carries a nice cocoa note with a bit of nutty tobacco, and Oba Oba, which works to further intertwine the cinnamon/chocolates and tobaccos and add a bit more fluffiness to the overall mouthfeel. Very satisfying vape at the end of a long day!

This Strawberry and Cream Sponge is a refreshing alternative to the Strawberry Creams/Milkshakes, which i'm sick to death of.

JF Yellow Cake and Flv Pound Cake is a reliable staple for cake bases.
A thick whipped sweet cream for this sponge was needed so FLV Cream and TPA Marshmallow were added to Holy Vanilla And CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream, which were too light orginally, to thicken them up. Marshmallow is also a great addition to any cream filling.

I wanted a thin yet tart syrupy strawberry layer so JF Strawberry Sweet is at 2%, which pops through on the exhale. Inawera Raspberry was added to accent the Strawberry , jam it up a bit and make it pop more. FA Red Touch @2% and Shisha Strawberry @0.5% are a recommended alternative if you prefer a more floral ripe strawberry.

FA Meringue sweetens the cake, fluffs up the cream and adds to the frosting layer, FLV Frosting which takes about 10 days to show. Cap Vanilla Whipped Cream helps out here as well

This is recipe is nice at 3 days but a 10 day to two week steep is recommened.

EDIT: Adjust inawera Raspberry according to taste Best range is 0.25%-0.5%. I like 0.5%, which is too strong for some people.

A nice, not-too-sweet, spiced herbal tea. Still in progress, but still lovely.

RF Masala Chai - SC: Provides the body of the recipe. Delicious.
FE Green Tea: Adds an earthy, herbal flavor while also toning down
the sweetness of the spices in Masala Chai while keeping the flavor present.
FLV Cream & TPA Vanilla Swirl: This combination gives the impression
of a splash of vanilla creamer in your chai tea.

S&V is possible but recommened steep time is 5 days
to let FE Green tea calm down and FLV Cream build up the creamy mouth-feel.

A bowl of taro sticky rice, with shaved taro, topped with a coconut cream.

I figured I would just derive this from @Shyndo and his Mango Sticky Rice recipe, mainly because it is already very similar. It didn't actually come from him, but after working on the recipe, its so similar, I might as well right? This is a mix you want to let and sit for about a day or so and then vape. The sticky rice does get starchy if you let it steep a too long. I still enjoyed the mix, but I felt it was much better early on. My findings also fit @Shyndo and his assessment on that as well. FLV Cream is used, to meld the mix together, while bringing only a neutral cream and mouthfeel. The coconuts that are used, are both creamy and sweet as well. TFA Coconut is not used because it is a little more natural, which is no what I was aiming for in a coconut cream.

There's nothing particularly new going on here since this recipe is kind of a remix of Vurve's Birthday ice cream Cake (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/16823) which I completly adore. I'm still learning the ropes but thought this was worth sharing.

Cake Base: The usual suspects, JF Yellow Cake and CAP Vanilla Cupcake.

Ice cream layer : ID10-T's magic formula, HS French Vanilla ice cream (0.5%) and LB vanilla ice cream (4.5%). This has been slightly thickened up and emulsified with Favorah Cream.

Accents: I'm not a huge fan of banana but I love a hint of it in juices. LA Banana cream provides a hint of candy/ taffy banana, as if the ice cream has ripples of banana syrup through it. However, FLV Milk and Honey does some magic here and combines with the banana to give the ice cream cake a lovely warm, slight boozy sweetness. TFA Toasted Marshmallow was added for mouthfeel but also to provide some brown sugar sweetness. It particularly works well with FLV Milk and Honey, as I learnt from Cheeba Steeba's amazing Milk & Honey recipe. (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/13546#milk_honey_by_cheebasteeba)

And that's it! I'm sure more experienced mixers could do much more with far less ingredients than I have used here but the recipe tastes quite good as it stands.

This is my take on Jennifer Jarvis’s recipe. Unfortunately, I didn’t have all the flavors on hand to mix hers so I changed it up a bit. My palate is not nearly as refined as hers, but this worked well for me. Oh yeah, I’m a sucker for FW yellow cake so there’s that...and yes I know about how bad it is to vape, but using it every now and then is okay. If you don’t like yellow cake try subbing it with tres leches. Anywho, thanks Jennifer for all the awesome recipes and flavor notes. I’m a big fan!

Here’s the link to Jennifer’s recipe: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/53069#choco_coffee_peanut_candies_by_jenniferjarvis

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 95 / 100 Solo: 2.0% Mix: 1.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 10 / 100

This is my favorite cream right now. I've started using it in mixes in place of FA Fresh Cream. It brings a good body to a cream base without being too heavy or overwhelmingly "dairy" while still giving a pleasant creamy smoothness. It does offer a very slight sweetness, and really helps harmonize flavors.
A lot of people claimed they sensed a sort of "spice" to it, which I didn't detect in any of my mixes. After trying it as a standalone though, there is definitely a bit of spice to it. IDK Why but I went for it at 3.5%, and I get almost like an horchata flavor from it, which I find very interesting. In mixes at .5-1% I don't detect the spice.

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