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(FLV) Cranberry

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct

Used in 285 recipes at an average of 1.359%.


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I was aiming for a "spiced" type tobacco here and these spices from Apple Filling blend well with the bright, spiced nature of turkish. I added arabian to add a hint of bold tobacco flavor. Apple Filling adds plenty of spice to the mix, and Apricot/Cranberry just go well together with this for a good spiced fruit tobacco taste.


virgin sex on the beach , add super sweet and ws23 to your own taste


It's a shake and vape Cranberry Sprite that's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

A little less FLV Cranberry and a touch of some kind of sweetner could make this more authentic, if you're just dying for a super authentic Cranberry Sprite vape. Some WS-23 or Polar Blast would probably make it more refreshing, too. But I like it just the way it is.

Sugar cookie with white chocolate and cranberry chunks. Very good right away.

*I tend to mix at low %s so if the flavor is too subtle, increase by half

Tis the season for cranberry sauce. Sweet, cool, full of cranberry flavor with that jelly taste. If you're looking for a holiday flavor this year, give this a try. Can be vaped fresh, but tastes great after several days to a week steep.

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photo credit: Didriks Libeco Harvest Table Linen via photopin (license)


A Thanksgiving Cran-Raspberry Cookie! Sit back and enjoy the holidays!

A sweet, fruity relish of Gingered peaches, cranberries, and persimmons.

Fresh baked Cran-Orange Granola Scone!

Zep/Biscuit: The scone base

Pralines: A very forward pecan. The cream sits in the back and pulls everything together

Cran/Orange: A wonderful flavor combo


It is fall and time for some warm, fresh out of the oven cranberry and orange muffins! I added a touch of soho to warm up the mix and give it a bit of caramel flavor. Don't be scared, it tastes NOTHING like tobacco. If anyone would know its me (I can't stand any hint of tobacco). Fw blood orange is the perfect warm, earthy orange flavor to use in this perfect muffin base of flv lembas bread and flv pound cake. Lembas bread will be available from BCF in a couple of days. Give this a few days to a week to steep. The cranberry comes out a little more and the breads get more, well, bready.


This is a flavor profile I chased quite a bit last year but could never get something I was happy with, but revisiting now with more experience I was finally able to get what I I was chasing, a bundt cake with cranberry cooked into it and a orange cream icing. With fall coming up this is one of those classic flavor combo's that I love come this time of year so I was really happy to get this ready for fall this year.

FW Yellow Cake/FLV pound cake
Straight up FW yellow cake is still the best around, and the texture just wouldn't come together perfectly with JF or CAP. You can use JF in the same % if you really want to, but it won't be as good. I love combining the Yellow cake with FLV pound cake for the texture it brings, and that slight off note I've heard some people describe as anise doesn't come off as anise to me, but more so the cooked, caramelized edges of a cake that really makes it stands out and sells the idea of a bundt cake with more cooked surface area.

FLV cranberry
This is the perfect cranberry to me if you want a cooked cranberry in my mind. It's sweet, mildly juices, and enough tart to still come off as cranberry. It's on odd flavor in that it can get lost easy with some flavors or it can over power others just depending on what it's paired with, but this % brings it to the balance in the cake I was looking for.

TFA orange cream/CAP sweet Tangerine/LA CCI/FLV Frosting
These all come together to make the orange sweet cream icing. The TFA orange cream and CCI is the main base for it, the CCI brings a super sweet icing flavor with just a slight tang, and when mixing with the TFA orange cream get's us almost all the way there, but the TFA alone lacks some of the sweet orange punch from the icing. CAP Sweet tangerine reminds me a lot of an orange juice type flavor, and just a small amount really boosts the orange sweetness like you get making a real icing with sugar and orange juice, then the FLV frosting just bumps up the density of the icing separating it from the cake so instead of getting a creamy cake you get an cake topped with icing and you catch it more on the exhale.

This one needs at least 10 days steeping for the bite of the oranges to calm down and the creams to mingle the way they should, but it really hits strides around 2 weeks.

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