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Here I am to save the day,

There’s no real life version of this... it’s an RY4 Creme brulee cookie.

Besides utopia this is the best RY4 you will try ;)

Needs no explanation, the burnt sugaryness from the OOO Creme brulee bumps the sweet tobacco elements up.

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Conspiracy describes this ejuice A warm vanilla sugar cookie with caramel and pistachio topping pretty simple and tasty profile..


Working off the first BETA release, the common consensus was that that introduction of the deeper, darker, more "matured" flavor, hindered the great aspects of the original Obsidian. The French Pipe seemed to be the biggest issue, especially after steeping. I needed to find a way to bridge the sweeter cookie notes to the darker tobacco, while keeping that luxurious RY4 finish. After a lot of tweaking, I found that replacing the Butterscotch with Smoked Butterscotch, and French Pipe for Tatanka - provides that case.

I'm curious as to your notes on this and would love any feedback. I still want "darker" undertones, I want smokier flavor, and I may even add some ash. But I think this is a much better improvement over the first BETA.

Check out the original Obsidian here:

Check out the first version of Obsidian Gold Label here:

Reduced banana to 0.50%

If you've ever had the Banana Pudding doughnut you know how incredible they are. Subs really aren't going to work with this one so sorry in advance. A lot of people really dislike TPA pie crust but it works GREAT in this recipe so I'm asking you to trust me. This is a sweet, banana pudding doughnut and all the ingredients (to me) work together really well. Hope you enjoy it!


Delicious, succulent sweet strawberries, cradled inside a soft cake, swirled with a heavy dollop of delectable cream.

Overdone profile but I like lemon like a Mofo...get your own flavor notes because I'm lazy like a Mofo...

All Flavorah recipe of Obsidian by Wayne Walker of Diyordie.

Experience the extra creamy goodness this Is actually one of my Personal ADV minty and chocolate,vanilla 😋 sharing this recipe with pride...If you love SADBOY Shamrock cookie give this a try...

I used ABsolution dark matter, not TFA tobacco.

You can order dark matter here;

Serendipity = Lucky Accident, Happy stroke of Faith.
In this case the best lemon meringue you yearned for , but never thought you ever vape.
! I USED THE ! Chemnovatic "Lemon Cream Wafer".
! NOT THE ! SA "Lemon cream"
Loosely inspired by https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/80590#lemon_tart_remixed_by_dazcole
I struggled a lot to fit the "lemon Cream Wafer" into something perfect.
I tested and steeped this extensively and it is good from day 2 and after 2 month's of steep it is still as awesome.
I proudly present my Christmas gift to you.
Please mix and enjoy.

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